White Gold Happiness Rules The World

The Collapse Happy Statistical Model

No matter which resource, there’s 3 views on profitable extractive reserves,

  • the don’t worry, be happy gang
  • the worry, be happy gang
  • the worry, don’t be happy gang

As you can see, sometimes the 2 be happy gangs can be 66% of the total, worried or not. Other times the worry, be happy gang divides itself with 50% defecting to the happy camp, and 50% to the don’t be happy gang. This is why we can’t solve exploitive resource extraction.

Women and children are resources to between 33% and 66% of men. You may regard this statement as insane, which if true, doesn’t matter because you only comprise the 33%-66% of the opposing population. The same applies to climate.

This simple statistical model is not meant to be accurate, or sane, it’s meant to instruct you why we can’t get our shit together on anything, which means we are doomed, unless we redefine money and taxation, but which fails under the same model. (Note to self: insert usual carbon currency unification rant here, or not)

The NOAA’s State Of The Climate 2016 has just been released. Be sure to check out page 17 of the Executive Summary showing the near record Arctic ozone loss. This is what happens when the upper atmosphere cools while the lower atmosphere warms.

Besotted: I love SOTT monthly videos, the music is great, they don’t dwell too much on any one scene, and they include meteors and animal attacks. Plus, nobody can scare you as much as Christians.

The Collapse of Liberal Institutions: The scribe class has a Chrissy fit.

Daily Links

The Axis of Climate Evil (NYeT)  A decade-by-decade statistical analysis by James Hansen.

How Fossil Fuel Money Made Climate Change Denial the Word of God (splinternews.com)

Growing underwater noise pollution stressing fish out, research suggests (newsline.com)

Tesla Cars Aren’t As Carbon (And Taxpayer) Friendly As You Think (FMS)

Norway’s push for Arctic oil and gas threatens Paris climate goals  (G)

Uber Gets Run Over by its Own Subprime Auto Leases (WS)

Cooking gas shortages force Venezuelans to turn to firewood (reuters.com)

Incomplete Drought Recovery May Be the New Normal (Science Daily)

Atlantic Coastline’s Sea Level Rise Hot Spots (Science Daily)

Is this the “new normal” we want? – America spent $600 billion on Iraq. We could have used it for the environment. (salon.com)

Climate change has shifted the timing of European floods (bbc.com)

Court Scuttles Rule Cutting Potent Greenhouse Gas (Climate Central) – Coolants used to destroy the ozone layer, now they heat the climate.

Banks and governments failing to act on climate (G) 

Saudis Are Killing Their Own People, With Help from the US and Canada Because helping them starve people in Yemen isn’t good enough. Being Canadian, I’m outraged – being lazy, I’m not too outraged.

The US’s Endless Wars Are Terrorism for Profit (BuzzFlash)

It’s Hard to Price an ‘Extinction Event’ Like a North Korea War (BBG)

US Consumers Have $12.7 Trillion Burden (BBG)

Amazon Paid Just £15 Million In Tax On European Revenues Of £19.5 Billion (G.)

Trump Will Soon Declare State Of Emergency Over Opioid Crisis (G.)

Greece Among Countries With The Most Slave Labor In Europe (ZH)

Spanish Sunbathers Shocked As Raft Full Of Migrants Paddle Up And Run Ashore (ZH)

US Military Presence Overseas Mushrooming: Here, There, And Everywhere (ZH)

Bomb Shelter Sales “Skyrocket” In California As Nuclear Fears Spike (ZH)

Canada Sends Soldiers To Popular US-Canadian Border Crossing (ZH)

Chimpanzees learn rock-paper-scissors (PhysOrg) I also hate dogs smarter than me.

ZeroBin. On the Google firing.


More Silicon Valley tech workers were born outside the US than in it (Quartz)






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