Fuck The Environment, Save The Planet

Monsanto Kills Earth!!!

Monsanto Skipped Important Testing On Weed Killer That’s Now Killing Crops (consumerist.com)

Mainstream Media Pro-Monsanto Article Was Actually Written by Monsanto (theantimedia.org)

Farmer vs. farmer Arkansas Times

Widening egg scandal hits 17 countries in Europe (apnews.com) Insecticides again.

More Americans would rather not work than take jobs for the stingy wages employers are paying. (Slate)

Why I Was Fired by Google (Wall Street Journal)

Across the entire Arctic, forests are burning at a rate unseen in at least 10,000 years.(motherjones.com)

Forget ‘the environment’. Fight for our living planet! (George Monbiot) Collapse superhero

Communities in danger of falling into the sea say help from Washington has dried up (G) There’s not enough money in the world to save us from the seas.


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