A Solar Roadway Freak Show and Blah

Here’s your solar freakin’ roadway for real. While this Thundertoot fella seems to know his sciencey stuff, he doesn’t strike me as a social wunderkind. He and Laura Southern, a Nazi chick with a voice so deep I wouldn’t be surprised if she was a man, got into some sort of spat.

Here’s a for real solar road in France, it doesn’t look much more promising.

I spent a little time in jail as a youth, everybody used to call me Blah cause all I did was read and lift weights. Jail was where I polished my communication skills.


HyperLoop = HyperBullshit

Friday nights is weed, wine and song night.

Saturday is my special kill me now time.

But I want to post this today, because it’s so damn impressive.

The real story in this video is about the catastrophic decay of science reporting.

It’s too important to ignore.

The universities who entered the hyperloop contest forfeited all rights for their design to Musk. The level off design fraud is jaw dropping. Watch and be amazed.


Rage And Disabuse

If you saw today’s Collapse Daily, you may well know I’ve been triggered yet again by the media insanity of the U.K.

Britain is going to outlaw wood stoves, yet they get 50% of their “renewable” electricity by burning trees. That’s bad enough, but they’re going to build electric cars that will be powered by burning trees. If that doesn’t sound totally fucking crazy to you, then you’re not trying hard enough.

But wait, it gets better. Nobody likes driving while not texting. The average person is responsible for 1.5 Terra bytes of information per day, as corporations require ever more data, to pry ever more deeper, into your personal life. By 2020 your car will cause 4.5 Terra bytes of data traffic per day. A self-driving electric car will cause 1.5 Terra bytes of data traffic per second. These cars won’t drive themselves, they need 5G.

5G is not 4G’s big brother, 5G is 4G on steroids, speed work outs and muscle oil injections. 5G is like taking 4 iPhones and taping them to your head. Goodbye impulse control, hello brain cancer.

France gets 80% of its electricity from nuclear power. They are going to outlaw combustion engines, close nuclear plants and run everything on solar and wind, or so they would have you believe. If you believe that, you may as well take to smoking heroin and coke, if you find any anymore.

Kevin Anderson says we have a 5% chance of staying under 2° C.

Veerabhadran Ramanathan says we have a 5% chance of 3° C rise by 2050.

Ram says at 4° C it will be too hot for 70% of 10 billion people to survive outside.

Scientific American says we have a 50% chance of 4° C rise by 2100.

I think we have a 40% chance of by 2050.

None of these numbers are related to our overall reality.


They’re bullshit, entrails, hopeful projections based on math.

Life is way more species interactive than climate projections.

Anything can now change 10 X faster than ever before.

Now imagine 2-7 things changing 10X faster than ever before, all at once.

That’s the key to catastrophic cascading species collapse.

Scientists will tell you climate heating, mass extinctions and magnetic pole flips are slow.

This is not true. They can also be very fast.

It doesn’t matter if you live to 100, the last thing you’ll say is, “But, I’m not ready yet!”

We will run out of water and food before we 100% stop burning coal, oil and gas.

20% of our total energy use is for grid electricity. 80% of energy use is for everything else, including the steel towers and cables that make up the grid. It takes decades to build American sized grids. We can’t depend on reliable water for our power plants. Floods are damaging plants on the coasts and droughts are hurting inland plants.

Vaclav Smil says 100% energy transitions take several decades at least.

James Hansen says we will have multi-meter sea level rise per decade by like 2050.

James Hansen says we will have never-seen-by-humans-before mega storms by 2050.

Putting wind turbines in front of a bunch of once-in-a-million year storms is stupid.

Disabuse yourself of any rosey notions of success.

The war of ideas does not fight for itself.

If we don’t power down now, we won’t power up in the future.

We are not going to give up self-driving electric cars.

By 2050, the coasts, deserts and plains will not be safe.

Move north upland.

Silence is deadly, not golden.



Collapse Daily 290917

Ecoshock Radio; We already have 1.9° C rise and we have a 5% chance of 3° C rise by 2050. Looks like we are over 50% of the way there. Hansen says 2° C is suicide. Ram says after 2050 it will be too hot to survive outside for 70% of 10 billion people.

Baltimore coal terminals seeing rebound in U.S. exports (capitalgazette.com)

Good news! Global carbon emissions stayed flat in 2016. Grist :
Bullshit! China and India under-report coal numbers. Here’s what “flat” really looks like over a 2 year period. As you can see in the graph below, flat is not actually flat.

Flat looks like this because Mother Nature’s emissions are taking over. When the Amazon goes, we all go. And it will go. The jungle is thick, but the soil is thin, it only takes a few droughts because trees don’t recover from drought for years. Trees are slow.


Tropical forests are no longer a carbon sink, emitting as much carbon per year as all transit in the US — Quartz (qz.com)

Global methane emissions from agriculture larger than reported, according to new estimates (phys.org) :
Models worse than observations, observations worse than expected, once in a thousand year storms every few years, renewables over-hyped… etc. etc.

Weather extremes, fossil fuel pollution cost US $240 billion (reuters.com)

London mayor proposes ban on wood-burning stoves (theguardian.com) : What a joke.

UK’s Renewable Market Driving U.S. Wood Pellet Demand (uk)

Could wood pulp make cars lighter and more efficient? (BBC) :
I can feel my mind squeaking as it stretches inelastically to the snapping point. My trigger noise.

Global pellet market outlook in 2017 : wood pellets provide 60% of the “renewable” electricity for northern Europe


How Did 6,223 Sharks End Up on Ship With No Fishing Equipment? (caixinglobal.com)

China’s Love of Meat Is Driving Global Antibiotic Usage (BBG)

If people ate truly nutrient-rich food out of healthy soil, you would slash the national health bill straight away… (theguardian.com) : Say hello to rising health care costs.

Coffee producers feel the heat (Climate News)

Hidden Costs of Climate Change Running Hundreds of Billions a Year (Nat Geo)

A stinging report: Climate change major threat to bumble bees (Phys.org)

US Inequality Near Historic Highs, Wages Stagnant (BI)

America’s Broken Education System: Grade-Rigging Scandal Strikes Baltimore And Spreads (ZH)

Florida’s Orange Growers May Never Recover From Hurricane Irma (ZH)

“Fuck Your Fucking Freedom Of Speech” – Angry Student Steals MAGA Hat, Demands Victim Be Punished (ZH) : When things get down to my level, collapse is imminent.

The Global Housing Bubble Is Biggest In These Cities (ZH)

Glenn Greenwald: Yet Another ‘Major’ Russia Story Falls Apart (ZH)

The US Military Is Quietly Building SkyNet (ZH)

In just 3 hours police can make you believe you committed a serious crime as a teen. (Science Alert)

Sea creatures fled the Japanese tsunami on plastic rafts and travelled all the way to US shores (Quartz) : Like they had a choice.

More Americans Are Falling Behind on Student Loans, and Nobody Quite Knows Why (Bloomberg) : Cuz payback’s a bitch.

Ikea has bought TaskRabbit (Recode) : The Slave Sharing Economy

Don’t let disaster recovery perpetuate injustice (Nature)

Hurricane Maria May Be a Preview of Climate-Fueled Migration in America (Bloomberg)

Colorado says 430 pipelines failed leak test after explosion (9News)

Trump, Cambridge Analytica and how big data is reshaping politics Gillian Tett, (FT) : The Democracy of Things.

The Fear of Disruption Can Be More Damaging than Actual Disruption (Strategy + Business)

Today’s Video Triggers

Elizabeth Vos of Disobedient Media likes to spread and center. Good luck chick!

Chickzilla crushes lignite

No habitat For TV’s Three’s Company of the 21st century

Hunting Jungle People For Fun And Profit




The Dogwhistle of Hate 

Pre-emptive Non-Apology: I don’t know how to write gender wise. It must so difficult for you.

Running The Collapse Distraction Gamut

Or, why I never see the sound of one hand clapping.

When I was young and living in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, I would get up and go for a jog every day. Now, I’m old, and I get up and go for a jog every day online.

When I was young, I was distracted by food, sex and drugs. Now that I’m old, I’m distracted by food, drugs and conspiracy theory?

Everyday I get up and jog from climate research sites to financial news. Then I jog to conspiracy news and back to YouTube or video sites.

YouTube, Reddit and Facebook are like what MSNBC, WAPO and CNN used to be, powerful neocon centrists. Now everybody is on the neocon payroll. Both left and right.

Internet culture has helped the alt-right message get out. And if there’s anything I love, it’s tearing down the scientific and media establishment.

A good view of the alt-right is from videos of the Open Mind Conferences held yearly. They become the very social justice warriors they cat call the left. Their minds are open to everything except anthropomorphic runaway climate change. You can’t be open minded and shut out the one topic you agree to hate. It’s a psyops farce. Hate is very easy to identify, it’s what you call silence, or what I call emission omissions.

I now realize that all scientific opinions are extremely suspect. We are eating and drinking poison making us sick and taking pharma drugs that make us sicker. We engage in turd polishing pseudo-intellectual fantasies in a virtual myopia. We’re blinkered. We can’t see or hear things we don’t like. This has runaway implications. We are speeding to our end in hierarchal heresy. We are slaves to oppositional fantasies arrested at Bad Boy developmental levels. The clever rogue fantasy. We’re legends in our own mind. Why else would anyone bother to write shit like this? Who would be crazy enough to read it?

I found out dinos lived recently, some claimed evidence of 30,000 year old dino bones. All indian tribes have stories of huge reptiles. I thought, wow! This is exciting. Then I found out that Christians love this shit because it means the earth is only 6,000 years old. It means I can’t trust the data anymore. Each side fudges the data with assumptions and false parameters. Veracity is gone. Outright fraud is rampant. Our universities are corrupt. They are cesspools of pedophilia. I don’t care if you worship the devil, but some people are just too sick to live.

It doesn’t matter if the earth is flat. What matters is that you can debunk climate science with ease, if you can prove the earth is flat, with sopho-moronic simplicity.

So I was watching The Electric Universe thinking, this is very strange, when a physicist said that electric plasma ropes from the sun are the cause for climate change, and that humans are not responsible. That’s when I knew I just got mind fucked. A mind fuck is a mental/emotional rape. I love the electric universe idea, not the leap of inferred or implied rhetoric. The leap from mind expanding universe to non-anthro causation. Beware priests and physicists. Poet and politicians. And four letter words like lawyer or writer.

What really bums me out about this, is that ancient human history is lost and there are crazy fucked up religious sects guarding the secrets to our past. These fuckers think secrets give you power, and will deny all humanity peace before extinction, for the vain jealous little motherfuckers they are. I think we should open up the Vatican library and rape the pope. But I’m a little weird that way.

Usually at this point I drone on about open e-commerce financial reckoning. But I’m too whacked. Collapse Daily 280917

Oh yea, I forgot to update. just a moment…

The Triggers

I agree with some of what the speaker says, but not his outright dismissal of climate data. Now don’t get me wrong. It’s like I understand half of what he’s saying. Hell, I don’t even know what I’m doing half the time.

This next video is pivotal for understanding the grasping-at-straws mentality of the alt-right. Each person has their own shiny turd they polish to perfection. I think there’s a word for that. Oh yea, bullshit — based on lies or a premise of oppositional assumptions and parameters. A very good speaker.

Here’s the back biter. I would really like to raid the world’s churches and temples for all their knowledge and give it away free online.


Collapse Daily 280917

Hurricanes, Heat Waves, Wildfires, and more severe public-health issues will cost $1 billion a day in the U.S. within a decade (bloomberg.com)

Category 5 Hurricanes 2.25 times as likely since 2001 (lifesvitalsigns.com)

Climate Change Data Cheat Sheet (lifesvitalsigns.com)

CO2 and food – David Suzuki (thecoast.ca) : More C02 = Shittier Food

Euro-Mediterranean Heat Summer 2017  (wwa.climatecentral.org)

2.9 Million Children in the U.S. Are Threatened by Toxic Air Pollution From Oil & Gas Development (ecowatch.com) : Thank God they’re not white children.

Climate change made Lucifer heatwave 10X more likely  (theguardian.com)

Richard Branson: “I believe that in 30 years or so we will no longer need to kill any animals and that all meat will either be clean or plant-based, taste the same and also be much healthier for everyone” : Fuckin delusional whack job, have another toke buddy.

Monopoly: Only 10 companies control almost every large food and beverage brand in the world.(static6.businessinsider.com)

National Parks Struggle With a Mounting Crisis: Too Many Visitors (nytimes.com

6 Disturbing Takeaways From A New Investigation Into Toxic Pollution On Bases (taskandpurpose.com)

Gov’t Ruined 653,249 Lives Over Cannabis in 2016 Because 5 Corrupt Industries Paid Them To (thefreethoughtproject.com)

How late night comedians hurt America (youtube.com) : Dem shills.

Warming Climate Could Increase Bacterial Impacts on Chesapeake Bay Shellfish, Recreation (Science Daily)

Climate change woes are closer than you think (Economic Times)

Global Food Crops Also Face Earth’s Sixth Great Mass Extinction – BuzzFlash

Global carbon emissions stood still in 2016, offering climate hope (Guardian) : Don’t blow your load. Western economic stagnation, eastern coal emissions fraud and renewable energy combine to slow reported human emissions, as natural tipping point sourced emissions go into runaway. Below is a 2 year chart of emissions from Scripps.


The Illusion of Prosperity (Lebowitz)

China’s Mortgage Debt Bubble Raises Spectre Of 2007 US Crisis (SCMP)

Debt Boom In India And China Threatens New Financial Crisis – WEF (Telegraph)

Drowning in grain – How Big Ag sowed seeds of a profit-slashing glut (Reuters)

Iowa farmers make record number of pesticide misuse claims (Des Moines Register)

Endocrine Disruptors (Corporate Europe Observatory)

God Is a Bot (Wired) : When The Fasch Smashes You — AI, the non-profit corporate religion.

‘Trump’s secret Yemen war’: UK role in US counter-terrorism causes unease (Guardian)

Seniors Caught Pushing Pills Are The ‘New Face Of Drug Dealing’; Experts Say (CBS)

Climate change impacting estimated 40% of US growth (Economic Times)


Runaway Planetary Chaos

Scientists link magnetic reversal, climate change and super volcano to same time period

Earth’s magnetic field is in flux, stronger in some places, weaker in other places.

Magnetic field polarity change can and has happened very, very quickly.

The magnetic field is weakest over the south Atlantic.

This allows more surface cosmic ray exposure.

Increased cosmic rays can affect cloud formation and affects the climate by roughly 10%.

Cosmic rays and climate have become very political.

Climate deniers love it, climate scientists downplay it.

Earth’s poles are in meltdown with meltwater mass heading to the equator.

So much water mass has drifted to the equator, it’s slowing the earth’s rotation down.

When earth’s surface rotation slows, the planet’s solid core speeds up in comparison.

This relative difference in speeds likely aggravates our magnetic field flux.

When polar ice melts, it also causes crustal rebound and increases volcanic activity.

So much groundwater has disappeared from the land, it is affecting earth’s gravity.

Most of earth’s land is in the northern hemisphere.

The loss of glacial and groundwater mass mostly affects the northern hemisphere.

Superstorm Harvey was so strong it may have caused earthquakes. See Paul Beckwith.

There was so much water in the sky over Texas, it likely affected the area’s gravity field.

The earth is being squished, heated, cooled, kneaded and stretched at exactly the same time the magnetic field is in flux. This is ominous.

Of course, I have no proof that all these things are connected.

I don’t need proof. I’m not a scientist. I just feel it in my gut. It’s called common sense.

It is perfectly obvious climate change is politicized.

Let’s say you are the color white.

You got 50 shades of climate denial.

You got 50 shades of techno-optimism.

That would color me black.