Smash The Fasch

Now for a heavy dose of reality as I see it.

We cannot solved racism or sexism with violence.

We cannot solve climate resource destruction with monopoly growth.

We cannot solve inequality with 5G AI IOT ROBOTS.

We cannot solve agricultural biome destruction with factory farms.

America pays $1 trillion in taxes for wars on poverty, cancer, drugs and religion.

You may think you are progressive because you’ve never skipped 9 meals without knowing where your next meal comes from. If you know where your next meal comes from, you don’t know anything about what I’m saying.

Freedom and tolerance rely on resource abundance, not on scholarly ideals.

When a scientist folds two dots on a piece of paper to meet, and tells you that’s how we travel faster than light, he’s completely bullshitting you.

When a priest tells you that you will live after you are dead, he’s completely bullshitting you.

We are killing, starving, raping women and kids worldwide for the pursuit of profit, which we think is happiness. Money doesn’t buy happiness, it makes pain easier. For you and everyone around you.

We are going to collapse because deep down you don’t want to believe it. This stops us from rationalizing progress moving forward. Instead we focus on mythically pontificate platitudes based on pseudo-science. I trust science, I don’t trust scientists. I trust God, I don’t trust priests. I trust education, I don’t trust teachers. etc. etc.

I keep fantasizing about listing all the ways we are heading for collapse, but the task is too monumental for anyone person to do as a hobby. It would take like for fucking ever, which in my world is like a week or so. I don’t have to because in your heart of hearts, you know I’m right.




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