Collapse Daily 200917


Climate Change Has Been Delayed!!!

More time …. really? | …and Then There’s Physics
 ( : Good article. It says we emit 10 G-tons/year. Our carbon budget is 50-250 G-tons total, which means we have 5-25 years to stay at 1.5 C. — So while true, it’s certainly not all things considered.

Such fanciful notions are laughably blinkered. The parameters and assumptions of climate models are ludicrously incomplete and misleading regarding collapse. We are set to lose 50% of our soil in 30 years with BAU. Water and food shortages will affect 50% of humanity in 20-30 years. Why do we argue how many angels can land on the head of a pin, if we are looking at a future with no pins.

We were wrong — worst effects of climate change can be avoided, say experts ( : 2 + 2 = 4, but where did the 2 come from, did it come from faulty parameters and assumptions? When you look at your flooded living room and burnt mountains, do you worry about 2 + 2 = 4, or does 2 + 2 = 5 ? 

Math doesn’t describe the future, it only describes our hope for the future.

Charlie Farquharson once said the two craziest things he was ever asked to believe came from a priest and a scientist. One said you live forever after death, the other said you can travel faster than light through time and space. I don’t know about you, but both of those ideas are unlikely. You do not have to be smart to know this.

Tales of The Wishing Well
So if I get that right, just imagine that you’re standing before a deep old magic water well. Inside that well is a black hole. If you jump into it, you will either travel through time and space faster than light, or die and live your life forever in death. And people think I’m crazy? Which I am, so what does that make this? Super Fly Krazy?

A huge nature reserve in Brazil’s Amazon rainforest that the government wants to open to foreign mining companies already suffers from illegal mining activity, Greenpeace said Tuesday ( : China doesn’t report accurate coal use due to carbon penalties, which illustrates why illegitimate, underground, black market economies flourish. The larger the danger, the bigger the lies.

Don’t expect the insurance industry to protect you from climate change ( : bad jokes in bad times.

Climate change has driven Australia to its warmest winter on record (

Who’s the world’s leading eco-vandal? It’s Angela Merkel ( : Must admit surprise this was printed.

Germany: First Wild Bison in 250 Years Shot by Authorities ( : Refugee?

NASA Nominee Wants to Study Climate Change—on Mars  ( : LOL

Atlantic bathwater: Why the ocean is so warm right now and what it means ( : James Hansen warned that Greenland melt will quickly amplify Atlantic ocean storms and meters/decade sea level rise by 2050.

Polluters must pick up tab for damage to planet: U.N. environment chief ( : see wishing well.

Republican Senator Endorses Carbon Tax to Fight Climate Change ( : Dr. Evil wants the government to get 60% of your private carbon tax dividends. Private means 100% yours 0% governments.

I’m a TV weatherman. Here’s what happened when I discussed climate change on air. ( : That’s a weatherchick’s job.

Amazon dam defeats Brazil’s environment agency (commentary) : Unread.

Traffickers find new ways to smuggle rhino horn out of Africa : One for the rich guys. They snort rhino horn with coke and cut red wine with cola in Asian night clubs because it’s good to be king.

A Cereal Crop Survives Heat and Drought (Climate News) : good

Can We Limit Warming to 1.5°C? : Kevin Anderson says we have 5% chance of success.

Electric grid power is only 20% of all the energy we use. We have to convert the other 80% to electric power. This will take at least 70 to 100 years and cause a massive increase in emissions. But only in a perfect world, assuming everything stays the same. LOL.

We design scenarios assuming too many variables remain stable until they become lies we tell ourselves to feel better.

Fresh hope raised of global warming limit : More fresh pablum like a choo choo train.

Where Deutsche Bank Thinks The Next Financial Crises Could Happen (CNBC) : ?

Millennials Spend Three Times More Of Income On Housing Than Grandparents (G.) : School, housing, phones, let’s bleed the lil’ fuckers dry.

Lesvos Mayor Issues Warning On Refugee Numbers (K.) : meow

A vision of the future with self-driving cars, drones, hyperloops and infinite suburbia Treehugger : Pussy talk, because self-driving VTOL AI hover cars. Would that be Cock Talk?  How about Clit/Dick Talk? If cars were chicks and phones were dicks, what do we call texting in self-driving cars? Dixie Chicks? Wow. Life is complicated.

How flying seriously messes with your mind BBC : I do my flying on the ground.

We’re building roads to withstand last century’s climate (Ars Technica) : VTOLs 4 ALL!

WHO warns the world is running out of antibiotics (MarketWatch) : Livestock get 80% of it, kill them all!

Without opioids, our collective life expectancy would be 2.5 mos longer (Ars Technica) : I better get started, but first wine.

5 Things You Need to Know About B.C.’s Ban on Big Money (DeSmogBlog)

Final Notice: The PR shit show that is the Clinton Book Tour is so optically bad that it will help distance the DNC from her for 2018, to reincarnate her in Kamala Harris 2020. Burn Pelosi and Schumer!










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