2 C = Mass Suicide

Crushingly Sad Photos of One of America’s Oldest Pet Cemeteries Vice | Pet Cemetery was the scariest book I ever read. There’s no fucking way Imma gonna look

A surge of sites and apps are exhausting your CPU to mine cryptocurrency ars technica | Another extractive mining crisis right in your computer. We slave mine minerals to enslave ourselves

Prepare for a world 3°C warmer in 80 years (Climate News) | Take away the qualifiers,  myriad variables and spectrum of parameters, then you can prepare for a 3 C world in 40. Do not forget 2 C = Mass Suicide and we can get that in 20. We only got one more to go.

Algorithm can identify suicidal people using brain scans The Verge | Had me at face scans.

From heat stress to malnutrition, climate change is already making us sick (theverge.com)

Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere spiked in 2016, setting a new, 800,000-year record. (qz.com)

Do the World’s Three Remaining Northern White Rhinos Have a Future?(pbs.org) | Joke of the day

Here’s What We’ve Learned About Hurricanes Since Sandy (motherjones.com)

National Flood Insurance, a federal program enriching private insurance companies while screwing over the poor—a pattern that will only worsen as floods intensify. (newrepublic.com)

Sea level rise inevitable (newshub.co.nz)

Millions of people living in dozens of British cities are inhaling air considered too dangerous to breathe. Out of 51 UK cities and towns, 44 fail  (independent.co.uk)

An additional 125 million people around the world were exposed to heat waves each year from 2000 to 2016 (as compared with 1986-2008) (usatoday.com)

China carbon market still facing problems: official (reuters.com)

2,100 cities exceed recommended pollution levels, fueling climate change (cnn.com)

$129 billion in extreme weather losses last year: Climate report (newsolive.com)

Carbon dioxide levels grew at record pace in 2016, U.N. says (in.reuters.com)

The Destroyer Called Amazon (Stockman) | Stock scenario

How The Actual Magic Money Tree Works (G.) | Bullfog? 4me2do

Europhile Left Deluded On EU Reform Process (Bilbo) | Headline of the day

How Europe Exported Its Refugee Crisis To North Africa (G.) | unread

Beijing warns US against trying to contain China’s rise Financial Times | Road Allowance. China has to mine the heavy metals to get the rare earths our phones need

France Is Running Out of Butter for Its Croissants Bloomberg | Wine next

Terror Wars Don’t Need Congress’s Approval Bloomberg | F-35 flies 80% of time

Canadian certified gold bar exposed as fake: how many more are out there? | Oh Ohh, better get Macco

The FBI Is Once Again Profiling Black Activists Because of Their Beliefs and Their Race Alternet | White privilege gays watching blacks. The Hetero Mafia

Inside a Homeless Encampment on the Brink of Eviction Vice | Up close & personal

For NYT, Making the Democrats Safe for the Oligarchy Is Literally Job One FAIR | Yeah baby…

Today’s Crazy

When there’s an election up all the white guys love black and gay people. It’s the same way for the spinsterly old 23rd Conference of Parties. Media people still don’t mind copping a feel for her now and then, but it’s not the same like back when she was only 19 years old. That was when James Hansen and Kevin Anderson bookended the conference with YouTube videos like a tag team threesome. I can’t wait for her 30th birthday, when everyone stops being interested. Even Kevin Spacey and Woody Allen.

But first, the classic decoupling scene. Cut! In this scene we trot out the chart porn showing how the economy is growing and our emissions are going down. Let’s cut the part about oceans warming faster than they have for 100 million years.

Next! The Chase scene. Cut to the money shot of American electric cars on solar panels racing against Japanese cars running on hydrogen gas made with solar panels. Who will win? My money is on the hydrogen because lithium. Windmills and solar panels have to be replaced every 30 years, and when COP turns 30, I can’t wait for the reboot sequel COP II – The Revirgining




Mister Cranky Pants Rants

Oil giants plan for 5 C world 2060


James Hansen says seas rise meters/decade by 2060.
James Hansen says Atlantic superstorms are like cat 10 by 2060.

Kevin Anderson says we have a 5% chance of staying under 2 C, if everybody making more than $100k/year reduces energy 10%/decade for 50 years, and we give big bucks to poor people. Don’t forget James Hansen says 2 C is Disaster. Kevin says electricity is only 20% of our energy and we have to convert 80% of our energy to electricity.

Vaclav Smil says energy transitions take 50-70 years at best. Our very best.

Ugo Bardi says we will hit peak mineral criticality by 2040. Many minerals have no substitute. Recycling uses more energy than mining. Ore grades will fall below critical break even energy thresholds.

Scientific American says human agriculture will end in 50 years because of soil loss and degradation. Degradation is not a sexual term. This is not 50 shades of survival.

George Monbiot says earth is losing 24 million acres of soil per year.
We need 12 million acres of new soil per year for 30 years to survive.

If you add up all these science experts and compare them to what some crazy guy on wordpress says, you would have to be totally blind, not to see the truth.

If the whole world goes to 100% shit in 46 years, it will go 50% to shit in 20. It’s not survivable.




Robbies Rage

James Hansen + 16 top scientists said that the big blue spot just below Greenland is a freshwater water lens that funnels salty hot water underneath glaciers. Since Greenland is like a giant bowl, hot sea water can funnel inand like a slo-mo waterfall. James says because of this, sea levels can jump to meters/decade as early as 2050. He implies category 10 super storms by 2060. This means Atlantic seaboard wind farms are totally exposed.

It takes 40 years for C02 to kick in. The 40 year delay means that the runaway tipping point of total destruction may be already cast in stone. Nobody really knows. Oil companies are planning for a 5 C world by 2050. If we hit even near 2 C by 2030, we’re pooched. Here’s the math, and I don’t mean Bill McKibben style.

seas up m/decade 2060 +

category 10 storm 2060 +

runaway climate heating =

irreversible unstoppable runaway human extinction

You can’t have billions of people dying in mere decades without “unintended” consequences. Do you know what’s wrong about that scary insect study? It was done by volunteers and nobody knows exactly how bad it is. Not knowing how bad it can get is exactly how bad it can be.

Now here’s the bad part, in half that time we will lose half of everything. Fish gone 2040. Half of all species biomass. Things are literally disappearing. That can’t go on even 20 years, but we’ll have less water and not enough food for all.

Right now the US is fighting to take over the Sahel in Africa because its going to turn green. Corporations now hire Africans to grow our food and pay them like slaves. Carbon dividends might fix that, but Bernie Sanders and Barbara Boxer want to take 50% of that money for the government. That would be badder still.

I know race and sex are all the rage, but folks it’s time to grow up.


Can you spare a like?

How to burn money into cash.

I see every institution has collapsed through simple fraud. The only way to rationalize carbon energy is zero privacy for carbon tax dividends worldwide. Since people like “likes”, you can transfer carbon tax dividends as a social media virtue game. If “likes” are assigned a carbon dividend, people would drive themselves insane trying to reduce carbon use to get carbon div likes.

If you paid out James Hansen’s carbon tax dividends 100% to every citizen of the world, they would lose their minds trying to see who get the most likes. It would be an investor game of virtue signalling. Likes will make people act like dopamine lab rats. All my phone songs are cut to 3 minutes long so I know exactly when 3 minutes go by, I get a new drip of dopamine when the next song starts. It’s like a fit bit, so I call my phone a drip bit.

Do you why banks always looked so wealthy? Because they were signalling their virtue, and virtue is now a public sport. Credit and currency used to belong to the government. The banks took it over 100 years ago. That’s when the collapse of civilization began and war became a business not a mission from God.

We have to revert back to

100% public credit and currency + 100% private carbon tax dividends.

Make money great again.

Once Lloyds and Sachs get jammed again we can take back the right to public credit and currency from private banks. AI can track every dollar in the world right now in near real time. The secret to money is that it’s secret. That’s the whole point. We will phase it in after the big boys fuck it all up again. After the next crash, people will say, now what?, and here it is.

We can phase in a new exchangeable international public credit currency and private carbon tax. I know it sounds silly, but it is only imagining these things I can do this every day.

This is important because we can’t just blubber our fingers in our lips while watching our destruction on a video screen.

Collapse Links

Bt toxins in adulterant cottonseed oil may be seeping into your samosas (firstpost.com)

Noam Chomsky: Can civilization survive really with existing capitalism? (youtube.com) | Answer: No, and it ain’t gonna change

Climate change puts Cambodians at risk of mental health disorders (eco-business.com) | Political change puts American mental health at risk

Global warming threatens nutrition levels in staple crops (pri.org)

Planes across Europe to start running on vegetable oil and animal fat in bid to tackle climate change and toxic air (independent.co.uk) | This is the stupidest fuckin idea in the universe. 

Connecting war, climate and health (gazettenet.com)

Ashley Dawson on “Extreme Cities” (truth-out.org)

Global warming threatens nutrition levels in staple crops (pri.org) | Lose 5-10% of iron, zinc and protein at 550 ppm C02. Don’t forget that current agricultural practices have stripped our food of up to 50% of essential minerals in the last 50 years.

Only 30 left: Duke researchers fight to save most endangered marine mammal (chron.it) | Fuck that shit, there’s no way in the world I’ll read that.

McDonald’s sets new welfare standards for chickens (reuters.com) | Too bad for the employee

The global famine is not due to global food shortages (infocus.wief.org)  | If we put 100% organic food payable in carbon div likes, we can fight corporations by virtue signalling as a greater whole

War on waste (abc.net.au) | Good news

Invisible Oil 672,000 gallons vanish in the Gulf of Mexico  (nytimes.com) | Bad news. The gulf looks like the octopus coal furnace of my youth

Desert farmers reap millions selling water to California cities (desert.sn) | Modern Farmer

Tyson Foods Linked to the Largest Toxic Dead Zone in U.S. History(alternet.org) | Monthly award

A Quiet Rise in Wildland-Firefighter Suicides (theatlantic.com) | Like rescue dogs

Chicken Farms Fueled a Massive Public Health Crisis—While the Govt Turned a Blind Eye – A new book shines a light on how the poultry industry spread antibiotic resistance. (motherjones.com) | Modern Farmer

8 of the less obvious ‘ecosystem services’ that trees provide, other than cleaning the air (theclimatelemon.com) | 4me2do







Water Water Everywhere

We Need A 21st-Century Martin Luther To Challenge The Church Of Tech (Guardian)

Oceans Can Rise in Sudden Bursts (Scientific American)

Climate Change Will Bring Major Flooding to New York Every 5 Years (The Atlantic)

New science suggests the ocean could rise more — and faster — than we thought (Energy & Environment)

Pentagon loses its water over sea level rise. (stripes)

Rising Seas Are Flooding Virginia’s Naval Base, and There’s No Plan to Fix It (InsideClimate News)

Ocean acidification research makes a strong case for limiting climate change (Phys.org)

Biodiversity threatened by climate change (pakistantoday.com.pk)

‘Decimated’: Germany’s birds disappear as insect abundance plummets 76% (Monga bay)

US winter has shrunk 1 month in 100 years (theguardian.com)

Maritime softwoods to decline due to global warming (cbc.ca)

Damaged Brains, A common pesticide damages a child’s brain and reduces I.Q.s while causing tremors. Trump gives it the green light. (nytimes.com)

Oil giants pay billions less tax in Canada (theguardian.com

Troops deployed in Brazil after hundreds of armed men set alight several offices belonging to environmental agencies. (bbc.com)

Fish kill in Telangana’s Gandigudem lake (India): Power supply to 14 pharma companies disconnected. Earlier this month, officials said that 2.3 lakh dead fish had washed ashore within a span of two days.(thenewsminute.com)

Rising sea levels, coastal flooding, and biodiversity loss are now a reality for many cities across the U.S. and any more urbanization will result in more wetlands, trees and flora and fauna losses. (digitaljournal.com)

Pollution’s Annual Price Tag? $4.6 Trillion and 9 Million Dead (Bloomberg)

Ganges under threat from climate change (Deutsche Welle)

The Climate Apartheid: How Global Warming Affects the Rich and Poor (Rolling Stone)

Palm oil mounts ‘new offensive’ in Colombia while workers decry labor conditions (Monga Bay)

Apple should shrink its finance arm before it goes bananas The Economist | Because a banana is an apple. Here.

Roger Stone Banned From Twitter After Threatening CNN Anchors (Hollywood Reporter)



Hangover Day

Why superintelligence is a threat that should be taken seriously (Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists)

YouTube is fighting the ‘adpocalypse’ with a less trigger-happy flagging system (The Verge) | Just like the collapse subreddit

Wall Street’s research jobs are the most likely to be upended by artificial intelligence (Quartz)

Fear, Not Debt, Limits Our Spending on Education and Infrastructure (FAIR) | I guess there’s no brave collapse

Drug Traffickers For Jesus (Financial Times)

Pharmaceutical Founder Arrested In Alleged Nationwide Opioid Scheme (NPR) | Acutal rich guy arrested! Run for the hills!

John Podesta and Debbie Wasserman Schultz under scrutiny after making possible false statements to Congress (Revere Press)

The Rich in the U.S. Just Keep On Getting Richer: Time to Party!? (Counterpunch)

Jeff Bezos’s Path to Becoming the Richest Person on Earth (Bloomberg)

John Podesta says he didn’t know the Clinton campaign was paying Fusion GPS. Why not? (CNN) | Why would a campaign manager know where $5 million in opp research goes?

Video shows workers at Hanford illegally dumping radioactive water (rt.com)

Make our soil great again – April 2017 (theconversation.com)

Extreme weather has already cost the US $350 billion — and climate change is going to add to the bill (theverge.com)

Monsanto Attacks Scientists After Studies Show Trouble For Weedkiller Dicamba (npr.org)

Nestlé, Mars and Hershey ‘breaking promises over palm oil use’: This year’s Halloween confectionery will contain palm oil grown on land that should lawfully be habitat to orangutans, rhinos and clouded leopards, despite commitment to clean up supply chains. (theguardian.com

President Donald Trump’s administration is retreating from a congressionally mandated review of some of the most dangerous chemicals in public use: millions of tons of asbestos, flame retardants and other toxins in homes, offices and industrial plants across the US (apnews.com)

A proposal to expand the world’s largest marine conservation park in Antarctica by linking it with smaller ones failed at a meeting as Russian and Chinese delegates did not endorse it, a conservationist attending the session said on Saturday. (reuters.com)

Extreme weather has already cost the US $350 billion — and climate change is going to add to the bill (theverge.com)

Hurricane Sandy, five years later: ‘No one was ready for what happened after’(theguardian.com)

Climate change may endanger spruce, fir: scientist (thechronicleherald.ca)

U.S. weather data shows winters have been getting shorter since around 1980. Scientists say it’s another sign of a changing climate. (apnews.com)

Doomsday card not best option for climate change action, expert says (irishtimes.com)

The GRACE satellites, which provided global measurements of ice melt, are no longer operational (nasa.gov)

Ageing satellites put crucial sea-ice climate record at risk​ (nature.com)

Why we can’t rely on corporations to save us from climate change (phys.org)

Ocean Mud, Ocean Burping, and Why Climate Could Change Abruptly (thestranger.com)

An Anthropological Perspective on the Climate Change and Violence Relationship (SKS)

Drier climate shifts leaf morphology in Amazonian trees (SKS) | decreasing leaf size

Fire activity in Borneo driven by industrial land conversion and drought during El Niño periods, 1982–2010  (SKS)

Poor plant performance under simulated climate change is linked to mycorrhizal responses in a semiarid shrubland (SKS)

Global and regional trends in particulate air pollution and attributable health burden over the past 50 years  (SKS)

Global Climate Change Increases Risk of Crop Yield Losses and Food Insecurity in the Tropical Andes (SKS)

Tropical Forest Reserves Slow Down Global (Science Daily)

When Did We Really Start Impacting the Planet? (Science Daily)

Large U.S. Cities Struggle With High Fixed Costs (BBG)





Collapse Doinks

The FBI help pay for fake news from British/Russian spies.

The FBI used this fake news to permit Obama to spy on Trump.

The FBI stopped paying for the fake news dossier when the spying started.

If true, these 3 statements literally define the collapse of law and order.

The DOJ, FBI, WH, State Dept. were all colluding with Russia.

The only person not colluding with Russia was Trump.

Our social and mainstream media are to blame for anarchy.

Or as I like to say it arnachy.

30 Second Collapse Abs

Xtreme Weather hits coasts.

2C hits Midwest 20 years ahead of global 2C.

Midwest soil and ground water half gone in 25 years.

Energy and hi-tech poverty hit full force in 25 years.

To get one ounce of rare earths, you have to mine and leach thousands of tons of base metal ores.

China cannot stop building bridges, cars and roads because they will not mine enough rare earths to keep the green economy growing.

In 25 years we need nearly 2X more food.

In 25 years we will lose 1/2 our soil and groundwater.

In 25 years xtreme flash droughts and floods hit the Midwest.

Our plan for dealing with this is to get Oprah to give everybody a self-driving electric car.

I may well be retarded, but I ain’t stupid.

Our social and mass media are the Nero’s lyre of collapse.

What we tell ourselves is shielding ourselves and the children from truth.

Freedom from speech is self-imposed first, outwardly second.

I admire greed, but greed is poison to earth.

Collapse Daily Links

U.S. Cities Ranked Most Vulnerable to Coastal Floods Due to Climate Change(insurancejournal.com)

Sea levels to rise 1.3m unless coal power ends by 2050,  (theguardian.com) | Coal will die and live again just like HeyHoose

New science suggests the ocean could rise more — and faster — than we thought(washingtonpost.com) | Wapo wanks

Supersonic, super-rich, super-polluting: the next generation of business jets (climatechangenews.com) | I’m not onboard until someone blows the autopilot

Governor’s town hall on climate change draws tribal protesters (kuow.org) | and neothrals

Warm winters, scorching summers: New maps project impact of climate change (nationalpost.com) Nat Provost goes WaPo on its ass

Reaction: Dieter Helm’s ‘least cost’ ideas for meeting the UK’s climate targets (carbonbrief.org) | I like pulling on my nipples and saying, “Look, I’m a little girl”

Shipping executive: ‘We have deliberately misled public on climate’ (climatechangenews.com) | 4me2do2day

Over 1mn Europeans want Monsanto pesticide banned (cetusnews.com) | Should read 299 million Europeans dumb as fuck

Brazil’s carbon emissions rose 8.9% in 2016, despite recession(climatechangenews.com)

40% of fish in Japan’s bays contain microplastics:The Asahi Shimbun (asahi.com) | and the other 60% tritium

Hotter temps in southern India are forcing some to suicide & others to leave [NYT interactive – worth watching on big screen] (nytimes.com) | I get suicidal at the mildest of discomforts, if I caught one single strand of hair in a rock cut, instead of pulling that single hair out, I would just lean against the wall and die

EnergyOil giants Shell and BP are planning for global temperatures to rise as much as 5°C by 2050 (independent.co.uk) | ya gotta admire the stupid greed

Europe’s Drought Matches Climate Projections | Should pass them before finish line

Rising seas may bring more superstorms | It’s Miller time

The World’s Witnessing A New Gilded Age (G.) | We used to call those gilded balls of shit on our ass Klingons

75% of UK MPs Don’t Know Where Money Comes From (CityAM) | Fuckin money tree idiots

In Antarctica, Two Key Glaciers Accelerate Toward the Sea New York Times | Is today International Liberal Day or something?

Shocking photo shows Caribbean Sea being ‘choked to death by human waste’ Telegraph

Here’s How the Weather ‘Bomb’ That May Soak New York Was Born Bloomberg

It’s Not Just Niger — U.S. Military Activity Is a “Recruiting Tool” for Terror Groups Across West Africa Intercept | Drummin up the biz

Bringing Back the Draft Won’t Stop Unnecessary Wars American Conservative | It will and nothing will do it faster

What Did Cambridge Analytica Really Do for Trump’s Campaign? Wired (resilc). Frustrating that the tech press parrots Cambridge Analytica vastly overblown claims. See here for a debunking. | Naked Capitalism

Researchers Find Flaw That Could Turn LG Robot Vacuums Into Perfect Spying Machines Motherboard | That’s funny because I thought I saw my smart dildo and Rhomba talking in the closet the other day

Days after activists sued, Georgia’s election server was wiped clean ars technica | blood on the paper trail

Nurses returning from Puerto Rico accuse the federal government of leaving people to die Vox | Just like we do at home

How to Stop Gentrification and House a Nation Counterpunch | 4me2do2day








I vs. I

Everybody was colluding with Russia except Trump

The FBI helped pay for Trump dossier, they then used the dossier they help pay for as an excuse for Obama to have the FBI to spy on Trump campaign. And like Donna Brazile, they pass her the answers. Schultzy and Clinton had to know about the 5.6 dollars the DNC and her campaign paid for these golden showers taxpayers love. All this while the rich cut their taxes. The FBI stopped paying for the dossier just as soon as they started spying on Trump.

From the belly of the beast,


Clinton Stabs Putin In Back After Selling Russia 20% of America’s Nuclear Uranium

WaPo was forced to publish this story due to overwhelming evidence provided a by recently ungagged congressional witness. This is worse than Watergate.

While a Republican paid for the initial Fusion GPS opp research on Trump/Russia, it was the Clinton campaign lawyer who paid Fusion GPS for the British spy’s fake Trump/Russia dossier. In this case, the word ‘dossier’ is a fancy french world for a big pile of bullshit.

The same ungagged whistleblower said that Obama, the DOJ, the State Dept. and the FBI all knew about the pay to play Clinton Foundation kickbacks from Russia for 20% of America’s uranium as far back as 2009. All while Clinton was head of state.

Clinton took Russian bribe money to sell America’s uranium to them, and then she tried to start a new cold war with them because she lost the election. She sold Russia 20% of America’s uranium, after millions in kickbacks, then turned around and tried to start a new cold war with him based on lies.

This story was all not supposed to happen this way because she thought she was going to win and that the Trump/Russia dossier would not be investigated.

All this is happening on the same day that Twitter banned Russia Today and Sputnik ads for interfering in the 2016 election, which is now demonstrably false.

The fake news inertia cannot be turned on a dime because the memos have already all long gone out.

To get any news on this story I have to watch Hannity, Tucker Carlson (both whom I normally hate) and Russia Today and RT America (both whom I like).

It was only a few days some University in Scotland awarded Clinton an honorary doctorate for helping women and children. This is the same women who bombed women and children daily in Syria, Libya, Sudan, Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan and debased women whom Bill Clinton stalked. This is the same women who used Harvey Weinstein’s money and powerful celebrity friends to win over women voters.

If I spent the last year watching Rachael Mad Cow on MSNBC every night, I would be profoundly embarrassed. You got suckered. Big time. Clinton used your identity politics to exploit you with misinformation. The resistance is a big fat lie.  Ol’ Rachael ain’t gonna change her tune anytime soon because at only $30,000 per episode, she’s just a one trick poney. No matter how smart she dresses it up.

All this media manipulation is supposed to toughen you up, which is just another way of just beating you down, until you give up. It has been this way for as long as I can remember.