Category 10 Super Storms 2050-2060

By 2050 2 billion people will move to cities.

75% of the infrastructure they need doesn’t exist.

China has poured more cement in 3 years than America did in 100.

Yet they built trillion ton cities in just 20 years right in flood, storm and earthquake zones in tropical areas that will be too hot to sustain life. When those air-conditioners go, so do living conditions in those millions of apartments.

You can watch China flood all the time on YouTube.

This is China’s version of America’s suburban misallocation of resources.

China is using energy exponentiation of material throughput to avoid elite collapse.

Mostly steel, cement and hi-tech minerals.

GM, GE, DOW, Apple, Monsanto etc. taught China how to poison their country for money.

The AI IOT BOT revolution will only increase energy material exponentiation and degradation.

If you want a smart dildo paint a smiley face on a cucumber.

The tundra lacks snow and is spewing emissions.

The rainforests now give off more emissions than they capture.

Tropical rainforests are burning.

Rainforest mega-droughts are increasing.

Northern rainforests burn worse because of thick under-growth.

Agricultural plains breadbaskets will see 2 C 20 years ahead of the whole planet.

The Arctic will see 5 C 50 years ahead of the whole planet.

The loss of northern groundwater and glaciers is changing the shape of earth.

It’s getting fat and slowing down.

Its magnetic field is deforming while groundwater and meltwater shifts cause quakes.

The northern half of earth is rebounding and shifting.

The seas will rise by meters/decade 2050-2060 and for decades after.

The oceans absorb 94% of the sun’s heat.

Ocean heating expands water to cause 50% of sea level rise.

Only 50% of sea level rise comes from melt water.

Category 10 superstorms by 2050-2060.

Once-in-a-1,000-years means zero anymore as we hit once-in-a-million storms.

We are 100% unable to understand a once-in-a-million storm.

These storms will be here by 2050.

By 2030 you won’t give a fuck when they get here because of how bad life is.

We are not going to text in self-flying cars while saving our solar panels from terrorists.

The terrorists won’t be a bunch of rag heads, they will be the children we sent to kill them.



3 thoughts on “Category 10 Super Storms 2050-2060

  1. This just isn’t going to happen… 🙂

    The exponential function means that by then, predicated on the 3% growth in consumption necessary to keep the system stable, we will need to burn 200+ million barrels of oil, pump out twice as much carbon, and cut down/pave over/fish out nearly three times what remains of the natural world, just to stay even.

    That’s just not possible, wild stocks of the resources we need are already in decline now, and we are deep into a href=>overshoot. So, sometime between now and then, the industrial world and it’s bloated population will collapse. Unless you know of another planet Earth, or two, in the immediate vicinity that we can plunder?


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