Links Showing How Climate Heating Causes Earthquakes, Volcanos, Tsunamis and Orbital Pole Shift

The map below shows in blue where the earth’s crust is lifting up due to the loss of ice holding it down. You’ll notice the uplift in Antarctica, where over 90 new volcanoes have been discovered. Hurricane Irma was so big it triggered earthquakes. When trillions of tons of water disappear from wells in the Great Plains and end up in the sky, weird shit happens.

You can also see the U.S. plains where groundwater drawdowns and drier soils are helping the land to sink as rising crusts in one area cause sinking crusts in other areas, as vast areas of crust tilt.

You can also see off Maine, where the crust is being pushed down. The ocean water in this area is also over-heating, and since heat causes 50% of sea level rise due to expansion, you can see why Maine and company are in serious trouble.

Don’t forget all this is happening while we enter the 6th great mass extinction and while earth’s magnetic field is weakening, which leads to magnetic pole shifts. Not all magnetic pole shifts take thousands of years like you are told.


Melting Glaciers Are Wreaking Havoc on Earth’s Crust: Sea levels are dropping, earthquakes and volcanoes are waking up, and even the earth’s axis is moving—all because of melting ice (The Smithsonian)

Could a Changing Climate Set Off Volcanoes and Quakes? (Yale 360)

Earth is undergoing true polar wander (EarthSky)

What Climate Change Has to Do with Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tsunamis (Insurance Journal)

Global Warming May Trigger Greater Seismic Activity (Worldwatch Institute)

Melting Glaciers Waking Icelandic Volcanoes (Oxford Geophysical Journal)

Do old glaciers cause new earthquakes in New Madrid, Missouri? (Stanford)

Global warming won’t just change the weather—it could trigger massive earthquakes and volcanoes (Quartz)

The weird way climate change could make volcanos worse (Newsweek)

Global Warming Triggers Volcanic Eruptions, Scientists Say (Popular Science)

Climate Change May Increase Volcanic Eruptions (Live Science)

How climate change triggers earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes (The Gurardian)

Volcanoes could erupt much more, thanks to climate change (BBC)Climate change can goad volcanoes into life (EurekAlert)

Changing Sea Levels Have a Disturbing Effect on Sleeping Volcanoes (Science Alert)

Antarctica MELTDOWN? 91 volcanoes found below ice could spark global flooding DISASTER (Daily Star)

Earthquakes, Superstorms … And Other Little-Known Perils Of Climate Change (IFL Science)

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