The Dumb Man’s Burden

Not The Sharpest Tool In The Trailer Park Shed

Too dumb to hang onto your money? There’s no cure for that. But there is something called crowd funding. And if serious coin is burning a hole in your pocket. Then look around.

One guy refurbished a bottle sized dehumidifier and promised to stop world thirst, he got over $300,000 seed money.

Another guy took the same dehumidifier and hooked it up to a small wind turbine, he also got over $300,000 seed money. The BBC even ran an article about it. It won’t work.

One guy pretended to invent artificial gills and got over $800,000 seed money.

Another guy invented a wearable air-conditioning watch to cool you off and got over 2 million Hong Kong dollars seed money.

Some other guy reinvented the self-winding watch, made it IOT ready, and got $1.5 million seed money.

The best one is where a guy took a $150 juicer, stuck an IOT chip on it, and charged over $800 for.. wait for it… a “smart” juicer. He got $120 million in seed money. This fake hippy is made of juice. You gotta see it to believe it.

Do you remember that $10 million, 1 kilometer, low air-pressure tube Elon Musk built? Well Musk got air-head virgin Richard Branson to give him $250 million seed money.

How to blow $120 MILLION DOLLARS in one year!

RIP – Jim Lahey




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