Smog defies China’s Communist Party congress (

672,000 gallons of oil spill off Louisiana coast, Coast Guard says(

Climate change and biodiversity (part 2) (

We Should Be Talking About the Effect of Climate Change on Cities | But we’re not. Instead, the effects on cities tend to be edited out or statistically minimized. ( | Long headlines.

Pollution Kills 3 Times More than AIDS, TB And Malaria Combined (

Weedkiller scientist was paid £120,000 by cancer lawyers (

A String Of Dangerous Accidents In Alaska Sends BP Reeling, Emails Show: Internal emails, recordings, interviews, and other documentation obtained by BuzzFeed News show how BP Alaska executives are struggling to “reset” the company’s safety culture after five dangerous accidents this year alone. (

EPA says this town at highest risk of developing cancer from toxins. The plant emitting them says otherwise (

It’s Not Crazy to Dream of a World Without Fossil Fuels ( | It’s beyond cray cray.

A floating mass of plastic and styrofoam found off the coast of Honduras (

Robert Mugabe chosen as WHO ‘goodwill ambassador’ despite international sanctions (

The biosphere lost 2.5 gigatons more carbon from the tropics in 2015, than just four years earlier in 2011 (Radio Ecoshock)

Will Trump Oversee The Financial Apocalypse? (Cohan)

A Giant Insect Ecosystem Is Collapsing Due To Humans. It’s A Catastrophe (G.)

This Hive Lets You Grow Insects at Home | That doesn’t bug me… bug me…

China bans foreign waste – but what will happen to the world’s recycling? (PhysOrg) | Any port in a storm.

Security Flaws in Children’s Smart Watches Bruce Schneier

Clinton, Assange and the War on Truth Counterpunch

INSIGHT-Short on staff: Nursing crisis strains U.S. Reuters.

For Some Reason, No One Wants Entry-Level Retail Jobs Consumerist





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