Water Water Everywhere

We Need A 21st-Century Martin Luther To Challenge The Church Of Tech (Guardian)

Oceans Can Rise in Sudden Bursts (Scientific American)

Climate Change Will Bring Major Flooding to New York Every 5 Years (The Atlantic)

New science suggests the ocean could rise more — and faster — than we thought (Energy & Environment)

Pentagon loses its water over sea level rise. (stripes)

Rising Seas Are Flooding Virginia’s Naval Base, and There’s No Plan to Fix It (InsideClimate News)

Ocean acidification research makes a strong case for limiting climate change (Phys.org)

Biodiversity threatened by climate change (pakistantoday.com.pk)

‘Decimated’: Germany’s birds disappear as insect abundance plummets 76% (Monga bay)

US winter has shrunk 1 month in 100 years (theguardian.com)

Maritime softwoods to decline due to global warming (cbc.ca)

Damaged Brains, A common pesticide damages a child’s brain and reduces I.Q.s while causing tremors. Trump gives it the green light. (nytimes.com)

Oil giants pay billions less tax in Canada (theguardian.com

Troops deployed in Brazil after hundreds of armed men set alight several offices belonging to environmental agencies. (bbc.com)

Fish kill in Telangana’s Gandigudem lake (India): Power supply to 14 pharma companies disconnected. Earlier this month, officials said that 2.3 lakh dead fish had washed ashore within a span of two days.(thenewsminute.com)

Rising sea levels, coastal flooding, and biodiversity loss are now a reality for many cities across the U.S. and any more urbanization will result in more wetlands, trees and flora and fauna losses. (digitaljournal.com)

Pollution’s Annual Price Tag? $4.6 Trillion and 9 Million Dead (Bloomberg)

Ganges under threat from climate change (Deutsche Welle)

The Climate Apartheid: How Global Warming Affects the Rich and Poor (Rolling Stone)

Palm oil mounts ‘new offensive’ in Colombia while workers decry labor conditions (Monga Bay)

Apple should shrink its finance arm before it goes bananas The Economist | Because a banana is an apple. Here.

Roger Stone Banned From Twitter After Threatening CNN Anchors (Hollywood Reporter)



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