Can you spare a like?

How to burn money into cash.

I see every institution has collapsed through simple fraud. The only way to rationalize carbon energy is zero privacy for carbon tax dividends worldwide. Since people like “likes”, you can transfer carbon tax dividends as a social media virtue game. If “likes” are assigned a carbon dividend, people would drive themselves insane trying to reduce carbon use to get carbon div likes.

If you paid out James Hansen’s carbon tax dividends 100% to every citizen of the world, they would lose their minds trying to see who get the most likes. It would be an investor game of virtue signalling. Likes will make people act like dopamine lab rats. All my phone songs are cut to 3 minutes long so I know exactly when 3 minutes go by, I get a new drip of dopamine when the next song starts. It’s like a fit bit, so I call my phone a drip bit.

Do you why banks always looked so wealthy? Because they were signalling their virtue, and virtue is now a public sport. Credit and currency used to belong to the government. The banks took it over 100 years ago. That’s when the collapse of civilization began and war became a business not a mission from God.

We have to revert back to

100% public credit and currency + 100% private carbon tax dividends.

Make money great again.

Once Lloyds and Sachs get jammed again we can take back the right to public credit and currency from private banks. AI can track every dollar in the world right now in near real time. The secret to money is that it’s secret. That’s the whole point. We will phase it in after the big boys fuck it all up again. After the next crash, people will say, now what?, and here it is.

We can phase in a new exchangeable international public credit currency and private carbon tax. I know it sounds silly, but it is only imagining these things I can do this every day.

This is important because we can’t just blubber our fingers in our lips while watching our destruction on a video screen.

Collapse Links

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Noam Chomsky: Can civilization survive really with existing capitalism? ( | Answer: No, and it ain’t gonna change

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Global warming threatens nutrition levels in staple crops (

Planes across Europe to start running on vegetable oil and animal fat in bid to tackle climate change and toxic air ( | This is the stupidest fuckin idea in the universe. 

Connecting war, climate and health (

Ashley Dawson on “Extreme Cities” (

Global warming threatens nutrition levels in staple crops ( | Lose 5-10% of iron, zinc and protein at 550 ppm C02. Don’t forget that current agricultural practices have stripped our food of up to 50% of essential minerals in the last 50 years.

Only 30 left: Duke researchers fight to save most endangered marine mammal ( | Fuck that shit, there’s no way in the world I’ll read that.

McDonald’s sets new welfare standards for chickens ( | Too bad for the employee

The global famine is not due to global food shortages (  | If we put 100% organic food payable in carbon div likes, we can fight corporations by virtue signalling as a greater whole

War on waste ( | Good news

Invisible Oil 672,000 gallons vanish in the Gulf of Mexico  ( | Bad news. The gulf looks like the octopus coal furnace of my youth

Desert farmers reap millions selling water to California cities ( | Modern Farmer

Tyson Foods Linked to the Largest Toxic Dead Zone in U.S. History( | Monthly award

A Quiet Rise in Wildland-Firefighter Suicides ( | Like rescue dogs

Chicken Farms Fueled a Massive Public Health Crisis—While the Govt Turned a Blind Eye – A new book shines a light on how the poultry industry spread antibiotic resistance. ( | Modern Farmer

8 of the less obvious ‘ecosystem services’ that trees provide, other than cleaning the air ( | 4me2do







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