Robbies Rage

James Hansen + 16 top scientists said that the big blue spot just below Greenland is a freshwater water lens that funnels salty hot water underneath glaciers. Since Greenland is like a giant bowl, hot sea water can funnel inand like a slo-mo waterfall. James says because of this, sea levels can jump to meters/decade as early as 2050. He implies category 10 super storms by 2060. This means Atlantic seaboard wind farms are totally exposed.

It takes 40 years for C02 to kick in. The 40 year delay means that the runaway tipping point of total destruction may be already cast in stone. Nobody really knows. Oil companies are planning for a 5 C world by 2050. If we hit even near 2 C by 2030, we’re pooched. Here’s the math, and I don’t mean Bill McKibben style.

seas up m/decade 2060 +

category 10 storm 2060 +

runaway climate heating =

irreversible unstoppable runaway human extinction

You can’t have billions of people dying in mere decades without “unintended” consequences. Do you know what’s wrong about that scary insect study? It was done by volunteers and nobody knows exactly how bad it is. Not knowing how bad it can get is exactly how bad it can be.

Now here’s the bad part, in half that time we will lose half of everything. Fish gone 2040. Half of all species biomass. Things are literally disappearing. That can’t go on even 20 years, but we’ll have less water and not enough food for all.

Right now the US is fighting to take over the Sahel in Africa because its going to turn green. Corporations now hire Africans to grow our food and pay them like slaves. Carbon dividends might fix that, but Bernie Sanders and Barbara Boxer want to take 50% of that money for the government. That would be badder still.

I know race and sex are all the rage, but folks it’s time to grow up.


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