How Sex Causes Collapse

Canadian ‘LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP’ sex inclusiveness training. ( | I don’t see any ‘H’ for hetero, must be a pretty exclusive inclusivity training session. Can the multisexual universe stop excluding the children we’re bombing and starving in Yemen? The reason we do this is to guarantee oil supplies. Sexual rights are important, but not more important than starving and killing innocents. Such rights are not more important than the $1 trillion in taxes we spend each year killing people for oil security.

Goldman Warns Highest Market Valuations Since 1900 Mean Pain Is Coming (BBG)

Why We Can’t Trust Basic Economic Figures (Quartz) | Like Russia used to do

If oceans stopped absorbing heat, earth would be 122° F (Quartz)

Where Winter Is Warming Most (Climate Central) | The tropical Arctic


US Nuclear Waste Dump Threatened By Rising Sea Levels, Putting Entire Pacific At Risk ( | Headline flight departure in 5,4,3,2,1…

World-Changing Volcanic Super-Eruptions (Science Daily) | 10X more than thought

Malaysia seizes 337 kg of pangolin scales worth nearly $1 million (Mongabay)

Tropical deforestation is getting bigger, study finds (Mongabay)

Among global companies, efforts on deforestation lag (Mongabay)

Subsiding soils sink southern Spain | I’m down with that

Moody’s Warns Cities to Address Climate Risks or Face Downgrades ( | For appearances sake

Lobster found with Pepsi logo ‘tattoo’ fuels fears over ocean litter (

Climate Scientists Watch Their Words, Hoping To Stave Off Funding Cuts ( | This was true before Trump

Rising seas will send global historic sites beneath the waves (

Tears and tree houses: the occupation in Hambach Forest (

‘Shocking’ rise in rubbish washing up on UK beaches (

Electric Cars Aren’t Just For The Environment, They Also Save You Cash ( | The second coming of Christ will be in an electric self-driving car

Solar energy prices continue to plunge while coal prices climb higher.( | Coal climbing because nobody wants it?

Feces from entangled North Atlantic right whales reveals ‘sky-high’ stress levels ( | Uh Oh

TransCanada’s Keystone pipeline has already leaked more than 5,000 barrels of oil in South Dakota. The company originally predicted spills larger than 1,000 barrels of oil would occur no more than once every 100 years. ( | Just like storms, droughts and floods

The Politics of Climate Change Need to Be Anti-Elitist (The Intercept) | Your morning humor

Common Pesticide Can Make Migrating Birds Lose Their Way (Guardian) | Explains why I’m so lost






2018 Year of The Volcanos !!!

An Idiot’s Hypo Thesis

The earth’s surface crust spins independently from its inner solid core. The difference in these spins affects the flow off magma in between, which gives earth a stable protective magnetic field. When polar ice melts, the water builds up at the equator because the moon’s gravity. This causes the crust at the pole to rebound taking thousands of years. When a spinning figure skater wants to slow down, they just stick out their hands.

That build up of water at the equator does the same thing. It slows down the spin of earth’s outer crust compared to its solid core. The rebounding poles and slowing crust is forcing magma contortions that threaten magnetic pole stability. Scientists are always forced to say that magnetic pole flips take a thousand years, but that’s not true, they can happen in as little as a dozen years. Don’t forget that heat causes 50% off sea level rise and oceans absorb 94% of earth’s surface heat causing further crustal plate stress. Sound clever? That’s not the point.

My idiot’s hypo thesis is that scientists are being paid to shut up because loose lips sink ships, and along with Naval corruption, carbon taxes are the biggest and latest speculation spectacle going. Whenever a climate scientist or economist talk about models, run like hell. The only thing worse than them are priests and theoretical physicists. But hey, I’m not the only one just making this up as I go along.

Collpse Daily

New Zealand Fault Line Wakes Up: “We Must Think Japan 2011 Ruptures” (SHTF)

Bali’s fiery volcano could end up temporarily cooling the entire planet (Vox)

State official: New Oroville spillway already has cracks (Mercury News)

World’s first ‘smart condom’ collects intimate data during sex and tells men whether their performance is red-hot or a total flop (Metro) | You can say I’m lousy in bed, but you can’t say I’m not funny

Buick Introduces New Self-Buying Car (The Onion)

David Suzuki: Renewable energy isn’t perfect, but it’s far better than fossil fuels ( | Mass extinction isn’t perfect but it’s better than oblivian

Drones Spray Tree Seeds From the Sky to Fight Deforestation ( | Can’t wait until they start pollinating

Sexual harassment at UN talks weakens the fight against climate change( | But heightens my libido

Trump Disaster Aid Includes $12B for Cities Battling Climate Change Flooding ( | AIG $200 billion 2009 tax backed bailout

30 per cent premature deaths in India due to air pollution: Centre for Science and Environment report ( | We help people kill others

The Amazon effect: how deforestation is starving São Paulo of water. | Sky river fails

This company is using plastic waste to combat poverty ( | Poison recycling

Massive Citizen Initiative Demands Ban of Monsanto’s Glyphosate in All 50 States ( | Run pussycat run, kill kill kill

Fashion Nazis: One Truckload of Clothing Is Wasted Per Second (

Australia’s financial regulator warns action to banks, lenders and insurers over climate change ( | Threatens to do their job, hahahahahah!

‘Near total’ renewable energy system within reach: Lord Adair Turner ( | This by the people who get over 50% of their “renewable electricity” burning wood pellets from clear cut forest all over the world. Indonesia killed off elephants and orangutans to clear cut forest, sell Europe the wood, then grow palm oil for Europeans to burn in  their diesel cars. So yea! He sounds for real.

Brazilian Ethanol Can Replace 13% of World’s Crude Oil (Science Nazis)

Building for Hurricanes, Climate Change | Buildings = 50% of our emissions, so turn it up to 11

Solar-powered jets could some day take off (Climate News) | Lolita Express Destinations

There exists a shadowy Government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of the national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself. – Senator Daniel Inouye ( | Last year’s conspiracy is today’s reality

Brazil Is Giving Its Prisoners One of the World’s Most Powerful Psychedelics(Ayahuasca) as Part of the Rehabilitation Process [x-post r/worldnews] ( | Let’s all move there and do crime

Facebook will soon require users to “upload a photo of yourself that clearly shows your face,” to prove you’re not a bot. ( | Only problem is anal recognition software

The US Coast Guard is operating floating prisons in the Pacific Ocean, outside US legal protections ( | Waterboarding goes to new S&M asphyxiation heights

Army Spent $100 Million On Intelligence System It Never Used, NSA Leak Says (International Business Times)

Assange: It begins. Facebook rolls out its first AI powered thought crime module. ( | AI Suicide Watch

Here is the most current list of the world’s top 25 most endangered primates (Mongabay)

Fed Chair Nominee Jerome Powell Says Too Big To Fail Is Over (BI) | End of history stuff

The EU Created Libya’s Migrant Abuses, Now It Must Address Them (CP) | Euro: I wannabe a dollar!

The Internet Is Dying. Repealing Net Neutrality Hastens That Death.(NYT) | Carlos Slim fakes a hissy fit

Supreme Court seems reluctant to blow up a key weapon against patent trolls (Ars Technica) | Patent monopoly greed = #2 collapse reason

Corbyn becoming PM is ‘worse threat to business than Brexit’, says bank. (Guardian) | Guardian = CNN + MSNBC + NYT + WAPO

Big Money Rules (NYRB)

About 10 percent of drugs in poor countries are fake, U.N. says (Stat) | Turn it up to 11

Why So Many Economists Are Disillusioned With the ‘Gujarat Model’ The Wire











!!! How To Frack For Fish !!!

‘The marine equivalent of fracking’: Europe to legalise controversial pulse fishing ( | Clean green fish mass extraction, just like the mass krill (whale food) we steal to smear on our face to stay young forever

Germany swings EU vote in favor of weed-killer glyphosate (Reuters) | white surrender monkeys

Tesla truck will need energy of 4,000 homes to recharge, research claims (FT) | Transport now #1 emissions source

Sao Paulo’s Homeless Seize The City (Guardian) | Why you don’t understand Trump, when you are desperate, ideals don’t matter, or you’re just not desperate yet, we are not better than that and the rich know it, our capitulation point is inversely proportional to our profession of high ideals. A fancy way of saying bullshit walks, money talks. The more money we have, the more aspirationally delusional are our ideals

When Affordable Housing Meets Free-Market Fantasy. (Dissent)

Stella McCartney, Fashion = 25% of carbon budget ( | Fashion Enslaves

Glyphosate weedkiller wins new five-year lease in Europe.( | Call to arms, come the revolution before collapse. Our food and games are poisoned and wreaking our minds before their time

Bali volcano keeps airport closed ( | 2018 = VOLCANOS with a ++ capital V !!!

Record low sea ice in Alaska waters in fall  2017 ( | Summer cancelled next year due to climate heat induced volcanic ash clouds

Nuclear Power Plant – All You Need to Know – AEN News ( | Flight/fight trigger prevents me from reading this

Northern Hemisphere snow cover is decreasing ( | Less glacial mass replenishment and hot ancient soil

Africa: Combating Climate Change? Combat Land Degradation, Says UNCCD Chief ( | There’s a peat emergency near the black cobalt blue child slaves

Rising seas seeping inside US  nuclear waste dump on low-lying Pacific ( | Not so remote as Mars

‘So far it’s not going well’: Keystone spills massively exceed pre-construction estimates ( | The Canucks are super famous for that

National parks for all: that’s a populist cry we need ( | As long as no one goes there

B.C. fish processors spewing potentially dangerous bloodwater into key salmon migration corridor ( | Canucks = Busy beavers

Storytelling empowers indigenous people to conserve their environments | Just like our bullshit stories empower us to destroy their environments

Climate migrants may face multiple drivers (Climate News)

Wells Fargo Bankers Overcharged Clients For Higher Bonuses (CNBC) | Brand New!

Want to reduce the energy used by buildings? Make cities denser. (Vox) | Like the human rat cages in Hong Kong

Dream of a better life in the low wage sector (Handelsblatt)

Domestic Workers Face Rampant Harassment on the Job, With Little Protection (Truthout) | Usually by the husbands of feminist power chicks who want equal pay for women and cheap Filipino nannies

 Your 401(k) Is Kinda Bullshit (Vice) | Kinda?

Social Security faces a 23% cut (MarketWatch) | MarketWatch are not like my wife’s commie friends

The Motherboard Guide to Avoiding State Surveillance  (Motherboard) | Tough titty said the kitty but the milk tastes shitty

How websites watch your every move and ignore privacy settings (The Conversation)

Enabling Genocide (Truthdig)

How tech is winning in the Trump era (Politico) | Likely fake liberalism

Net Neutrality Is Just the Beginning (Jacobin) | Wasn’t the Iraq war just the beginning?

New Drone Strikes Underscore, Again, How Much Power We Give Trump (Rolling Stone) Matt Taibbi

Mind Farts – The answer is blowing in my wind

How to blow your mind, if we continue our energy growth up for 15,000 years, we will demand more energy than the sun does. If we put all our data onto dvds and stack them they will reach the moon, then in 15 years they’ll reach Mars, then 2 days after that, they’ll reach Saturn. We do not have enough exotic erotic minerals to achieve green data escape velocity, if we keep amassing preference data for services, we won’t have enough for a successful energy transition.

The non-linear growth in erotic elements guarantees systemic failure on increasingly shorter time lines going forward. Rare earth projections and supplies are unsustainable. Recycling and substituting elements is failing. Most scientific breakthroughs won’t scale up or hit energy barrier break even points before escape velocity.

When people say solar and wind power now run 20% of the world’s electricity, they make you think there’s only 80% to go. What they don’t tell you is that all the world’s electricity is only 30% of all the energy we use. After 20 years of subsidies, solar and wind only produce 1% of total world energy use. Not only are policymakers lying about our green energy future, they are lying about our green energy present.

For example, saying wind turbines produce 50% of their average power 40% of the time really means that wind turbines only produce 90% of their total output 25% of the time. This means for every 600 Gigawatt coal plant we close, we need 6,000 Gigawatts of solar and wind to replace it.

Canada and the US are huge, places like South Korea don’t even have enough land for 100% solar/wind/algae power. Just to provide world energy demand with 30% algae power means we would need enough land the size of Argentina.

For example.

Turning Carbon Dioxide Into Fuel and Useful Chemicals | This process requires lanthanum. How much do we have? Can we afford that much? See? These are basic household questions any common sense person would ask. They are not answered because no one knows. The complexity bullshit doubles down when researcher say we can use any by-product waste as fuel.

Here’s another example.

In this video we got a climate scientist scaring the pants off you for 10 minutes, then he says a whole bunch of feel-good stuff about green energy that deep down, he knows is bullshit because we can’t accept even the notion of failure. This is not his fault. It’s the media’s fault. They don’t tell the truth. They lie. This climate scientist clearly believes what energy scientists appear to say in the media. He likely has kids, etc.

Have a great day, I gotta reseal the tub







The Data Bomb

If all the world’s data is put onto CDs and stacked up, they will soon reach Mars and in 2 days pass Jupiter. Your CDs and HDs won’t last forever. The cloud won’t last forever, and neither will your so called personality upload. In fact, after decades of research scientists have discovered that paper is the very best storage medium. I got a whole stack of Outreach Connections in a closet. I always imagine they’d survive the apocalypse and get used to start fires, with something to look at each time.

The narrator of this next video should be imprisoned for trendy voice abuse. We are exploding data exactly when we will run out of rare earths. The green NGOs hitting on you for donations don’t want to acknowledge anything but green growth. Our so called green tech is dependent on growth itself, yet we have to curtail GDP growth while media assholes keep going on about green growth, in a non-ironic oxymoronic way. What’s impressive is how primitive our recycling efforts are, and how desperate the half-measures are to secure and slow their unsustainable use. Tesla motors may not use rare earths, but the rest of the car does.



Paul Beckwith Gives Me A Woody

The Rise of Air Pollution Denial (

Paul Beckwith Explains How Climate Models Suck Shit (YouTube) | Excellent Video!

Another blow to troubled Madagascar rare earth mine (Mongabay) | IMPORTANT !!!

| Rare Earth Minerals = REMs

| Only 3% of China’s REMs don’t contain uranium and thorium.

| 1 ton REMs = 2,000 tons deadly tailings + 1,000 tons deadly wastewater + 300 tons removed vegetation and topsoil. China has hundreds of millions of tons of REM tailings.

There Is Just One Thing Preventing Elon Musk’s Vision From Coming True: The Laws Of Physics (ZH) | Do we need super fast electric cars? Style over substane

Transportation is the biggest source off U.S. emissions (CC) | Because we ship not make

The Food Waste Methane Bomb (CC) | Honey makes me fart. My dad once showed me how he could light his farts on fire. He then warned me not to do it! LOL! I never did

All The Risks Of Climate Change, In A Single Graph ( | All IPCC data is outdated

Tens of thousands displaced by Harvey still yearn for home (Houston Chronicle) | No graph needed

Climate Change May Increase Volcano Eruptions (Science Daily)

Mysterious Deep-Earth Seismic Signature (Science Daily) | Dutchsince on YouTube is a rogue geo-freak who says the loud booms are from craton stresses

“Eine solche Dürre habe ich noch nie erlebt” (Telepolis) | Google Translation: The rain in Spain does not fall on the plain

Climate migrants may face multiple drivers ( | Uber to the rescue

New planetary epoch makes its mark (Climte News) | 40 million miles of new roads in 30 years

Kalpetta to become the first carbon-neutral municipality ( | Any city telling you they’re carbon neutral is yanking your chain

Qatar regional leader in addressing climate change ( | This headline is 100% bullshit. It’s like when we held a COP in Doha

Will U.S. support for nuclear and coal at the Bonn climate talks encourage others to keep polluting? ( | Linking coal and nuclear is like mixing oil and water

2017 SkS Weekly Climate Change & Global Warming News Roundup #47 ( | Geek wet dreams

The Center for Biological Diversity has Filed 34 Suits Against Trump Since His Administration’s Inception   (

Norway looks for more oil and gas after signing Paris deal ( | Windmills produce 90% of their rated power 25% of the time, or they produce 40% of their average power 40-50% of the time, whatever that average may be

Over 15,000 Scientists From 184 Countries Say Going Vegan Will Help Save The Planet ( | 14,999 of them eat meat

Nearly 50% of Americans Want to Ban Slaughterhouses – 69% identify animal agriculture as a top social issue worldwide. While govt census data shows only 1% of animals live on non-factory farms, 75% of survey participants believe they consume only humanely-raised animals.( | File under W for when pigs fly, free range flying pigs tend to rain poop. I remember my dad fell into a pig cesspool up to his armpits. The house stank for a week

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service lifts longstanding objections to a city-sized development that threatens the last free-flowing major river in the arid Southwest – 28,000 homes & golf courses will have “appreciable” effects on wildlife. Scientists warn of risks to rare species like the jaguar.(

Carbon released from warming soil will accelerate climate disruption, according to a long-term study – A 26-year research project suggests that as global temperatures rise and heat the soil, the released carbon will trigger even more warming, leading to a dangerous feedback loop. (

Great Barrier Reef: Scientists use new technology to regenerate Australian icon ( | Whenever I see “new technology” I grope myself without permission

The difference between night and day is disappearing, scientists warn (

The End of the Age of Benevolence (Marion) | No clue, just love the title

Sugar = Cancer (PLOS Biology)

A World Without Net Neutrality (The Nib)

Oxford and Cambridge are said to be illegally spying on students for money (Quartz)

With Saudi Blockade Threatening Famine in Yemen, U.S. Points Finger at Iran (Foreign Policy) | Those fuckin Iranians and their American blockade

People for sale CNN | Grabby headline likely filled with shit

Chile’s New Left Comes of Age (Bloomberg)

The biggest health issue we aren’t debating Axios. “More than four in in 10 households with private coverage and incomes between 150% and 400% of the federal poverty line do not have enough liquid assets to cover a deductible of $1,500 for single people and $3,000 for families.” And that’s not even a high-deductible plan! | The rest of the civilized world pities you poor American bastards

The future of America’s suburbs looks infinite (The Orange County Register)

Vid Triggers

Mark is a piece of shit, but he’s great at mocking MSM









collapse daily vanilla style

The U.S. Military as a Zionist Organization (Jewish Policy Center)

50,000 children in Yemen have died of starvation and disease so far this year, monitoring group says (

Unearthing oxygen-starved bacteria might worsen climate change (Engadget)

Carbon released from warming soil will accelerate climate disruption  (PRI)

Disrupting sensitive soils could make climate change worse  (Stanford University News)

We all get poorer every time a climate disaster strikes (

“I discuss many ‘tipping points’ in Earth systems, and the risks to civilization and global food supply from cascading feedbacks.” (

Francis: A Trigger for Rapid Arctic Warming (

Lake Michigan under severe threat from U.S. Steel and BP Oil Corporations (

A modern gold rush is destroying the Amazon (

‘Some bad actors’: Coal burning found to release possibly toxic nanoparticles(

Treasure Coast has record-setting hurricane season, weather year (

Climate report has dire predictions for California (

Climate change could be making lizards less intelligent, finds study (

Underwater photographer captures vast garbage patch off the coast of Honduras (

A growing number of young Americans are leaving desk jobs to farm(

Floating masses of garbage off some of the Caribbean’s pristine beaches  (

New study suggests energy-efficient light bulbs increases light pollution (

The world is drowning in ever-growing mounds of garbage (

Coal, money, impatience: 6 key takeaways from the 2017 climate summit (explained without jargon) (

Scientist recommends shutting off power during high winds to prevent wildfires (

France stops sales of two Dow pesticides over bee fears (

German activists lose bid to halt lignite mine expansion (

Conflict and climate push 224 million Africans into hunger – U.N. (Reuters)

Flooding May Strip Organic Matter from Wet Soils (Science Daily)

More harm than good with climate geo-engineering (Climate News)

Eating non-GMO foods Actually Improves ones Health (International Journal of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine) | Well, duh?

Staggering Variety of Clandestine Trackers Found In Popular Android Apps (Intercept)

Michigan Township Blocks Nestle From Bottling, Reselling Its Groundwater (

Homelessness Set New Records In Major Cities All Over The Nation (ZH)

America’s Largest Employer ‘Secretly’ Tests Self-Driving Floor-Scrubbers (ZH)

Mysterious loud booms heard across the world in 64 locations and even NASA doesn’t know why. (






Happy Black & Blue Thanksgiving And White Green Christmas

Black & Blue White Green Gold

Graphite is black. Cobalt is blue. While both kill children, I wonder what to do.

Thinking about Investing In Graphite Stocks? (ZH) | Zero’s been pushing this link all week. Watch the first video in that link. Canada has access and stability. Graphite has to be the right kind of graphite, sort like how desert sand is not construction sand. Graphite is in the wildcat stage.

Musk says “lithium batteries” have more nickel and graphite in them than actual lithium and that the amount of lithium in them is like the sprinkling of salt on a salad. This means graphite and nickel/cobalt are lynch pins or hinges of our perennial green dreams. It’s like what Millhouse on the Simpsons says when someone throws his puffer away. “Hey, I need that to live!”

Most graphite comes from China, the dirtiest mines in the world. Graphite dust falls from the sky to cover crops, plants, water and air conditioning filters. It’s like black volcanic ash. They shut down several graphite mines to clear the air before the 08 Olympics. Just before they painted the grass green.

Google: Graphite supply and demand charts. You’ll notice supplies going down and demand going up. This is called a gold rush.

Graphite supply and demand charts —

UPDATE: LME probes cobalt supplies after complaints over child labour links (FT) | I just found this link after writing this morning’s post! Awwww…. the sweet sweet drip of dopamine, the hunter/gatherer’s drug of choice

Google: Cobalt supply and demand charts. Cobalt is mined by black kids in a war zone where they dream their lives away about the sexual preferences of whites and how green energy will save the world.

Cobalt supply and demand charts

And while those little black slaves dream of a green Christmas and the sexual mores of white kids, the parents of those white kids are starving millions of brown kids in Yemen, who drop like flies from Cholera because nothing beats starvation like cholera. Especially cholera with no medicine, or food. It’s like a weird Twilight Zone spiral, a black and white swirl.

At the same time those brown kids starve and those black kids slave, some over-privileged assholes like Naomi Klein or Bill McKibben tell us that governments must get control of carbon tax dividends.  Like Oprah says, “You get a new E-Car! And You get a new E-Car! You all get a new E-Car!!!” Plus a new smartphone every couple years.

We just spent the last 20 years blowing a trillion bucks per year tax money on killing brownies in Afghanistan and Iraq. America is not a super-power because of its army, it’s a super-power because of its tax base, and that base’s ability to affect outcomes for good and bad.

After the American civil war, bankers knew they had to take over the government to get richer, so in 1913 they took over the government’s control of credit and currency. In effect, they privatised the credit and currency of the United States. That was over 100 years ago. 1913. That’s when the wars restarted. Before the first shot was ever fired.

In 2013, James Hansen proposed a carbon tax 100% for citizens with 0% share for governments and corporations. That’s when Bill McKibben and Bernie Sanders passed a bill authorizing the American government to take control of 60% of those taxes.

Bill did this right after his photo-op with Hansen in front of the White House. That’s what a conniving evil little prick he is. Bernie Sanders is a sell out who doesn’t walk the talk.

What we have to do is nationalize the credit and currencies of the world, and phase in a new world currency based on 100% private carbon tax dividends. Money is the only way to unite the world and wrestle with Kleptocracy.

We don’t have time for the endless political revolution fantasies of Klein and McKibben. It’s time to grow up, get real, and get shit done. I know this won’t happen. We’ve been dreaming of communist revolutions and women’s rights since 1918. That stuff is more stale than a herd of old people. We don’t have time for another hundred years of this shit. Or there won’t be a 2018.

Happy Black Friday America.

collapse daily

The US are violating the laws of war in Yemen. ( | Thou shalt not kill with impunity

Rising temperatures and reduced rainfall will disproportionately affect poor farmers of Africa, the Middle East, South Asia, and Latin America.  (

Ecodefense: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching | Free online updated version 2017 ( | This is the stuff I hate!!!

Weed-Whacking Herbicide Proves Deadly to Human Cells (

Climate change as a security threat multiplier (

How soon will the ‘ice apocalypse’ come? ( | Threat hype, something I’m good at

Breathless in Delhi: a taste of environmental Armageddon ( | A Bollywood romantic comedy

Black Friday: our relentless consumption is trashing the planet | George Monbiot | Opinion (

Connecting With Nature Improves Minds and Moods, also Increases Children’s Attention Span ( | Not TV trees

Plastic with packaging made from seaweed that you can eat instead of throwing away ( | Not like you’d notice

Russia’s plant where the leak of ruthenium-106 happened received money from govt to “reduce the social risks” (

UK law will specifically recognise animal sentience ( | Imma aminal

Mexico Revokes Monsanto Permit To Market GMO Soy In Seven States (R.) | Mexico is the home of corn, they got more corns than rainbows got color

Wacky weather in Nunavut breaks records CBC | Instead of shack whacky, they get igloo whacky

Facebook (Still) Letting Housing Advertisers Exclude Users by Race Pro Publica | Still in the 22nd Century?

Battered Bangladesh risks everything on unsafe factories Lowy Institute | Literal factory collapses

Every second person in India has been duped, says a new study Quartz. Not cloned; scammed. | LOL — Best Comment of the day from Naked Capitalism

Trump and the ‘information cascade’ created a cultural reckoning Gillian Tett, FT. Tett invokes the Hegelian dialectic (!). | They don’t call me Clueless Callaghan for nothing

Donna Brazile: Bill Clinton Should Hit the Campaign Trail for Democrats in 2018 The Intercept | Voted Season’s Strongest Collapse Omen

Wealth inequality has been increasing for millennia The Economist. | Where’s the L?

Why did we start farming? LRB. James C. Scott’s Against the Grain. | Which is better than against my wind, or the wind on your back

From inboxing to thought showers: how business bullshit took over Guardian | Shower wanks

Has the Silicon Valley Hype Cycle Finally Run Its Course? Vanity Fair | Please God


The Collapse of Hipster Media


Distracted Misdirection

Climate-related disasters set to make 2017 most expensive on record, insurers warn (

Thunderstorms observed triggering nuclear reactions in the sky ( | Lard Tundrin Jesus Boi!!!

Data suggests emissions have already ‘peaked’ in 49 countries (Skeptical Science) | I’m so glad we can now blame nature for rising emissions, that was close!

Video Of Migrants Sold In Apparent Slave Auction In Libya Provokes Outrage Worldwide ( | Yea but Jordan Chariton rape

Seymour Hersh: Hillary Clinton Sold Nerve Gas To Syrian Terrorists To Use Them As an Excuse to Invade Syria ( | See more Hersh yet?

‘Looting’ spree threatens wildlife and forests across eastern Europe.( | Hi Ho Hi Ho It’s Off To Loot We Go. Oh Nappy! Off pillaging and plundering again?

Exxon, oil giants team up to reduce methane emissions ( | Fentanyl cookers promise safer recipes

Keystone XL is still the wrong project for a world facing global warming. Kill it and be done ( | Love the language. Had me at kill

The problem avoiding 2°C with afforestation & BECCS is that they require areas from 3.2Mha (India, 23% arable land) to 9.7Mha (Canada, 68% of arable land) ( | I love the word “afforestation”, like we can just go back to how it was before the bad

A brief review of rainfall statistics (

Global Weirding with Katharine Hayhoe | Climate change, that’s just a money grab by scientist… right? ( | Every year we pull out the handmade Xmas horse and say, “Hey Hey Ho Ho!”

Farm runoff and the worsening algae plague ( | 2do2day

Low environmental standards began with Obama (

Earth’s night light area grew 2%./year  2012 -2016. So did nighttime brightness. ( | ♪♫♬ You blight up my life ♪♫♬

No subsidies for green power projects before 2025 ( | I don’t hate English people, hell, some of my best friends are English

Censoring Climate Change | NYTimes Op-Ed ( | The Old Grey Whore

Air Pollution Tied to Decline in Sperm Quality That Could Lead to Male Infertility ( | Blue Erotic Asphyxiation

Google censors sites critical of the US government. ( | Like 99% of the internet. Americans have a pathological fear of taxes

A Swarm Of Earthquakes Beneath The San Andreas Fault Is Making Scientists Nervous (ZH) | 134 quakes in 3 miles. 17 were +2 magnitude, 6 were mag 3, 1 mag 4.6

Internet Scorched-Earth Attack on Net Neutrality  ( | Commie wet dreams is the fat lady singing

Venezuela inflation soars to 4,000% in ‘death spiral’ ( | Great plan

Concerns Over Yemen as Saudi Arabia Agrees to Buy $7 Billion in Weapons From U.S. Firms ( | Twinge. If we can’t stop starving millions over there and raping millions here, we are not going to “save” earth vertebrates

Thousands of Twitter Bots Are Attempting to Silence Reporting on Yemen ( | Manufactured A.I. propagated mass starvation consent

The Great American Sex Panic of 2017 (Counterpunch) | News Rape Porn. Did Jordan Chariton fake his orgasm during ejaculation?

Sexual Allegations Against Jordan Chariton And Need For Due Process (Shadowproof) | Chariton? Yemen? Race? Yemen? Earth? Yemen?

Bitcoin Mining Now Consuming More Electricity Than 159 Countries Including Ireland & Most Countries In Africa (PowerCompare) | And 20 countries swore to swear off coal some day

Smart cities might not be such a bright idea (Financial Times) | Smart dildos aren’t?

How Alzheimer’s emerged from the shadows (Financial Times) | Kevin Spacey is gay?

Syria, ‘Experts’ and George Monbiot (Counterpunch) | Busy day lots to should read

No, you’re not being paranoid. Sites really are watching your every move (ars technica) | Well that’s kinda the point ain’t it? Source to effluence marketing

The Toxic Chemical Industry Is Having a Really Great Year (New Republic) | ♪♫♬ Gonna find me a communist wrestling bastard and give him a bang in the head. Pow! Give him a kick in the head. Bang! ♪♫♬

Apple only wants to put its stores where white people live (The Outline)

The Root of All Cruelty? (The New Yorker) | Looks important. maybe read

Water sources under threat from mining in Ecuador’s mountains (Mongabay) | If you can’t fuck it or eat it then kill it

Damming or damning the Amazon: Assessing Ecuador / China cooperation (Mongabay)

The devil’s in the COP 23 detail  (Climate News) | The Devil’s Tears, or, Can you picture Jesus having crap?

TRANSPORTATION IS THE BIGGEST SOURCE OF U.S. EMISSIONS (Climate Central) | Chinese goods don’t ship themselves, yet














The Unbearable Lightness of Collapse

You may know me for the dick/cunt/ass that I am. But I was imagining collapse without my massive self-aggrandizing fantasies.

Future Corporate Collapse Daily Links

New IPCC Study Says More Tree Subsidies Essential ( | We will pay tax money to people to grow trees faster than we cut them, but trees can’t grow fast enough.

Fusion Power Research Subsidies Up 50% This Year (wablah.icorp) | Available in only 50 more years and many Xmases and Second Comings later. I want a fusion powered self driving flying car by 2020 or I’m going home!

Wildlife Corridor Tax Buyouts Too Slow For 2° C ( | Old Marching Song Lyrics: The animals went marching 2 by 2, hurrah, hurrah! The animals went marching 2 by 2, hurrah, hurrah! The animals went marching 2 by 2, and the little one stopped to eat an ol’ shoe, and they all went marching down, to the ground, to get out of the rain

Rare Earth Asteroid Robot Mining Taxes Going Up ( | The US is powerful only in tax money. The banks and military are sucking the tax money teats dry. The ol’ brown cow she ain’t what she used to be

Google Cracks Down On Fake Drip Bits ( | Illegal dopamine fixes will not be allowed on the premises.

| Tha.. dapada tha the that’s all for today folks!

Thelma And Louise Collapse Music


Lotsa Links, Little Comment

Oceans Are the New Front Line in the Fight Against Climate Change (

164 environmental defenders killed in 2017. Protecting their country and its natural resources. ( | All while the US/Israel/Saudis starve millions in Yemen. As long as we kill for money, I don’t give a fuck about sex, race, class or even the earth

Atlantic and Mediterranean fisheries boosted quotas for bluefin tuna (

UK Environment Department Using 1,400 Disposable Coffee Cups A Day (Guardian)

“The ocean floor gets deeper toward the center of this part of Antarctica, so each new iceberg that breaks away exposes taller and taller cliffs. Ice gets so heavy that these taller cliffs can’t support their own weight. Once they start to crumble, the destruction would be unstoppable.” (

Personal reflections on the 23rd COP in Bonn – Kevin Anderson  (

Black Friday is right: our relentless consumption is trashing the planet | George Monbiot (

Portugal say they may begin rationing the public water supply at night-time in response to the country’s worst drought on record. (

Air pollution linked to poor quality sperm, may lead to infertility: study (

Air pollution may cause infertility for ‘significant number of couples’, warn scientists. ( | If you have a kid today, you are a) in love, or b) mental. Like there’s a difference

How climate change will mess with water ‘recharge’ in Western U.S (

Summer thunderstorms in North America will likely be larger, wetter and more frequent, dumping 80% more rain in some areas and worsening flooding. (

Greenhouse gases must be scrubbed from the air: Cutting emissions will not be enough to keep global warming in check ( | Okay kiddies, since we’re too lazy, greedy and fearful to do anything, it’s up to you to invent a way out of this, oh, and sorry for killing the planet

Ocean acidification: climate change’s evil twin – A recent report shows rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere are about to make the world’s oceans uninhabitable for many sea creatures, threatening entire ocean ecosystems. What can be done? ( | DW does some great shit

Why isn’t the world talking about the water crisis in Egypt? ( | Saudi-Jew-rabia

Not a single lake tested in Bangalore can be used for drinking water or bathing ( | Doesn’t mean they don’t

Three new research studies have found harmful pathogenic bacteria in Texas groundwater near unconventional natural gas extraction sites (

Carbon’s economic damage cost’s has been drastically underestimated ( | Voted worst headline of the day

Over 20 countries launch global alliance to phase out coal ( | Meaningless gibberish leaves only 160 countries to go. It’s like verbal herpes

Arctic data shows warming didn’t pause (

Update on climate change: from bad to worse (

New study reaches a stunning conclusion about the cost of solar & wind energy – Building new renewables is now cheaper than just running old coal & nuclear plants. ( | And grants immortality to the user

Danone invests in firm selling bottled water from ocean floor: Water comes from a deep ocean current off the coast of Hawaii and is desalinated using reverse osmosis. ( | That’ll last

As Oceans Warm, the World’s Kelp Forests Begin to Disappear (

Tesla’s Burning Through Nearly Half a Million Dollars Every Hour (BBG) | Zoom zoom

US Doctors Cut Off Opioids, Leaving Millions in Pain and Withdrawal (BBG) | Years of schooling don’t stop you from being a dick

RIP net neutrality: FCC chair releases plan to deregulate ISPs (ars technica)

Apple Finds Foxconn Interns Worked Illegal Overtime on iPhone X (Bloomberg) | Unpaid?

People who spend a lot of time on Facebook are materialistic (Thai Tech)

Sugar industry withheld evidence of sucrose’s health effects nearly 50 years ago (MedicalXpress)

DARPA’s plan to create organic surveillance sensors (New Atlas)

Cops Thought Innocent Man Shoplifted a Shirt, So 50 SWAT Cops Tore Down His House (Free Thought Project)

Crowd-control weapons: “These weapons should not be interpreted as less than lethal” (openDemocracy)

CalPERS: Stop investing in deforestation Sacramento Bee (jpr). Not as clear-cut as it seems. CalPERS is investing in stocks, and likely through indexes, which means it is not contributing to the funding of deforestation. The usual argument from the CalPERS side, which has some merit, is it can do more to pressure companies via being an activist shareholder than by selling. | From Naked Capitalism

The Vicious Cycle of Losing a Driver’s License Over Court Debt (Vice)