Abrupt Sea Level Rise: 9 Feet Any Decade Now!

Expect A Sudden Sea Level Event (Radio Ecoshock) | A few millimeters per year is not etched in stone, it is written on the wind.

A Broke, and Broken, Flood Insurance Program (NYT)

Google escalates blacklisting of left-wing web sites and journalists (World Socialist Web Site)

Tropical forests are becoming net carbon producers, instead of carbon sinks (pri.org) | So is the tundra.

US report sounds climate-change alarm (bangkokpost.com)

Humans are driving climate change, federal scientists say (sciencenews.org)

Climate change is real and our fault (Ars Technica)

Coalition Talks Stalling on Climate Targets (Der Spiegel) | Last minute ballbreakers save earth! Again.

Poor countries spending climate cash on rich world consultants (Climate Home News) | Consultants are how Obama left the DNC in debt.

COP23: Thousands protest German coal use ahead of UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn (dw.com) | People insist on clean energy. There is no such thing.

Air pollution damaging millions of kidneys every year (economictimes.indiatimes.com)

Carbon cloud hangs heavy over India, Southeast Asia (Asia Times)

El Niño and the record years 1998 and 2016 (realclimate.org) | El Ninos are the ignition switch to a climate state shift jump.

For the love of Earth, stop traveling (washingtonpost.com)

Smog is so bad in India, Pakistan, motorists can’t see to drive.(usatoday.com)

Half of Hawaii’s coral reefs were damaged in one year, and the worst is yet to come (newsweek.com)

Global warming threatens nutrition levels in staple crops (PRI)

How unhealthy is the haze from Indonesia’s annual peat fires? (Mongabay)

China’s Zhou Warns on Rising Financial Risk in Blunt Article (BBG)

In the World’s Most Livable Cities, Hardly Anyone Can Afford a Home (BBG)

Monsanto accused of ignoring relevant scientific data on glyphosate (Politico)

Meet Smallpox’s cousin Monkeypox (Wapo)

Monopolies are privatizing the World Wide Web. Here’s how to stop it. (The Week)

There Are Now 895,000 Cases of Cholera in Yemen (American Conservative)




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