The Big Snuff Video


Collapse Daily

Battered by extreme weather, Americans are more worried about climate change(

Scientists predict tree death from drought in California’s Sierra Nevadas (Mongabay)

Officials in Portugal say they may begin rationing the public water supply at night-time in response to the country’s worst drought on record.(

The Arctic has warmed more than 5 times the global average.( | What happens in the Arctic stays in the Arctic

Hydrological Implications of Rapid Global Warming | Dylan’s Hard Rain

Bacteria Gang Together in Killer Biofilms, but Scientists Can Disrupt Gang Communications (Scientific American) | Scalarity?

As Oceans Warm, the World’s Kelp Forests Begin to Disappear (

Lobbying & Sponsorships at COP23 Corrupted Climate Talks (

Combating Fraud in Climate Finance ( | hahahahahh

Why Are We Helping Saudi Arabia Destroy Yemen? (Ron Paul)

The World is Running Out of Good Sand ( | Hi tech minerals depend on sand and steel construction which drive 50% of human emissions

City of Chicago will sue U.S. Steel over spill of toxic metal into Lake Michigan (

The alleged warming pause between 1998 and 2012 is largely a result not having enough temperature data or the Arctic. Adding that data to the global record results in a no-pause temperature record (

Russia reports radioactivity 986 times the norm after nuclear accident claim | Moscow says ‘extremely high’ levels of ruthenium-106 discovered as Greenpeace urges inquiry into possible cover-up (

Amazon is Becoming the New Microsoft (I)

America’s Rural-Phone Industry Is Facing a $48 Billion Debt Crisis (Bloomberg)

Blockchain Might Scare the Gig Economy to Death (Bloomberg)

The “phantom reference:” How a made-up article got almost 400 citations (Retraction Watch)

Inchoate Incoherence

If you were to video yourself with your arms stretched out and ran your eyes down your arms from your left finger, across your chest up your arm to you right finger, as far as you can reach, you will notice a tiny puff of black smoke pop off the end of your finger, that would be humanity and you would be planet earth.

The mountains on earth are miniscule compared to the upside-down mountains beneath our feet that float on an ocean of burning hell.

Most of earth’s land is on the north pole of our planet, some of the oldest land there is, and that land spent millions of years with trillions of tons of ice on it.

When you push your thumb down on top of a bubble and let go, you can see the bubble pop back up and out to its normal shape again. That’s what’s happening to earth now.

All the ice that covered the top of earth has melted and moved to the equator causing the earth to bulge and get wider in the middle. Earth is getting so wide, the inner solid core of iron is turning faster than normal compared to the floating mountains of rock on the surface.

When a figure skater spins on ice with her arms pulled in, she will go very fast, but when she puts her arms out, she will slow down. That’s what’s happening to earth right now.

So, the center of the earth is going faster compared to the surface, which is popping up and out on the top causing whole continental plates to tilt on points of friction where they push up against each other. This is causing 2 of earth’s supervolcanoes to get woke, one in Yellowstone and one in Italy.

We are applying all these stresses on earth’s seams at the same time that the earth is due for a magnetic pole flip. The magnetic pole flip can happen in as little as 10-20 years and I believe such an event would cause minor crustal displacement. All the continents would shift a little bit during magnetic pole flip. This will cause super volcanoes to go off on the seams of our continents. The super volcanos will cool the earth enough to save ocean algae and reinforce the thermaline world ocean current.

It’s like the perfect fuck storm. The world’s biggest snuff video. Very similar to the Younger-Dryas event of 12,000 years ago, where the earth heated, froze, and reheated like crazy in 1,000 years. I’m not certain if magnetic pole flip is a cause or coincidence of heat and mass shifts, but it’s insanely interesting to ponder while we on the surface go to hell in our handbasket.






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