Distracted Misdirection

Climate-related disasters set to make 2017 most expensive on record, insurers warn (businessgreen.com)

Thunderstorms observed triggering nuclear reactions in the sky (sciencealert.com) | Lard Tundrin Jesus Boi!!!

Data suggests emissions have already ‘peaked’ in 49 countries (Skeptical Science) | I’m so glad we can now blame nature for rising emissions, that was close!

Video Of Migrants Sold In Apparent Slave Auction In Libya Provokes Outrage Worldwide (huffingtonpost.com) | Yea but Jordan Chariton rape

Seymour Hersh: Hillary Clinton Sold Nerve Gas To Syrian Terrorists To Use Them As an Excuse to Invade Syria (awdnews.com) | See more Hersh yet?

‘Looting’ spree threatens wildlife and forests across eastern Europe.(theguardian.com) | Hi Ho Hi Ho It’s Off To Loot We Go. Oh Nappy! Off pillaging and plundering again?

Exxon, oil giants team up to reduce methane emissions (thehill.com) | Fentanyl cookers promise safer recipes

Keystone XL is still the wrong project for a world facing global warming. Kill it and be done (latimes.com) | Love the language. Had me at kill

The problem avoiding 2°C with afforestation & BECCS is that they require areas from 3.2Mha (India, 23% arable land) to 9.7Mha (Canada, 68% of arable land) (twitter.com) | I love the word “afforestation”, like we can just go back to how it was before the bad

A brief review of rainfall statistics (realclimate.org)

Global Weirding with Katharine Hayhoe | Climate change, that’s just a money grab by scientist… right? (youtube.com) | Every year we pull out the handmade Xmas horse and say, “Hey Hey Ho Ho!”

Farm runoff and the worsening algae plague (phys.org) | 2do2day

Low environmental standards began with Obama (mcall.com)

Earth’s night light area grew 2%./year  2012 -2016. So did nighttime brightness. (apnews.com) | ♪♫♬ You blight up my life ♪♫♬

No subsidies for green power projects before 2025 (theguardian.com) | I don’t hate English people, hell, some of my best friends are English

Censoring Climate Change | NYTimes Op-Ed (nytimes.com) | The Old Grey Whore

Air Pollution Tied to Decline in Sperm Quality That Could Lead to Male Infertility (newsweek.com) | Blue Erotic Asphyxiation

Google censors sites critical of the US government. (wsws.org) | Like 99% of the internet. Americans have a pathological fear of taxes

A Swarm Of Earthquakes Beneath The San Andreas Fault Is Making Scientists Nervous (ZH) | 134 quakes in 3 miles. 17 were +2 magnitude, 6 were mag 3, 1 mag 4.6

Internet Scorched-Earth Attack on Net Neutrality  (commondreams.org) | Commie wet dreams is the fat lady singing

Venezuela inflation soars to 4,000% in ‘death spiral’ (money.cnn.com) | Great plan

Concerns Over Yemen as Saudi Arabia Agrees to Buy $7 Billion in Weapons From U.S. Firms (amp.timeinc.net) | Twinge. If we can’t stop starving millions over there and raping millions here, we are not going to “save” earth vertebrates

Thousands of Twitter Bots Are Attempting to Silence Reporting on Yemen (albawaba.com) | Manufactured A.I. propagated mass starvation consent

The Great American Sex Panic of 2017 (Counterpunch) | News Rape Porn. Did Jordan Chariton fake his orgasm during ejaculation?

Sexual Allegations Against Jordan Chariton And Need For Due Process (Shadowproof) | Chariton? Yemen? Race? Yemen? Earth? Yemen?

Bitcoin Mining Now Consuming More Electricity Than 159 Countries Including Ireland & Most Countries In Africa (PowerCompare) | And 20 countries swore to swear off coal some day

Smart cities might not be such a bright idea (Financial Times) | Smart dildos aren’t?

How Alzheimer’s emerged from the shadows (Financial Times) | Kevin Spacey is gay?

Syria, ‘Experts’ and George Monbiot (Counterpunch) | Busy day lots to should read

No, you’re not being paranoid. Sites really are watching your every move (ars technica) | Well that’s kinda the point ain’t it? Source to effluence marketing

The Toxic Chemical Industry Is Having a Really Great Year (New Republic) | ♪♫♬ Gonna find me a communist wrestling bastard and give him a bang in the head. Pow! Give him a kick in the head. Bang! ♪♫♬

Apple only wants to put its stores where white people live (The Outline)

The Root of All Cruelty? (The New Yorker) | Looks important. maybe read

Water sources under threat from mining in Ecuador’s mountains (Mongabay) | If you can’t fuck it or eat it then kill it

Damming or damning the Amazon: Assessing Ecuador / China cooperation (Mongabay)

The devil’s in the COP 23 detail  (Climate News) | The Devil’s Tears, or, Can you picture Jesus having crap?

TRANSPORTATION IS THE BIGGEST SOURCE OF U.S. EMISSIONS (Climate Central) | Chinese goods don’t ship themselves, yet














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