Google, Tesla, Volvo, Toyota: The Road To Self Driving Sustainability.

You may have heard that all the minerals that make up your body are worth like $20.00, but as soon as you step foot in a vehicle, the insurance companies say you are worth $9 million bucks, so they instituted regulatory collision control systems in expensive cars. I guess that means in cars for people who can afford lawyers and such. They say they are doing this to save 69 lives per year. Probably more like $69 million in avoidable payouts.

If you watch this next video, you’ll see what I mean. Look at all the extra electronics in these vehicles. Does that look anything like sustainable to you? The car-to-car data systems they describe means lots more data traffic congestion. Cars will go from generating 1.5 Gigabytes of data per day to 1.5 Gigabytes of data per second. This data will be both vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to road sensor/traffic systems. Building more highways doesn’t reduce congestion, and same goes for building bigger data super highways.

Next you can watch self-flying taxi passenger drones kick off in Dubai, the most sustainable city in the world.


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I can’t believe I support Sargon of Akkad about this Canadian Academic Freedom of Speech issue.

Here’s the CBC, another shithole Canuck media monster with the interview.

Here’s some Canadian MK Ultra porn, Trudeau style.

Tim Pool was a Vice guy, which is a media cesspool for over-privileged liberal trustifarians (young rich kids).

Snowden democratizes spying.

Some great shit in this vid.


The Space Lizards Ate My Brain Last Night

Feeling miserably hungover this morning, so I posted this on r/collapse:

50% of wildlife has disappeared in 50 years.

50% of soil has disappeared in 100 years.

100% new energy demand by 2050 at current rates.

100% drop in human emissions needed by 2060 to stay below 2 C.

But James Hansen says 2 C is a “recipe for disaster”.

Up to 1 billion jobs will be lost to automation by 2040.

After 20 years, solar and wind only make up 6% of total world energy demand, which is set to double.

To achieve 100% renewable energy, we will have to blow our carbon budget of 400 Gtons.

The amount of arable land we need to take carbon out of the air is 1 billion acres. To be able to do this, we would have to stop wasting food and eating meat. But the technology required doesn’t exist yet.

Even if we had 100% free and carbonless energy, we would only destroy species habitat aquireing wealth. But, we don’t and we won’t.

By 2030, we won’t have enough dirty energy to transition to renewable energy.

By 2040, we won’t have enough food, water and minerals to transition to renewable energy.

Lithium batteries are like 90% iron and nickel. To power a renewable energy world, we would have to increase iron and nickel extraction and production by a factor of at least 2, meaning we would have to increase consumption of them by 100%.

But peak nickel is predicted by 2030-2040.

But solar panels and wind turbines only last some 30 years, so by 2050 we will have to replace all the world’s solar panels and wind turbines you see around you today. We won’t be able to do that.

We have myopic specialists like Michael Mann telling us pessimism is wrong at the very same time we are starving women and children in Yemen. At the same time this ivory tower mutherfucker tells us to be opitmistic, we are using drones to burn civilians alive with hellfire missiles based on their walking gait and patterns of behavior. The U.S. has killed up to 20 million civilians since world war 2.

Homeland security and the MIC cost us $1 trillion per year in tax. The pentagon has lost more money over the last 20 years, than humans are capable of understanding.

They didn’t lose this money in a top secret program to save freedom. They lost in it corruption and graft. In the Iraq war they were throwing brick sized packets of cash around like confetti.

Happy New Years guys.


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