I can’t tell if Wordpress sucks or Reddit Blows

This is just a test.



2 thoughts on “I can’t tell if Wordpress sucks or Reddit Blows

  1. My 2 cents:

    You need to set up your own WordPress blog on a domain you own with hosting. Shouldn’t cost more that $10 for a .com domain and $5-6 p/m for the hosting. Then you won’t have any posting issues as far as WordPress is concerned.

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  2. red says:

    This from Green Peace 1997 in case someone’s not paying attention, we’re fell past fucked.

    Using the central assumptions adopted in this work for the climate sensitivity (3.5
    C)and with this budget if CH
    emissions are cut by 20% by 2015, N
    O 30% by 2020,(with both remaining constant thereafter), and halocarbons are phased out by 2025then the increase in warming from the 1990 to 2100 is 0.5
    C or approximately 1.2
    Cabove the pre-industrial global mean. Temperature would be falling from a peak of about 1.4
    C above pre-industrial levels (Figure 12). The best-estimate of the increasein mean sea-level above 1990 levels by 2100 would be around 19 cm and beginning tostabilize
    (Figure 12). The rate of global temperature change for this scenario isshown in Figure 9 (above), where it is apparent that this scenario leads to quite a rapiddrop in the rate of warming

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