the dirty daily

SS = slippery when wet, please excuse the mess

Climate change will displace millions in coming decades. Nations should prepare now to help them (

  • add snide tremoring grandiose comments here first and delete comments for r/collapse. easy peasy.

Changes in Greenland’s peripheral glaciers linked to the North Atlantic Oscillation (

  • will get the ice age boyz worked up

Mercury from Industrialized Nations Is Polluting the Arctic: Climate change could worsen the situation, potentially destabilizing mercury deposits in permafrost (

  • persistent organic pollutants always go north

Averting a global fisheries disaster (

  • google translate = delaying

Climate change driving record snows in Alaskan mountains: study (

  • pics?

China aims for nationwide emission trading scheme in power sector (

  • Kommie Karbon Kredits !!!

French Tycoon Bets Global Warming Will Spur Nuclear Comeback (

  • that’s why i never play poker with them

Let it go: The Arctic will never be frozen again (

  • probably becky friendly polar geo-bukakke

Put down the pesticides: Why you shouldn’t be spraying your spiders this summer (

  • hot mess golden shower

‘Ticking time bomb’ as Pacific children bear mental scars of climate disasters (

  • unlike me

The Caribbean Is Getting Its First Carbon-Neutral Eco-Resort (

  • green flights = green skies (literally)

From Locals Fighting Fossil Fuels to Shadowy Lobbyists: DeSmog UK’s Best Stories of 2017 (

Due to the extreme weather conditions, the Thomas Fire is on track to become the largest mainland fire in California state history. (

  • their wildfire season is 70 days longer than 15 years ago

The explosive compound RDX helped make America a superpower. Now, it’s poisoning the nation’s water and soil (

  • clusterfucks for clusterbombers

Fracking linked to low-weight babies. (

  • and fat old babies

Police Shoot More People Than Previously Known (truthout)

Germany’s Entire Submarine Fleet Is Paralyzed (ZH)

  • that’s close, i thought it said granny’s

Glow-in-the-dark plants put green energy in a whole new l,ight NBC

  • to be shipped worldwide to a store near you

Unruly Antarctica could change sea-level outlook without much warning, ars technica

  • so be warned


  • tl;dr = dirty dirty girl

Employers would pocket $5.8 billion of workers’ tips under Trump administration’s proposed ‘tip stealing’ rule, Economic Policy Institute

  • prix





One thought on “the dirty daily

  1. red says:

    You want to save a few fish stop using nets for starters. Hook and line is less harmful and better at targeting single species and size. I watched the horror of the northern cod collapse as the “experts” said there wasn’t a problem with the stocks. Of course the “uneducated” fishers were 100% wrong in saying for at least a decade before the disaster, that collapse was happening. What I’ve taken away from six decades of listening to the “experts” is that they are fatally optimistic. Whatever they say is the outside worst seems to turn out to be the best that comes to be. Sorry just how it seems to have worked out with the few things that I’ve paid attention to over the years. As long as there are nets in the oceans there is no chance at replenishing the worlds oceans. Never mind all the other crap we’re dumping in them.

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