Automated Sector Services (ASS)


How you will get ASS fucked

Being a self-delusion expert, I can tell you this is bad, real bad.

Warehouses now turn off lights because no people.

Automated Sector Services and robotics will disrupt society bigly in less than 10 years.

Automated Sector Services (ASS) will disappear from human awareness in 5 to 10 years because you cannot see AI.

How everyone from truckers to radiologists will get ASS fucked

The new self-driving AI security 4-wheelers are awesome, not in a good way. Here’s the expert opinion.

– 800,000,000 jobs worldwide gone to AI by 2030

– 73,000,000 U.S. jobs gone to AI by 2030

– GM announced a car with **no human controls** by 2019

– Uber ordered 24,000 self-driving Volvos in 2017

– Self driving transport will lead to the end of the gig economy

– Uber bought OTTO’s self-driving 18-wheelers

– Trucking and warehouse jobs will die

– Trucking is the most common job in 29 U.S. states

– These are the last well paying, low-education jobs

– They can’t even work at fast food because it will be ASSed

– 1.3 to 1.4 million truck driving jobs are at risk due to ASS

– Add in chauffeurs, taxis and delivery vehicles and that number is 3.1 million jobs fucked up the ass

– The biggest danger is trucker complacency, they don’t get it

– Pizza Hut just announced ASS pizza delivery with something like Toyota’s new self driving store

– Highly specialized knowledge jobs are already at risk and we are too egotistical to accept it

– AI radiologists can read x-rays 10,000 X faster than humans and 60% better and cheaper too

– AI radiology can do 2 human days of work in 46 seconds

– AI radiology will draw from the experience of hundreds of millions of patients

– There are people with 8 year old kids who may never learn to drive a car

– AI transport will get rid of shipping, transport, trucking, fast food and motel/hotel jobs

– These are the last middle class jobs for uneducated males

– These are the same kind of people who lost millions of manufacturing jobs in the last 20 years

– These are the same people radical leftists hate

Which cities will ASS fuck?

– Las Vegas NV = 65% jobs gone due to ASS rape

– El Paso TX = 64% jobs gone due to ASS rape

– Riverside-San Bernardino CA = 62% jobs gone due to ASS rape

– Greensboro-High Point NC = 62% jobs gone due to ASS rape

– Bakersfield, CA = 62% jobs gone due to ASS rape

Which jobs will ASS fuck?

– Loan Officers = 98%

– Receptionists = 96%

– Paralegals = 94%

– Drivers = 89%

– Security Guards = 84%

How it will feel getting ASS fucked

– Unemployed alienated low-selfesteem male cop wannabe security guards are a clear and present danger

– At this point it’s undeniable that all things tie together and conspire towards collapse independent of ourselves.

– Human Sector Services in Las Vegas will get severely ASS fucked due to overwhelming profit motive

– The first generations of sex robots in Las Vegas will gimmicks compared to the Gen X Sexbots of 10 years hence

– I wouldn’t be surprised a sexualized iCub underground market starts there after Asia

– I once saw a video of a VR male auto-masterbation machine from Asia I never want to see again. It look like a plastic diaper and goggles, okay, enough of that, let’s get back to work

– From 2001 to 2016, Casino employment dropped from 60,000 to 41,000 jobs down 32%

– Economists already call automation the great displacement

How the middle class got ASS fucked

– 85% of all U.S. manufacturing jobs lost from 2001 to 2010 were from technology

– 13% of all U.S. manufacturing jobs lost from 2001 to 2010 were from trade deals

– 1980 = 25 jobs / $1,000,000 manufactured output

– 2017 = 05 jobs / $1,000,000 manufacturing output

– 1985 – 2015 = manufactured output rose from 11 to 16 metric units

– 1985 – 2015 = manufacturing jobs fell from 18 to 12 metric units

– In other words, output up 40%, jobs down 40%

Which races will get ASS fucked most

– Hispanics = 25% higher than whitey

– Blacks = 13% higher than whites

How civilization will get ASS fucked

– The first fully automated bus service launched in Las Vegas in 2016

– Insiders agree that ASS will contribute to inequality more and faster than ever in history

– In fact, ASS and Green Energy will conflate inequitable unsustainability

– People getting poorer faster is not good for civilization

– In 10 years, this will have major implications for society

– In 10 years, getting a glass of water will have major implications for society

– In 10 years, avoiding flood, drought and storm will have major implications for society

– Avoiding flood, drought and storm, while looking for good water without a job will have major implications for society

– Right now, we still think that Toyota’s new self-driving mobile vans and self-flying passenger drones will allow us more sext time

Ass Fucking Videos

Which ass is worse, Mike Dice or Nancy Pelosi? Some things’re better left unknown.

Money Honeys
















I used to be a sophomoronic misanthropocentric idiot, but I’m ok now

This is extremely important !!! I’m now pro-man !!!!

I used to think Men’s Rights was for fags, I don’t anymore.


Cassie Jaye, a feminist comes to terms with the Men’s Rights movement – 15 min

This cute mowmow ain’t muslim friendly but she’s feisty, and why not, I’m not Christian friendly, but I am lame.

Peter starts crying thinking about all the young men thanking him around the 28 min mark.

This chick is cute as a button, and almost a man, maybe. She is “honorary guy of the day”.


A Man Cave Safe Space

No girls allowed! Too bad I’m a sperg. This page is about the men’s rights movement.

Man Facts:

Female initiated violence = 40%

Females attending college = 60%

Male workplace deaths = 90%

Male suicides = 78%

We now live in a world where women think they can do away with men using biotech and men think they can get rid of women with sex robots.

Video 1

Video Header: An analysis of male disposability and far left hypocrisy in the context of the documentary film The Red Pill. – 55 min.

Video 2

Video Header: In this video I discuss some thoughts about The Red Pill, a documentary by Cassie Jaye about men’s rights activists. tl;dw: I liked it! – 13 min

Video 3

Video Header: Cassie Jaye on Laci Green & Media Backlash – 15 min.

Video 4

Video Header: How Friends Turned on Her for Being Open to Dialog With Men’s Rights Groups – 6 min. – This is my favorite one, Bravo!







A Moonlit Native Child On The Road

The reason we are burning women and children alive in the middle east is for the freedom of blacks, jews, women and gays to blame everything on whitey. This kind of bullshit is what Hitler taught Germans about Jews. How many blacks, gays, women and jews support the war of starvation and terror on women and children who’re from the wrong side of the gulf? Are they so holy that none support it?  Are only straight white men killing everyone? Do all blacks, gays and women live in peace and harmony without whitey? Do they live without hierarchy? Or is it just the good noble savage kind of hierarchy?

Why are native Indians on a sex and gender list? Are they super extra fucking special? I just want to know, I’m part native. Maybe all the native women we kill are just glad to know they’re so special. Isn’t the Queen of England a white women? Which side is she on? Didn’t she steal 10 of our native sons and daughters for one of her pedo uncles? Were Martin Luther King and Ghandi rapists? Are we too stupid to live? Or is it the fault of the white matriarchy? Is Queen Elizabeth a victim of the white patriarchy? I guess I’ll never care. The good thing about debating myself is that I always win because I’m just here to say, not win.

There are two evil white queens, and I don’t mean the gay kind. They live across a body of water next to each other in Europe, and they are both evil child sex sacrificers. This is known. There are kings in the Middle East who are the same. I’m pretty sure China and Africa can claim similar distinctions. It’s just the Indo-Europeans are the worst, or as seen by themselves, the best at it. There’s plenty of blame for everyone.


The Naked City: 3 Stupid Factoids

Chris Martenson says that if Tesla sold 50,000 cars, it would use 100% of annual lithium production.

Gianni Kovacevic says that copper ore grades are down from 30 lbs/ton ore to 3.4 lbs/ton ore. 

Richard Aguilar says that cobalt demand projects up 9,000% in 2 decades.

There are a lot of stories in the naked city, these are just 3 of them.



Links And Bullshit

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  • rent a spammer smart butt plug, be the resistance

Baby photos of 10 of the world’s rarest turtles from the zoo trying to save them

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Fang trafficking to China is putting Bolivia’s jaguars in jeopardy

  • who fang chew, I don’t hate Asians idiots

The Risks Facing Global Stocks As Money Printing Comes To An End (BI)

  • I fuckin hate BI

Australia Unveils Plan To Become One Of World’s Top 10 Arms Exporters (G.)

  • people aint gonna work for 2 bucks an hour without guns pointed at them

Oxygen Levels in Oceans Are Dropping Dangerously

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When There Are No More Fish | Climate change, drought, and development have devastated Cambodia’s Tonle Sap Lake, which feeds millions across Southeast Asia (

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  • donwannano

Plunging costs make solar, wind and battery storage cheaper than coal (

  • cobalt up 9,000% in 20 years, copper ores grades down one order o magnitude, etc

China’s latest energy megaproject shows that coal really is on the way out (

  • if China stops building, hi-tech goes down due to mineral ore grades

Natural gas killed coal – now renewables and batteries are taking over (

  • This is 100% inequitable + 100% unsustainable

Visual documentation of how the glaciers in the Pyrénées have melted (

  • no way hoser

Americans Wanted More Privacy Protections. Congress Gave Them Fewer. Slate

  • want get whatever

We’re treated like drug addicts’: As America fights opioid addiction, the healthcare system is failing people who live with chronic pain Business Insider

  • drug policy is crime

You Can’t Trust Capitalists Jacobin

  • ask the hard left, or the hard right

Does America have a caste system? The Conversation

  • ask hollywood

Bullshit Section









The Truth Is Here

Stefan Rahmstorf says all human emissions must hit 0% by 2060 to stay under 2° C.

The IEA says all human energy demand will go up 100% by 2060.

Kevin Anderson says we have a 5% chance of staying below 2° C.

James Hansen says that 2° C = Disaster.

We have a 95% chance of *not* staying under 2° C, where 2° C = Disaster.

Bill Rees says all the world’s electric grid only equals 20% of human energy demand.

Vaclav Smil says converting to 100% renewable energy takes 70 years and trillions of bucks.

If we got 100% renewable electric grid power by 2050, we would only solve 20% of our emissions.

Solar and wind products only last 30 years and *all* the panels & turbines you see today will be gone in 30 years.

They break down 2X faster than we need to build them.

It costs more energy and is more toxic to recycle them than to build new ones.

Cars only cause 10% of all human emissions.

There are 750 million cars on earth.

We do not have enough minerals to build 30 million cars by 2025.

30 million cars is less than 1% of human emissions.

Scientific American warns human agriculture will end in 50 years due to soil loss.

With 2 billion more people, we have to grow more food between now and 2050 than we ever grew in all human history.

To grow that much food, George Monbiot says we need 12 million new acres of soil every year for 30 years.

But, we are losing 24 million acres of soil every year due to degradation and loss.

We are actually losing soil 2X faster than we need more of it to feed everyone.

To reduce emission below 0%, the IPCC says we need 1 billion acres of new land.

For algae to produce 30% of electricity, we need to use land the size of Argentina.

By 2030 60% of humanity will face water shortages each year.

We will run out of soil and water long before we reach 100% renewable energy.

We do not have enough easy access to hi tech minerals for 100% renewable energy.

Renewable energy is *equitably unsustainable*, which means not everyone gets an electric car.

Ugo Bardi says peak copper will happen by 2030.

In 2010, we got 30 lbs of copper for every ton of rock.

In 2016, we got 3.5 lbs of copper for every ton of rock.

By 2025, we get 1.7 lbs of copper for every ton of rock.


Mister Ranty Pants


For every ton of copper fossil energy uses to make a megawatt of electricity, a wind turbine uses 500 X that amount, if you put wind turbines out to sea, they use 1,000 X that amount. But how long will copper last with all the new demand. Short answer, not long. Ugo Bardi thinks sometime between 2030-2040.

In 2010, the 15 largest copper mines processed ore that contained 1.5% copper. That means if you dig, crush and process 1 ton of rock you got 30 lbs. of copper.

In 2016, that ore grade 0.7%. One ton of ore got you 3.5 pounds of copper.

We are approaching peak copper, and we are exponentially accelerating towards the Seneca Cliff of copper demand. Copper is unique on earth. It’s the best conductor. Nothing can really and honestly replace it.

If you look at copper reserves for future projects, the ore grade is 0.35%. One ton of rock got you under 2 lbs of copper. People are so hot for copper, they can’t stop touching themselves. Last year, copper outperformed gold.

What this means is that we have to use more and more fossil fuels to get less and less copper going forward. This is the very definition of unsustainable. Just on copper alone, green energy is unsustainable for a world wide transition to 100% renewable energy.

Once we pass peak copper, no amount of money can bring enough online fast enough so shortages and price spikes ensue.

The only substitute we got for copper is aluminum, but it’s too brittle and fire prone, not to mention expensive.

The reason for all this copper craze is because electric cars. We are sold the crazy bullshit notion that electric cars are good for the earth. Electric cars use a lot more and different metals and minerals. A gas tank is empty, batteries are made heavy with iron and nickel, with just an added hint of lithium. You can play with the ratios somewhat, but that makes little difference.

The big car companies want to sell 30 million units by 2025, and they can barely secure the huge mining contracts they need to do it. There are 750 million cars on earth right now. Cars only account for 10% of human emissions. If electric cars produced 0% emissions, then 30 million vehicles would reduce human emissions 0.5%, but electric vehicles don’t produce 0% emissions, they will in effect be charged using methane gas, because solar and wind power require fossil fuel backups to run continuously. But the fun, doesn’t stop there, no siree. We want self driving electric cars so that we can drunk sext while stuck in traffic.

The average car today directly and indirectly is responsible for 1.5 gigabytes of online data traffic per day. By 2025, cars will be responsible for about 1.5 gigabytes of data traffic per minute. All this data traffic will be handled by 5G transponders that will be located every 100 feet or so along the side of the roads, because self-driving cars can’t actually drive themselves, they need guidance. All these support devices will require metals and mineral throughputs, thus increasing the demand for copper even further. Don’t even get me started how much copper the iCub child robot will use.

The Paris agreement is not enough to stop 2 C. In fact we have to reduce emissions a further 25% by 2030 than we promised in Paris to even have a chance of staying below 2 C. The year 2030 is only 12 years away.

Electric cars will have absolutely no impact on the climate whatsoever, but it will devastate places like the Congo, where some of the biggest copper mines in the world are. The slaves who mine for cobalt in the Congo are children. So instead of saying that cobalt comes from the sweat and toil of black child slaves, we call cobalt mining in the Congo, now get this, “artisanal mining”, like as if it were done by little faeries.

But not only do we want self-driving electric cars that do nothing for the environment, except rape the earth, we want to build billions of tons of batteries for our renewable energy systems. Investment analysts wet their pants talking about battery metals mining. After a brief investment presentation of mining stocks, they always look like they need a cigarette, which for you young people is something old people used to do after sex. It’s an old people’s joke, ha ha. 2 links to follow.

Gianni Kovacevic: Electric Cars, Copper Demand and “Must-own” Copper Stocks (Investing News 8 min)

Ugo Bardi’s book, Extracted: How the Quest for Mineral Wealth Is Plundering the Planet

**Daily Collapse Links**

More than half of Europe’s forests lost over 6,000 years

– The US lost 90% in 400 years

Biofuel boost threatens even greater deforestation in Indonesia, Malaysia

– I need a new hole in my head.

Nearly Half of California’s Vegetation at Risk from Climate Stress

Discrepancies Between Satellite and Global Model Estimates of Land Water Storage

Urban Volatile Organic Compound Emissions Higher

How Climate Change Weakens Coral ‘Immune Systems’

Water scarcity threat to India and South Africa

China unveils huge plans for the Arctic, with ‘Polar Silk Road’ on the way

Seven in 10 UK Workers Are ‘Chronically Broke’

A Third Of Coral Reefs ‘Entangled With Plastic’ is running a series of stories on how every state in the US is affected by climate change

Climate Change Is Forcing the Government to Relocate This Entire Louisiana Town

How climate change is triggering a migrant crisis in Vietnam

The Meat Question, by the Numbers

California faces a cascade of catastrophes as sea level rises

Day Zero Cape Town (scribbles)

The Day the Water Ran Out — Climate Change Day Zero Swiftly Approaching for Cape Town

Natural gas company fined after dead birds found floating in fracking fluid tank

– wind turbines are not fined for bird deaths

A ‘marine motorhome for microbes’: Oceanic plastic trash conveys disease to coral reefs (physorg)

Why the Pentagon Isn’t Happy With the F-35 (Bloomberg)

– a trillion bucks for a slow heavy jet that can only fly to church on Sundays.