Three Flashing Red Lites

Picture 3 little gnomes in Zurich, with their little red dunce hats blinking, all worried about not having kids. I remember the skeleton sitting on the loo moaning, “It’s a comin.” Or, like my dear 70+ yo gampa used to say in the 70s, “Come the revolution!”. He always was too farsighted.

When the following links stop working, it’s Miller time.


Philosopher Says He Wants Tax Dollars To Help Pay For Child Sex Robots For Pedo Rapists

Sunshine Sketches of a Corrupt Little Town.

I showed my wife the Mcleans pedo story on the infamous Royal Lakefield College in Lakefield, Ontario, Canada were Prince Philip boarded.

I worked at the Lakefield Harold and my wife buys their paper every week. I live just up the road from them. I would like to congratulate the Herald on their coverage of the royal pedo scandal in their hometown. I don’t actually think they covered it.

Just like they won’t cover the swimming and drinking water scandal at one of many lakeside trailer resorts that surround the town, even if I dumped it in their lap.

Lakefield is surrounded by trailer parks that commit drinking water records fraud. I told the local board of health about it a couple of times. Nothing was done, I was ignored, even though I witnessed it first hand over 5 years.

I expect absolutely no action from anyone in Lakefield on the most important issues facing their town. This is just one town on a planet full of towns that can’t deal with institutional fraud and failure. Links below.

But we all got time to watch a movie called The Shape of Water, that’s about how straight white guys, especially Russians, are making the world too dangerous for blacks, gays, women and jews.

Pedo News Links:



When people talk when I’m high, I hear what I want to hear, not what’s said, this makes people think I’m too stupid to follow along, but mostly I just don’t care.


Adolescence Now Lasts From 10 to 24 (BBC)

California Has The Nation’s Worst Poverty Rate

Decapitated orangutan found near palm plantations shot 17 times, autopsy finds

New satellite data reveals forest loss far greater than expected in Brazil Amazon

Facebook being used for illegal reptile trade in the Philippines

680000 acres of Amazon rainforest may be lost to Peru’s new roads

Record Amazon fires, intensified by forest degradation, burn indigenous lands

Aid for Oceans and Fisheries in Developing World Drops by 30 Percent

Aquatic life is at risk as carbon levels rise

‘Insanity’ to allow nuclear waste disposal near Ottawa River, Indigenous groups say

Europe’s microwave ovens release as much CO2 as 6.8 million cars

Cape Town at “point of no return”

Oil spill off China coast now the size of Paris

Concerns Grow That Infections From ‘Zombie Deer’ Meat Can Jump To Humans

Turning Soybeans Into Diesel Fuel Is Costing Us Billions

Carillion’s downfall shows dumb money knows no borders

Methane Spike Tied to Oil and Gas

When sexual assault victims speak out, their institutions often betray them

– well fuckin duh?

America’s ‘childcare deserts’ are driving women out of the workforce

Higher Education Is Drowning in BS

– I’m living proof, I failed grade 12 3X for tax reasons, which makes me an over-educated asshole.



Cobalt Boy Blues

Cobalt Blues (Sky News 12 min)

Above: Child slave praying before sleep that Oprah changes everything.

750 million cars on earth cause 10% of human emissions. Car companies cannot guaranteed metal contracts for 30 million cars by 2025, less than 1% human emissions.

Human emissions must be 0% by 2060 or we die.

But fossil fuel demand will increase 100% by 2060 because construction is 50% of human emissions.

Cobalt Blues (Wealth Research Group 12 min)

Plants love C02, until they don’t. (Ben Montgomery 45 min)


Researchers Want Playmate Robots For Child Rapists

I thought I left all this behind. I can’t dwell too long on it because people think I’m crazy enough as it is, especially my wife. Help save a child rapist today by donating to the Rainbow Ribbon Coalition Playmate Program right now, or you’re a fascist straight white male who loves Putin.

Researchers Want to Use Child Robots For Pedophiles  Dec 2017

Would child sex robots stop pedophilia — or promote it? Jan 2018

Israel clamps down on pedophilia in schools – Ynetnews Sep 2017

Gray matter anomalies in pedophiles May 2017

How a royal gift exposed sexual abuse at an elite Canadian school Oct 2017

EXPOSED: New Epidemic Of Pedophile Clerics Raping Children Nov 2017

‘Completely disgusting’: Mississauga grade school teacher Sep 2017

Newtown School Shooter Adam Lanza Was Pedophile Oct 2017

Australian “Safe Schools” Program linked to Paedophilia Aug 2017

Rampant Pedophilia in Pakistani Madrassas Oct 2017

Russian priest Grozovsky sentenced to 14 year Jan 2018

Zainab: 8 year old raped and murdered in Islamic Republic of Pakistan Jan 2018

Philosphers and child sex dolls.

The research is not as important as getting people to fuck them right away for precedence. You can buy the research you want anywhere today.

Off peak rental inquiries only. Working feverishly to bring your child fantasies to life.

When you go to bed with a 10 and wake up with a 2. This is what we do. It ain’t no big deal. – Katy Perry

Will you be my sugar daddy?


Critical Social Collapse Theory

Picture a big curve divided into 3 equal parts.

The left, middle and right. The ideal society.

Under duress, the left and right segments become smaller and more extremist.

The middle gets bigger and less certain of itself.

As the left and right become more extreme the middle collapses.

See? Easy peasy, not too cheesy.

Please mail your LSD and magic mushroom donations to P.O. Box 474, Apsley Ontario Canada.


Critical Social Theory (CST) = Bullshit

CST = Hitler

Germany blamed their collapse on Jews.

We are blaming collapse on white straight men.

This is completely divisive and dangerously stupid beyond reckoning.

You are playing with fire. And you will get burned.

The real reason for collapse is the **idea** of prosperity and wealth, or class.

The 3 signs of collapse are 1) food prices 2) failed states 3) free speech.

Using Hate Laws to censor free speech is the final sign of collapse.

It’s like saying I hate hate. Saying I hate hate is called being stupid.

It’s like saying I hate haters.

Hate is a health issue, not a legal one.

Just like drugs are a health issue, not a legal one.

Legal issues cause death and incarceration.

Incarceration = Hell on Earth.

Ask anyone from Auschwitz or Gaza.

Law is corrupted by neo-liberalism and neo-cons.

1920s Berlin was a hotbed of liberal radicalism, it’s where white socialist supremacy was hatched. Noble ideas are the easiest to subvert. Money is the answer. Not stupid ideas. Open blockchain democracy and world carbon credits will unite us. Money is the only thing everybody on earth believes in. Fix money first, don’t wait for the next crash. Sex cannot be fixed, it’s too subversive. Sex is chaos theory and not critical social legalistic bullshit.

Sex is a health issue, not a legal one.

A midwife is charged  with not using proper pronouns for serial child rapist.