To Gen Snowflake

Don’t worry kids, the boomers were bigger snowflakes than you’ll ever be.

posted on collapse.

A Snowflake Vision of Hell: This Post Is Only For The Sound Of Mind (must be over 18)


Are fucking kidding me? Minds are super fragile, watch any torture/slasher flick and you’ll know what I mean.

If you move to China, your lungs will look a vacuum filter bag in no time.

But that air pollution is made of dust particles that helps cool the earth. If we stopped all dust particles tomorrow the earth would heat up very significantly in just 2 weeks. I don’t mean just your home town, I mean the whole planet. That warming will be irreversible unless we can suck carbon out of the air faster than we put it up. What does that mean?

You are being led to believe that China is a clean energy leader, even as they can’t even see across the street due to smog. India’s smog gets so bad, you can’t see traffic pile-ups in time to safely stop.

Just imagine how many tail and smoke pipes exist on earth. For every pipe, there’s tons of infrastructure to produce it. The tailpipe of a car weighs 2 tons. Imagine how much infrastructure we’ll need to suck carbon out of the air 2 times faster than we blow it up into the sky.

We currently mine 1 billion tons of iron per year, but to have any impact we have to suck about 10 billion tons of carbon out of the sky each year. Imagine how much all the inner, underpinnings of infrastructure mass will be needed. That’s paradox number one.

Carbon emissions have to hit 0% by 2060 for 2 C.

Yet, fossil emissions will double by 2050 to build infrastructure for 2 billion people, and construction is 50% of human emissions.

Between now and 2050, humans have to grow more food than they ever did in all our time on earth. If that sounds like bullshit, it’s only because you don’t understand basic math.

We need 12 million acres of new soil for 30 years to grow that much food, but we are losing 24 million acres of soil each and every year, plus another 12 million acres of tree each and every year.

Kevin Anderson says we have a 95% chance of failure for 2 C.

James Hansen says 2 C = Disaster.

We have sent all our shittiest jobs to China, then we brag about how low our emissions are.

The IPCC says, not only must emissions hit 0% by 2060 to stay below 2 C, the amount of carbon in the air must go only down year after year. To do this, we need an extra billion acres of arable land. We need this extra billion acres of new land at the same time we lose soil 2 times faster than we need more of it to eat.

We have to do this while robots and AI takes 50% of our jobs in 20 years. Robots will take redneck conservative jobs and AI will take liberal elite jobs. Most educated people think their jobs are too safe, they’re not. This will be called a rude awakening.

People don’t understand we are wrecking the whole planet, but they do understand when AI does a medical diagnosis or legal brief.

In order for AI to take your jobs, we have to flood the world with IOT data devices. These IOT things are so small, they even put them in dildos and condoms. The smart condom will rate you as a lover. I never needed a condom to know that. These devices will saturate the air with EM waves.

In 10 years, the world will be covered in 5G, which is about as healthy as cutting a hole in the bottom of your microwave and sticking it on your head. Be sure to smile for a selfie before plugging it in. Right now, your car is responsible for 1.5 gigabytes of data traffic per day, in 10 years your car will cause 1.5 gigabytes of data traffic per second. Just think of all the inner underpinnings of infrastructure that will require. It will be like walking around town with a microwave oven on your head plugged into a battery in your backpack.

Why is all this?

When standing naked, the minerals that make your body are worth $20.00, but as soon as you get in a car, your body is $9 million in liability insurance. AIG needs this data to make their bottom line safe, and they’ll fuck your bottom line to do it, so they manufacture consent through fear for your safety. It’s like asking permission to hate rape you.

Fear For Safety

We now spend a trillion bucks per year in war tax money for the safety of corporations who’ve convinced us we need them to live. What corporations don’t know is that AI is their legal undoing. AI will serve investors as the way to deconstruct their organizational inner underpinnings.

What this means is that investors get all the money, and you get all the shit. Or, what the late trailer park manager, Mr. Lahey said, “It’s just another shit stick I gotta lick Randy.”

I’ve already explained how, green energy mining is extremely unfair. There are only 40,000 black child slaves who make 60% of all the world’s cobalt, and according to corporate lawyers, there’s nothing they can do about. Bullshit, AI blockchain will fuck those lawyers right up the ass, and they know it.

Green energy is equitably unsustainable, not everyone gets a white picket fence solar dream house and self-driving e-car. This is so because our opaque accounting for resource extraction and throughput. Accounting is something that used to happen before Enron. Nowadays, everyone probably has at least 3 sets of books. Blockchain AI will fuck that shit up, and they know it.

Bitcoin is like Napster. It’s run by criminals to avoid taxes now, especially sin taxes, but will form the basis for AI blockchain accounting. AI blockchain can account for every single gram of material throughput. This why, like some crazy monk, I believe that 100% private carbon tax dividends (0% for corps and govs) will be done with AI blockchain and manufacturing. The exponential AI manufacturing model we have now will destroy earth. We need more data to build more robots to make more data to sell more things to get more data to make more things…

My 0.0001% hope is that the new AI blockchain carbon currency is world wide in 10 years. But as regular readers can tell, I just had a toke. But there’s one more thing on my menu, I would also like the mechanics of the whole world’s credit and currency to be done using public AI blockchain. But hey, I don’t need LSD to get high, just a keyboard.





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