An Ode To Oprah – You Get An EV, I Get An EV, We All Get An EV !!!

by 2060 human emissions must hit 0% to stay below 2 C

after 2060 human emissions must be -10%/year indefinitely

but James Hansen says 2 C = Disaster

and Kevin Anderson says we have a 5% chance of remaining below 2 C

we have a 95% chance of not staying below 2 C which = “disaster”.

by 2060 2 billion new humans will help add 100% new energy demand

Vaclav Smil says 100% energy transitions take at least 70 years and cost trillions

all the solar and wind products you see now will have to be replaced in 30 years

solar and wind break down at twice twice the speed they can replace fossil fuels

recycling them is toxic and uses more energy than making new ones

we will run out of habitat, water, soil and minerals before 100% renewable energy happens

renewable energy is equitably unsustainable, not everybody gets a self-driving EV


from Jan 2016


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