Philosopher Says He Wants Tax Dollars To Help Pay For Child Sex Robots For Pedo Rapists

Sunshine Sketches of a Corrupt Little Town.

I showed my wife the Mcleans pedo story on the infamous Royal Lakefield College in Lakefield, Ontario, Canada were Prince Philip boarded.

I worked at the Lakefield Harold and my wife buys their paper every week. I live just up the road from them. I would like to congratulate the Herald on their coverage of the royal pedo scandal in their hometown. I don’t actually think they covered it.

Just like they won’t cover the swimming and drinking water scandal at one of many lakeside trailer resorts that surround the town, even if I dumped it in their lap.

Lakefield is surrounded by trailer parks that commit drinking water records fraud. I told the local board of health about it a couple of times. Nothing was done, I was ignored, even though I witnessed it first hand over 5 years.

I expect absolutely no action from anyone in Lakefield on the most important issues facing their town. This is just one town on a planet full of towns that can’t deal with institutional fraud and failure. Links below.

But we all got time to watch a movie called The Shape of Water, that’s about how straight white guys, especially Russians, are making the world too dangerous for blacks, gays, women and jews.

Pedo News Links:


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