Russell Brand = Pedophile

Jordan Peterson had a bad week, he said something on a Vice interview about women not wearing makeup at work, and did an interview with Russell Brand, who I believe to be a pedo.

You can watch all this video, or just skip to the 32 minute mark, where he fondles a little girl for the viewing pleasure of his hero Jimmy Savile.

Or, you watch this video, where Russell contorts his body unnaturally to caress a 13 year old’s breasts.

Here is Russell’s interview with his hero, Jimmy Savile, pedo extraordinaire, where Jimmy taunts Russell over his young date. You can almost hear Russell drool in response.

Russell went out with Katy Perry, who after sang a pop song called, |This Is How We Do| The video is filled with visual pedo references and convicted child porner Pee Wee Herman. The lyrics include the words, “You go to bed with a 10, and wake up with a 2.” – as in age. This video is narrated by The Real Evvonne. She’s a hoot.

The Katy Perry song came out right after her divorce to Russell.


No Go Zones Europe

YouTube is shutting down a lot of people critical of Muslim refugees flooding Europe.

They mostly come through failed state Libya and go to Italy.

The MSM tried to paint a rosy picture of the flood.

Women in Germany have resorted to a public campaign called 120 decibels.

Google search: No go zones Euorpe

Google search: 120 decibels women’s march germany


Collapse Daily

Pesticides put bees at risk, European watchdog confirms (

Parts of the Arctic Spiked to 45 Degrees Above Normal (

Cambodia, Laos losing the last of their trees (

Illegal sand mining is damaging the environment and health (

Microplastic Contamination Is Affecting People and Animals in Remote Alaska (

North Atlantic right whales face extinction as breeding crisis hits species (

The US Could Supply 80 Percent of Its Energy with Wind and Solar (

  • This is fucking bullshit

Bitcoin’s energy usage = 1,000,000 transatlantic flights.  (

  • If drugs were legal, we wouldn’t need bitcoin

Climate change pushing Antarctica’s king penguins to brink of extinction, says study (

Good Energy advert banned for ‘no carbon dioxide’ claim (

  • This is actually good news

100+ Cities Now Powered by at Least 70% Renewables (

  • Bullshit

Facebook’s algorithm has wiped out a once-flourishing digital publisher Business Insider. If your business depends on a platform, you don’t have a business.

Uber, Lyft congest cities Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Even in world’s oldest democracies, citizens may be losing control Reuters

The Dystopian Technologies Being Used to Control Workers — “You’ve been fired. According to your employer’s data, your facial expressions showed you were insubordinate and not trustworthy. You also move your hands at a rate that is considered substandard.” (

Scientists have detected an acceleration in sea level rise – Faster melting of ice sheets is speeding up sea level rise (

Junk Planet: Is Earth the Largest Garbage Dump in the Universe? (

When Will the Planet Be Too Hot for Humans? Much, Much Sooner Than You Imagine. (

Shell : Beware Natural Gas Shortage coming (

peaksoil the peak noone really talks about in our lifetimes (



Critical Social/Race Theory Hate Speech

I hate critical social/race theory.

Critical social/race theory = hate whitey.

People will ingenuously exclaim that saying is not true.

But, it’s the same when Hitler blamed Jews.

He didn’t have to come right out and say Hate Jews.

All he had to do was point the way, the people did the rest.

Imagine you’re a straight white male, and this is all you hear…

“I hate you, you’re stupid, it’s all your fault, now give me your money, power and guns.”

Do you seriously think straight white guys are going to meekly hand it all over?

So, you got blacks, gays and women ganging up on a fear crazed white guys.

What could go wrong? Trump is what went wrong.

You got no one to blame but yourself.

Critical social/race theory is utterly divisive, dangerous and stupid.

It was created to help Democrats win the black, gay and woman vote.

It is only divide and conquer.

It is exactly what Hitler taught Germans.

You can dress it up in fancy words, but you can’t take it out.

There are 3 collapse signs, 1. food prices 2. free speech 3. failed states.

We spend nearly a trillion bucks per year on the apparatus designed to make states fail.

That apparatus is the Pentagon, CIA, NSA, Homeland Security etc etc.

YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are shutting people down.

Free speech is dead.

All that is left is food prices.



Happy Birthday To Me

Will you take plastic with your tea? Treehugger.

What Poisons Are in Your Body? NYT

Coral Reefs at Risk of Dissolving as Oceans Get More Acidic, Finds Study The Wire

Warning that radical change needed to attain climate goals (

Arctic Temperatures Soar 45 Degrees Above Normal, Flooded By Extremely Mild Air On All Sides.. (

The Privatization of Water: Nestlé Denies that Water is a Fundamental Human Right (

Toxic toad invasion puts ecology of Madagascar at risk – The Asian amphibians arrived just 10 years ago. Now in their millions, they threaten the island’s unique wildlife (

New Study on Air Pollution Shows How Environmental Injustice Runs Rampant Across the Nation (

US’s Drowning Coast: Left to Louisiana’s Tides, a Village Fights for Time (

Increased West Antarctic and unchanged East Antarctic ice discharge over the last 7 years – SKS

Greenhouse gas emissions from a semi-arid tropical reservoir in northeastern Brazil – SKS

Projected trends in high-mortality heatwaves under different scenarios of climate, population, and adaptation in 82 US communities- sks

The importance of aerosol scenarios in projections of future heat extremes – SKS

Impacts and Uncertainties of +2°C of Climate Change and Soil Degradation on European Crop Calorie Supply – SKS

Congo breaches logging moratorium for Chinese-owned companies – MB

New maps reveal industrial fishing in over half of world’s oceans

Climate Warming Causes Local Extinction of Rocky Mountain Wildflower Species

Tech companies should stop pretending AI won’t destroy jobs MIT

Environment over economy key to China’s containerised trade outlook – Splash 247

US biowarfare in North Korea Medium

View at

Intel did not tell U.S. cyber officials about chip flaws until made public – Reuters

Top 10 Signs the U.S. Is the Most Corrupt Nation in the World –
Juan Cole

GE warns it could face DoJ action in subprime lending probe –
Financial Times – I smell bail-in a comin’

There’s Still No Good Way to Let a Big Bank Fail – Bloomberg

Prime-Age Men May Never Return to U.S. Workforce, Fed Paper Says – Bloomberg

Amazon Doesn’t Just Want to Dominate the Market—It Wants to Become the Market – Nation

Why Workers Are Losing to Capitalists – Bloomberg

Happy Birthday everyone!



Shit Post 60 And The Silence of the Lambs

This post was removed from Reddit in r/collapse and r/environment, but left up on r/conspiracy so far. I believe the post was removed because it is too horrible to contemplate. It’s too big to paste into word press, so I had to paste it into gmail for myself.



Exactly How Green Energy Will Kill Earth


Here is a chart of Europe’s renewable energy use. See the big fat green slice, those are trees. Those trees get burnt and counted as zero emissions.


See the big dark blue slice? 50% of it is trees. Trees are shipped in from all over the world. Shipping is carbon intensive.

For the world to get 33% green liquid bio-energy, we would need land the size of Argentina. People act like we can replace rainforests with plantations and survive.

Are Germany’s Energy Transition Plans Working?

Germany is now a central Russian gas hub, checkmate Russia. Germany in front, China in back. The silk triangle. Germany’s killing itself to get off nuclear and China is killing itself to get on it. China will have 400 nuclear plants by 2050. White liberals are too stupid to live.

China uses German engineering to build Korean/Chinese battery manufacturing plants right in Germany to back up Germany’s own green energy program, and it’s only dawning on Germans that they need both nuclear and battery power to build millions of electric cars.

This is what James Hansen was talking about when he begged those green NGO corporate whores to stop opposing nuclear energy. But anti-nuclear sentiment is a cash cow to Greenpeace, so they told Hansen thanks, but no thanks. They kicked that nuclear puppy away until it came back and bit them in the balls.

Critical race theory question: If I’m white and hate both Jews and Germans, can I still be not racist? Never mind, I’m an equal opportunity hater.

A call out to all comedy writers, critical social/race theory is a rich and endless source of comedic muse. News Flash: comedy = pain.

Bio Fuel Blues

In 2012, a report was published saying Europe got 50% of its renewable energy by burning wood. That triggered me. Although the report may not be precisely accurate, the point was well and truly made.

Europe wants to increase their “renewable energy” up to 30% by 2030, but they don’t want to just burn wood waste anymore, they want to burn everything they can. Wood chip power plants emit 50% more carbon than coal power plants.

“The effect on the world’s forests, carbon and biodiversity is likely to be large because even though Europe is a large producer of wood, its harvest could only supply about 6% of its primary energy. For more than a decade, the increased use of biomass has been supplying roughly 50% of Europe’s increase in renewable energy. To supply even 33% of the additional renewable energy likely required by 2030, Europe would need to burn an amount of wood greater than its total harvest today. This would turn a likely 6% decrease in energy emissions by 2050 under the directive through solar and wind into at least a 6% increase.”

This likely means it would add up to a big fat zero, but we lose our natural forests. We can’t see the forests for the trees.

Emissions have to go down 100% in 20 years, but are projected to rise 16% over the same time. We can’t cut down forests to grow trees and expect to survive when burning trees emits 50% more carbon than coal.

Europe’s Wood Loophole, I didn’t read this because it’s filled with a big bunch of fancy words, but I thought you may want to.

Taking a look at 2017 wood pellet demand projection graphs in the next link, you can see the implied growth of all northern countries in Europe, except Germany.

Here is a totally awesome blog about German biofuels. Germany devotes 50% of its wood extraction to energy production. Totally worth a scan.

Trees are what stop the vacuum of space from kissing the face of earth.

Too much carbon in the air will cause oceans to drift away.

Some say we have 5 years to stop human extinction. We know we can’t do it.

The oceans and air will be gone, earth will not be fine without us.

China just announced the cancellation of combustion engines. This will save China’s air, it will have no effect on climate. This means China will beat Germany in building electric cars and will dominate the industry, just like in solar panels and wind turbines. Will German electric cars run on burnt trees? Yes. Just like our electric cars run on burning gas.