Drunk Post 7 pm May 31 2018

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Toxic salt storm engulfs parts of Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan

Record-breaking rains flood parts of Karnataka, 2018 Monsoon arrives with a bang

Lightning and hailstorms claim 45 lives across India, death toll rises to at least 250

Evacuations after landslide compromises integrity of Lake Tahoma dam, North Carolina

Lightning and hailstorms claim 45 lives across India, death toll rises to at least 250

Violent thunderstorms produce more than 400 000 lightning strikes in 48 hours, Europe

Massive damaging tornado touches down near Cheyenne, Wyoming

Landslide kills 23 people in Oromia, Ethiopia

Violent thunderstorms produce more than 400 000 lightning strikes in 48 hours, Europe

Landslide kills 23 people in Oromia, Ethiopia

10 000 homes damaged after M5.7 earthquake strikes Jilin Province, China

Florida braces for Subtropical Storm “Alberto” landfall, widespread heavy rainfall and inland flooding expected

Violent electrical storm hits UK, producing more than 60 000 lightning strikes in a day

The Weekly Volcanic Activity Report: May 23 – 29, 2018


Jamarl Thomas = Chris Rock + Richard Richard Pryor

I had to take a break at 7:43, it was like a double root canal, he’s very funny and always says “I won’t spend too much time on this.” When you look down at the time line, you laugh because it’s usually 12-20 minutes.  Snark!

Margaret Atwood: women will bear brunt of dystopian climate future

Automation will affect women twice as much as men. This is why …

Women must act now, or male-designed robots will take over our lives …

‘The great Canadian bailout’: Canada’s pipeline purchase clashes with vow to end fossil fuel subsidies (thenarwhal.ca)

Alberta approves two more oilsands tailings ponds that don’t follow provincial rules (thenarwhal.ca)

Global Warming Hits Poorest Hardest

‘Sea, ice, snow, it’s all changing’: Inuit culture struggles with warming world Guardian

Lord’s Resistance Army Kills 100 Elephants Yearly (newvision.co.ug)

The British Countryside Is Being Killed By Herbicides And Insecticides (G.)

CIA Undermines North Korea Summit By Leaking Report To Media Asset

Director James Cameron Warns The Ocean Has Become “The Toilet of Human Civilization” (sciencealert.com)

Increasing Heat Is Driving Off Clouds That Dampen California Wildfires

China floods to hit US economy

Effects of E.coli Outbreak in Lettuce Ripple Through U.S. Food-Supply Chain WSJ

New Fed data paint a vivid picture of two Americas The Hill

Your Home is Your…Snitch? Marshall Project

The Syria connection to Iran, Afghanistan and China Asia Times Pepe Escobar – sniff sniff







Collapse Daily May 30 2018

I am a SF nerd. The first published SF newsprint story was in the 1880s? about an automatic steam operated metal humanoid, the cover had a pen and ink picture of it pulling an old pioneer wagon. Star Trek communicators came from Dick Tracy video wrist watches. I read a trashy NYT novel about global warming in 1985.

Why are there no good climate change novels? Too busy reading mindless drivel? I’m getting so desperate, I now just make up my own climate change SF scenarios.

We are now completely divided. Poor red plains rich blue coasts. As the plains dry and coasts flood, these people will be pushed closer together. The militarization of identity politics is a farce that’s not always useful and will be dropped. I blame Derek Jensen and those fancy 1960s french philosophic morons who still exploit commie infatuated youth to advocate destruction and anarchy. Especially in a gun crazed nation. Then there was operation Gladio, used to blame commies for episodic mass violence in Europe. It’s the same old shit, monarchy versus communism.

Death to gun culture. 100% private carbon dividends = justice & liberty.

Taxing the rich until there’re no rich no more is a good thing.

Humanity Has Killed 83% of All Wild Mammals and Half of All Plants: Study (globalcitizen.org)

Your recycling gets dumped in landfills after China stopped recycling most “foreign garbage.”(nytimes.com) = hydrocarbons taking round trips to China is not recycling, cardboard cartons are now like the 5th largest economic sector, coffee and oil are like first and second, while drones deliver gated community aid packages.

Dramatic surge in China’s carbon emissions in 2018 (unearthed.greenpeace.org)

51% of millennials blame baby boomers for making things worse for their generation (twitter.com)

New documentaries bring climate change to the big screen (grist.org)

‘Immense Moral Cowardice’: Trudeau Trashed for Government Purchase of Climate-Killing Kinder Morgan Pipeline(commondreams.org)

Meat and fish multinationals ‘jeopardising Paris climate goals’ (theguardian.com)

If you doubt that the AMOC has weakened, read this (realclimate.org)

Coastal southern California gets fewer clouds, causing drier vegetation, and more fires (agupubs.onlinelibrary.wiley.com)

Nicaragua is using a “shoot to kill” policy on protesters, Amnesty International

US-funded police linked to illegal executions in El Salvador (cnn.com)

Italy Could Be The Next Greece – Only Much Worse (CNBC)

Why Industrial Robot Sales are Sky High

Jimmy Carter: U.S. Is an ‘Oligarchy With Unlimited Political Bribery’ Rolling Stone

The more valuable your work is to society, the less you’ll be paid for it David Graeber

The alarming statistics that show the U.S. economy isn’t as good as it seems WaPo

Mister Dowty Pants Hits Hard – I can’t watch yet


For someone who gets her panties in a bunch so much, sometimes she nails it.



Food And Drug Companies Making Us Maleless Morons

Our food is nutritionless poison more like plastic than food. It will make you depressed and sick. The stuff that looks like grains, fruit and vegetables today is not meant to eaten by humans. Then the doctors get rich treating you with more drugs because food makes you sick.

If all the bugs are dying off because they can’t eat our food, then how the fuck come we can eat it. If the bugs won’t eat it, then neither will I, if I can help it. We can carbon tax poisoned food out of existence, but only though 100% private tax dividends. If governments and corporations get their hands on that money, all is lost. That is exactly what they’re doing right now, all in the name of goodness. They’re like NGO workers, they’re gonna help us til it hurts.

Then we take that poisoned food and wrap it in packaging materials that are turning us into maleless morons. We use intellectual property rights for greed and monopoly power for the FAAG gang of 4. We send China our garbage and helped poisoned their land and water with the worst of our greed, all while virtue signalling our wholesomeness.

You can’t save earth showering the middle east with depleted uranium munitions for oil and pretend self-driving electric cars are gonna save the economy. The last fucking thing in the world we need is to save this economy. Let’s ditch it and start over.

When Kane and Abel went to college, one became a scientist (poisoner), who makes you sick, and the other became a doctor (drug pusher). I am Kane, and I am Able. They did it for money, but they don’t know what money is. 100% private world carbon tax credits = no share for governments and corporations.

Change money, change the world. The rich know money means power and power + greed is what will kill their kids. They think they are providing for their kids for the cruel evil world they made. They think they’re predatory survivalists. They’re not real men, they’re pussies. It’s always the the nice quiet ones. I know these people, they’re the worst.


UN experts denounce ‘myth’ pesticides are necessary to feed the world

Antibiotics in Meat Could Be Damaging Our Guts NYT

Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance Caused By Roundup Leads To Depression

The Collapse of Accounting (Guardian) = Richard Pryor

Emails show cooperation among EPA, climate-change deniers Associated Press

As an Oxycontin ‘junkie’ at Yale, I saw how my addiction helped fund the university Guardian

Deutsche Bank Chief Economist Lashes Out At Former CEO Ackermann (HB)

Bitcoin sucks up electricity, stresses power grids in Central Washington Seattle Times

China Floods to Hit US Economy: Climate Effects Through Trade Chains

Soft Genocide & Malign Neglect, Welcome To The 21st Century

FAAG Monopoly Kill Zone 

Great Barrier Reef On Sixth Life In 30,000 Years (AFP) – This one may last a while.

War Finance Methods and Public Support for War Peace Science

Climate and Pollen Intensity Climate News May 29

Dutch Stuck Passing Gas Pys.org

Illegal Industrial Discharge Destroying Rivers, Threatening Human Lives (paperfreeworld.com)

An invisible layer of scum on the sea surface can reduce carbon dioxide exchange between the atmosphere and the oceans by up to 50%, scientists have discovered. Scientists say the findings have major implications for predicting our future climate. (theguardian.com) = WTT = worse than thought, again.

Japan slaughters more than 120 pregnant whales for “research” (amp.watoday.com.au)



Charting Collapse






Wildlife Populations

67% of Wildlife Population Gone By 2020

heay metal

Oil and Transportation 2040

Energy Transition

50% of European “Renewable Energy” = Burning Wood

It will take 55 years for trees to soak up enough carbon to to make wood pellets (70% trees) to be equal to that of coal. But emissions must hit 0% in 20 years to stay below 2° C.

wood pellets


66% of U.S. energy is wasted.
US Energy Waste


Ozone is considered the 3rd most important GHG and is toxic to humans and plants.


Ground ozone

During Roman times, earth’s magnetic field was 2X stronger than now.


Magnetic Field

Get Ready for More Volcanic Eruptions as the Planet Warms


Hotter Climate = More Earthquakes by Bill McGuire


World May Hit 2 Degrees of Warming in 10-15 Years Thanks to Fracking, Says Cornell Scientist


China and America have trouble reporting coal and methane emissions honestly.

Ground ozone is toxic to plant and humans and is a major greenhouse gas.

Asia is the likely source of new lower stratospheric ozone destruction.

Ground ozone causes global warming which causes more earthquakes and volcanoes.

Volcanoes emit sulphur which destroys upper atmospheric ozone.

Ozone destruction and a weaker magnetic field will combine to increase radiation exposure.

We have to decrease emissions 100% in 10-20 years.

Electric cars will only decrease emissions 0.5% over the next 30 years.

We will run out of soil and water before we reduce emissions 100%.

We have to grow more food over the next 50 years, than we did in the last 10,000.






Carbon Biomass Numbers

Total Earth Carbon Biomass = 550 gigatons (gt)

Plants = 80% = 450 gt

Bacteria = 15%

Oceans = 1.2%

Insects = “miniscule”

Humans = 0.001%

0.001% destroyed 80-85% of land & sea mammal biomass in 50,000 years.

Most of it in the last 50 years.


Interactive U.S. Map Of Poisoned Tap Water


Mapped: African heatwaves could increase ‘five-fold’ with 3C of global warming (carbonbrief.org


Pacific Garbage Patch Is Now Three Times The Size Of France (paperfreeworld.com


Half of Syria’s Air Defenses Destroyed by Israel in Recent Months (breakingisraelnews.com


The increasing sensitivity of power systems to meteorological drivers


Monsoons Affect Polar Climate More Than Thought


Blowing Up the Iran Deal Brings Eurasia Closer to Integration (Pieraccini)


Spain Struggling To Deal With Escalating Migration Crisis (G.)


Huge Rise In Food Redistribution To People In Need Across UK (G.)


How Institutional Dysfunction Has Enabled Poor Economic Policy Thinking



Journalism = Yellow Cowards



String Theory Is Dead – The Math Geek Wars

If there’s 2 people I’ll never understand, it’s priests and physicists.






67% of U.S. Energy Wasted

US Energy Waste

Morbid obesity in Britain due to double by 2035 as inequality grows, finds study (independent.co.uk)

The Silence of the Bugs: “Are we in the midst of a global insect Armageddon that most of us have failed to notice?” (nytimes.com)

The United States faces a sixty-percent chance of civil war over the next ten to fifteen years (newyorker.com)

McDonald’s shareholders vote to keep plastic straws (eu.usatoday.com)

Israel bill seeks to criminalise documentation of soldiers’ actions (middleeastmonitor.com)

British Arms Exports To Israel Reach Record Level (G.)

Daimler Threatened With Recall Of Over 600,000 Diesel Models (R.)

Google, Facebook and Snap challenge governance standards FT.

Google is only obligated to pay 1¢ for each Class C share that costs $800 to buy. These shares pay no dividends and offer no voting rights. You’re a fucking idiot if you own one of these. The only way you can make money off them is to sell it to some sucker stupider than you. Live and learn suckers.





Idealism is Evil

People are motivated by love and money, idealism is corrupt and dangerous.

Jordan Peterson is a dangerous demagogue, but I agree you can’t use the law to force speech. That’s insane.

I hate hate speech laws. There is no such thing.

You can’t enforce non-hatred.

You can’t use the law to force peace.

People have to want to give up their guns.

The new civil war will divide us vertically this time.

Red center vs. Blue coastal.

Rural Rednecks vs. Urban Socialist.

These are the same laws that give us drug monopolies intellectual property etc.

Our laws are based on greed and selfishness.

To change the world, you have to change money by taxing the source of carbon and paying 100% of it back to the citizens. Banks and governments hate this. People like idealism but they love sex and money. We can do something about money.

Why China’s Payment Apps Give U.S. Bankers Nightmares – Bloomberg

This is the same corrupt idealism that allows Bernie Sanders to claim 40% of all private carbon tax dividends. I’m not a good enough of a writer to make this shit up.

You can’t own an idea. Our laws are exactly corrupt ideals.

Ideals won’t save us. Only love and money will.

I know we won’t stop fighting to save ourselves.

But, we don’t got time for ideals, we gotta get down to the business of saving ourselves.

We got 20 years to get emissions to zero, and then negative thereafter.

Only money will stop the fighting, and no banker wants to stop the fighting.

I know we won’t do it, but I’m not going to stop trying.

We can’t change love, but we can sure change money.

We can now make a new private and open international carbon tax dividend credit and currency worldwide with our phones. We can now account for every goddamned nickel in the world.

We can bypass governments, institutes and corporations with our phones and take control of our own destiny fast and fair.

Money is social justice, not bullshit ideas.


Collapse Daily – May 26 2018



Illegal loggers ‘cook the books’ to harvest Amazon’s most valuable tree

Mussels off the coast of Seattle test positive for opioids (cbsnews.com)

Israel to demolish entire West Bank Bedouin village (alaraby.co.uk)

Moody’s Warns Of ‘Particularly Large’ Wave Of Junk Bond Defaults Ahead (CNBC)

The 2020s Might Be The Worst Decade In US History (Mauldin)

Promoters of Saudi Prince as Feminist Reformer Are Silent on His Crackdown on Women FAIR

Report: Up to 110 Million Americans Could Have PFAS-Contaminated Drinking Water EWG

Corporate Privilege: Premeditated Murders, Civil Fines and Miscarriages of Justice Ghion Journal

21st-century teenager has no idea of 19th-century workplace awaiting him Daily Mash

Supreme Court Allows Employers to Ban Class Action Lawsuits Truthdig

‘Plan B’: Tehran Gives European Powers One Week to Salvage Nuclear Deal Sputnik

Black Cube: Inside the shadowy Israeli firm accused of trying to undermine the Iran deal NBC

YouTube in hot water over reordering subscription feeds RT

Facebook Accused Of Conducting Mass Surveillance Through Its Apps (G.)

Facebook and Google hit with $8.8 billion in GDPR lawsuits – The Verge

Visualizing U.S. Energy Consumption In One Chart

I don’t like Corbett’s climate denialism, but he’s usually good on deep state imperialism. I made it to the 3:20 mark.



Collapse Daily – May 25 2018

Scientists discovered massive hidden canyons in Antarctica that could spell bad news for the planet (qz.com)

America can’t even manufacture its own hi-tech weapons.

Insects face calamitous habitat loss (physicsworld.com)


This Is How Amazon’s Alexa Records And Shares Private Conversations Without Your Permission

Woman says her Amazon device recorded private conversation, sent it out to random contact

You know that silly fear about Alexa recording everything and leaking it online? It just happened The Register

Humans destroyed 83% of all wild mammals (usatoday.com)

Zuckerberg Set Up Fraudulent Scheme To ‘Weaponise’ Data, Court Case Alleges (G.)

Facebook Accused Of Conducting Mass Surveillance Through Its Apps (G.)

Top Climate Scientist: Humans Will Go Extinct if We Don’t Fix Climate Change by 2023 GristPost

U.S. effort to stabilize Afghanistan is $5 billion failure

Robots Now Serving Up $8 Salads – 4 min