67% of U.S. Energy Wasted

US Energy Waste

Morbid obesity in Britain due to double by 2035 as inequality grows, finds study (independent.co.uk)

The Silence of the Bugs: “Are we in the midst of a global insect Armageddon that most of us have failed to notice?” (nytimes.com)

The United States faces a sixty-percent chance of civil war over the next ten to fifteen years (newyorker.com)

McDonald’s shareholders vote to keep plastic straws (eu.usatoday.com)

Israel bill seeks to criminalise documentation of soldiers’ actions (middleeastmonitor.com)

British Arms Exports To Israel Reach Record Level (G.)

Daimler Threatened With Recall Of Over 600,000 Diesel Models (R.)

Google, Facebook and Snap challenge governance standards FT.

Google is only obligated to pay 1¢ for each Class C share that costs $800 to buy. These shares pay no dividends and offer no voting rights. You’re a fucking idiot if you own one of these. The only way you can make money off them is to sell it to some sucker stupider than you. Live and learn suckers.





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