Carbon Biomass Numbers

Total Earth Carbon Biomass = 550 gigatons (gt)

Plants = 80% = 450 gt

Bacteria = 15%

Oceans = 1.2%

Insects = “miniscule”

Humans = 0.001%

0.001% destroyed 80-85% of land & sea mammal biomass in 50,000 years.

Most of it in the last 50 years.

Interactive U.S. Map Of Poisoned Tap Water

Mapped: African heatwaves could increase ‘five-fold’ with 3C of global warming (

Pacific Garbage Patch Is Now Three Times The Size Of France (

Half of Syria’s Air Defenses Destroyed by Israel in Recent Months (

The increasing sensitivity of power systems to meteorological drivers

Monsoons Affect Polar Climate More Than Thought

Blowing Up the Iran Deal Brings Eurasia Closer to Integration (Pieraccini)

Spain Struggling To Deal With Escalating Migration Crisis (G.)

Huge Rise In Food Redistribution To People In Need Across UK (G.)

How Institutional Dysfunction Has Enabled Poor Economic Policy Thinking


Journalism = Yellow Cowards



String Theory Is Dead – The Math Geek Wars

If there’s 2 people I’ll never understand, it’s priests and physicists.






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