Collapse Daily May 30 2018

I am a SF nerd. The first published SF newsprint story was in the 1880s? about an automatic steam operated metal humanoid, the cover had a pen and ink picture of it pulling an old pioneer wagon. Star Trek communicators came from Dick Tracy video wrist watches. I read a trashy NYT novel about global warming in 1985.

Why are there no good climate change novels? Too busy reading mindless drivel? I’m getting so desperate, I now just make up my own climate change SF scenarios.

We are now completely divided. Poor red plains rich blue coasts. As the plains dry and coasts flood, these people will be pushed closer together. The militarization of identity politics is a farce that’s not always useful and will be dropped. I blame Derek Jensen and those fancy 1960s french philosophic morons who still exploit commie infatuated youth to advocate destruction and anarchy. Especially in a gun crazed nation. Then there was operation Gladio, used to blame commies for episodic mass violence in Europe. It’s the same old shit, monarchy versus communism.

Death to gun culture. 100% private carbon dividends = justice & liberty.

Taxing the rich until there’re no rich no more is a good thing.

Humanity Has Killed 83% of All Wild Mammals and Half of All Plants: Study (

Your recycling gets dumped in landfills after China stopped recycling most “foreign garbage.”( = hydrocarbons taking round trips to China is not recycling, cardboard cartons are now like the 5th largest economic sector, coffee and oil are like first and second, while drones deliver gated community aid packages.

Dramatic surge in China’s carbon emissions in 2018 (

51% of millennials blame baby boomers for making things worse for their generation (

New documentaries bring climate change to the big screen (

‘Immense Moral Cowardice’: Trudeau Trashed for Government Purchase of Climate-Killing Kinder Morgan Pipeline(

Meat and fish multinationals ‘jeopardising Paris climate goals’ (

If you doubt that the AMOC has weakened, read this (

Coastal southern California gets fewer clouds, causing drier vegetation, and more fires (

Nicaragua is using a “shoot to kill” policy on protesters, Amnesty International

US-funded police linked to illegal executions in El Salvador (

Italy Could Be The Next Greece – Only Much Worse (CNBC)

Why Industrial Robot Sales are Sky High

Jimmy Carter: U.S. Is an ‘Oligarchy With Unlimited Political Bribery’ Rolling Stone

The more valuable your work is to society, the less you’ll be paid for it David Graeber

The alarming statistics that show the U.S. economy isn’t as good as it seems WaPo

Mister Dowty Pants Hits Hard – I can’t watch yet


For someone who gets her panties in a bunch so much, sometimes she nails it.



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