Idealism is Evil

People are motivated by love and money, idealism is corrupt and dangerous.

Jordan Peterson is a dangerous demagogue, but I agree you can’t use the law to force speech. That’s insane.

I hate hate speech laws. There is no such thing.

You can’t enforce non-hatred.

You can’t use the law to force peace.

People have to want to give up their guns.

The new civil war will divide us vertically this time.

Red center vs. Blue coastal.

Rural Rednecks vs. Urban Socialist.

These are the same laws that give us drug monopolies intellectual property etc.

Our laws are based on greed and selfishness.

To change the world, you have to change money by taxing the source of carbon and paying 100% of it back to the citizens. Banks and governments hate this. People like idealism but they love sex and money. We can do something about money.

Why China’s Payment Apps Give U.S. Bankers Nightmares – Bloomberg

This is the same corrupt idealism that allows Bernie Sanders to claim 40% of all private carbon tax dividends. I’m not a good enough of a writer to make this shit up.

You can’t own an idea. Our laws are exactly corrupt ideals.

Ideals won’t save us. Only love and money will.

I know we won’t stop fighting to save ourselves.

But, we don’t got time for ideals, we gotta get down to the business of saving ourselves.

We got 20 years to get emissions to zero, and then negative thereafter.

Only money will stop the fighting, and no banker wants to stop the fighting.

I know we won’t do it, but I’m not going to stop trying.

We can’t change love, but we can sure change money.

We can now make a new private and open international carbon tax dividend credit and currency worldwide with our phones. We can now account for every goddamned nickel in the world.

We can bypass governments, institutes and corporations with our phones and take control of our own destiny fast and fair.

Money is social justice, not bullshit ideas.


Collapse Daily – May 26 2018



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Visualizing U.S. Energy Consumption In One Chart

I don’t like Corbett’s climate denialism, but he’s usually good on deep state imperialism. I made it to the 3:20 mark.



Collapse Daily – May 25 2018

Scientists discovered massive hidden canyons in Antarctica that could spell bad news for the planet (

America can’t even manufacture its own hi-tech weapons.

Insects face calamitous habitat loss (


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Facebook Accused Of Conducting Mass Surveillance Through Its Apps (G.)

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U.S. effort to stabilize Afghanistan is $5 billion failure

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Collapse Daily – May 24 2018

How Money Junkies Are Killing Earth (9 min) = Giving gambling sex addicts money is suicide. We have the ability to tax at source and redistribute in world private carbon tax dividends = 0% for govs + 0% for corps, while we phase out the current monetary fiat. As you can tell, I always say that when I’m high. Money and love motivate people, ideals are corrupted. Witness Bill McKibben, Barbara Boxer and Bernie Sanders sponsoring a law to claim 40% of all private carbon tax dividends. Ideals are corruption. Ideals won’t save us. Change money, and you change the world. We only got 20 years to get carbon down and this is the only fast fair way to do it. This is not me saying this, it’s James Hansen verified by economists. I only want it worldwide all at once. Before the financial crash. No wonder I’m high.

22% Of Americans Can’t Pay Bills; 41% Have Less Than $400 In Cash (ZH)

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11 Toxic Chemicals Affecting Brain Development In Children = Lead, Methylmercury, Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB), Arsenic, Toluene, Manganese, Fluoride, Chlorpyrifos and DDT (pesticides), Tetrachloroethylene, Polybrominateddiphenyl ethers

The Disappearing Male (44 min)

‘The Mediterranean diet is gone’: region’s children are fattest in Europe – For kids in Greece, Spain and Italy, the Mediterranean diet is dead, according to the World Health Org, which says that children in Sweden are more likely to eat fish, olive oil and tomatoes than those in southern Europe. (

Obesity now linked to 12 different cancers – Earlier studies found links between excess body mass and seven different cancers, but new evidence has found five more (

I love these hollywood headlines > Three Ebola patients escape Congo quarantine, medics race to control outbreak (

China’s Payment Apps = U.S. Banker Nightmare – Bloomberg


Anomalous Synergies

Stratosphere = 10-50 km

Troposphere = 0-10 km

Lower stratospheric ozone declines are biggest between 60° South and 60° North. I will refer to this area as mid latitude which includes the tropics. The tropics are 50% of human habitat.

Lower stratospheric ozone is much more abundant than the high stratospheric ozone at the poles, where ozone depletion has somewhat ceased. This abundance makes mid latitude ozone more important to us than high altitude polar ozone.

Mid latitude/lower stratospheric ozone depletion causes more damage to DNA in plants, animals and humans because radiation is more intense in these regions and more people live there.  I believe that stronger winds are sending more ozone killing gas into lower stratospheric, mid latitude areas.

Ground ozone (tropospheric) ozone is a pollutant that is harmful to breathe and toxic to plants. It is also the 3rd most abundant greenhouse gas, not including water vapor I believe.  Ground-level ozone pollution is already decreasing global crop yields from 2–6% for maize to 4–15%, and 9–14% for wheat and soybeans. Ground ozone visibly harms foliage and reduces their ability to suck carbon out of the air. North American emissions can affect ozone-induced yield losses in Europe.

So ground ozone is increasing, which is bad, and good ozone between 10-20 km over our heads is decreasing where it matters most. It’s never stopped. Plus, someone in Asia is cheating on good ozone killer emissions. The bad ozone near the ground is the 3rd largest greenhouse gas. Greenhouse gases melt glaciers and tundra enough to trigger volcanoes, which further destroys the thick layer of more important good ozone that sits up higher from the surface.

Too many things are happening all at once for us to easily understand. It’s hard to study a spiral without a baseline of data to start with. It’s like how young people don’t know that the sun didn’t used to burn so bad, or how many bugs there used to be. Like my brother-in-law used to say, if the bugs won’t eat it, then neither will I. I remember riding my bike at nights and the bugs hitting my raincoat sounded like driving rain.

To feed 7 billion people, there’s no room for bugs, weeds and water conservation. Our hunger is killing the foundation of life on earth. This is happening exactly when climate and water troubles spiral out of control. In comparison, our pathetic energy fantasies are a bad bad joke. Sure you can grow lettuce in warehouses, but you can’t grow millions of tons of grains.

How ground ozone pollution reducing our food supply? – Scary stuff.

Emissions of banned ozone-destroying chemical on the rise – Likely Asia

Oceans currently suck up boatloads of ground ozone, but as Asia increases nitrous oxide emissions from farms and cars, these ocean ozone sinks will turn into ozone sources. I believe it was recently found that halogens (bromides and iodine) strongly influence this process for both good and bad. Climate scientists are just starting to include halogens in their models.

Earth’s magnetic field has a big hole below the equator that stretches from Chile to Zimbabwe Africa.  I imagine chunks of Cratons (huge upside-down mountains) break off and swirl around enough to upset steady magnetic field generation, which may or not be temporary.  This area between South America and Africa is the same area affected by ozone depletion.

The combination of ozone depletion and a weakening magnetic field will be doubly deleterious to plants and humans in those areas from space radiation. It takes both tropospheric ozone and a strong magnetic field to protect mid latitudes from the sun and space radiation threats.

Water from the tundra and polar ice is moving to the equator, so much so that it lowers polar gravity and slows down earth’s crust relative to its core. The rebounding and slowing crust has a double whammy effect on earth quakes and volcanoes. Volcanoes are extremely sensitive to nearby water and ice pressures.

A Mysterious Anomaly Under Africa Is Radically Weakening Earth’s Magnetic Field

More volcanoes and quakes are expected this year. When volcanoes go off, they emit sulphur which destroys ozone.

2018 may be the year the earth slows and the world panics – disruption vs. steady state

How future volcanic eruptions will impact Earth’s ozone layer

What’s important to the ozone are volcanic halogens. Scientists are just starting to figure out how important volcanic halogens are to their models. A good burst of volcanic halogens early this century means you can kiss that ozone goodbye. Dire indeed.

The 2 top causes of civil collapse are drought and volcanic ash. We got lots of both this year. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.













Back to the grind

Europe’s tech is dead. The US-EU sent all their jobs and tech to Asia. Our rich do not even want to repatriate their profits. So, now Asia’s got our rich me-first boomers who betrayed America for profit.

We have gigantic slow air c-aft carriers and jets so complicated they can’t stay in the air. They have AI scram-jet and submersible drones. They can bypass our massive defenses.

We have debt and wannabe warriors. They have fascist corporate communism. Asia has our jobs, technology and our rich. We have our so-called rights and bullshit.

We may have debt dope and despair, but at least we ship our garbage there. Even if we do call it recycling.

Asia will end life on earth.

Asia’s collapse will be fast and first. This includes the middle east. and India.

We can’t actually build off planet biomes. Or, even earth biomes.





The ozone hole, not the high one in Antarctica, but the lower bigger one, is dissolving into nothingness, at a steadier more importantly critical rate. The earth’s magnetic field is weakening, and the sun is quiet but prone to big hiccups. The net result is more over-exposure to harmful radiation. A weakening magnetic field and lower upper ozone layer will be a double whammy for plants. And toxic ground ozone is killing plants, while the sun cooks them like a microwave.  Young people never knew a time when the sun wouldn’t kill you. Plants face increasing toxic ground ozone, depleting sun protective lower stratospheric ozone, and an extreme hydrological cycle. Melting ice and disappearing groundwater will cause more volcanoes which will worsen lower stratospheric ozone deletion.

The new volume of water around the equator is stirring up quake and ash trouble, caused by a minute slowing of earth’s crust as earth looks more like a sideways egg. Permafrost and glacial melt is waking polar volcanoes, while gravity weakens in those regions.

The fact that we are entering magnetic and geologic disruption at the same time as we overheat the oceans is not great to contemplate, because of the positive forcing runaway tipping point effect. Rising waters trigger quakes and volcanoes. So does melting ice. And volcanoes destroy the lower stratospheric ozone layer. Most of the quakes and volcanoes are in SE Asia, near crucial shipping lane choke points. They are sitting on a time bomb. Some of Asia’s mega cities are sinking into the seas because of ground water pumping.

This threatens America’s technical dominance. We build nuclear weapons, they build nuclear power plants. We can’t even build our fancy jets without China’s hi-tech minerals. We can’t win. The whole world doesn’t want us to win. All except Israel and Saudi Arabia ,where they shoot protesters in Gaza, and starve people in Yemen. 80% of Israelis strongly support shooting Gaza protesters. We allow them to do this to protect the almighty petro-dollar, which only serves the super rich.

Volcanoes emit sulphur that destroys lower stratospheric ozone, which is the abundant good kind, while agri-toxic ground ozone (0-10 km) is increasing, which is the bad kind. Plants face both more radiation exposure and toxic ground ozone. Ground ozone is also the 3rd leading green house gas. This is important because emissions leads to melting ice to more ozone to more radiation exposure. Crop shortages are something you will never hear as coffee and chocolate shortages are described as a craze. After oil, coffee is like the next most traded commodity in the world. When you eat cake, you are literally eating orangutans and forest elephants. It’s the same when you drive a diesel car in Europe.

We put all our Amazon eggs in one SE Asian basket, exactly where all the disruption will be. We could lose our AI edge because Asia has the data economies of scale in the new AI cold war.

China can build high speed train tracks at record speeds, while it’s taken 20 years for New York to build one subway track. Asia builds 80% of the world’s solar panels. Asia has the edge in AI data economies of scale. A few years ago, there were some 400 nuclear plants on earth, China will build 400 new nuclear plants before 2050. We can’t afford to shut down our ancient weaponized nuclear plants. We got so much nuclear waste, we put it in bullets and shoot it at people. That’s how fucking evil we are. We do this while protesting nuclear weapons. That’s how ineffectual our ideals have become. I believe that war has corrupted us all. If we can’t stop the killing, we can’t save earth. Let alone ourselves.

A new tax regime of 100% private tax dividends would upend this apple cart. But, no one in the collapse sphere cares. The US has 300 years of power just in nuclear waste. They literally want to bury it somewhere and hope for the best. We are too stupid to live.

There are whole NGO industries out there that suck up donations to anti-nuclear efforts, that’s why NGOs told Hansen to fuck off and die. This is corrupt beyond imagining.