Canada Day This Weekend

Don’t Gamble Our Planet’s Future on Unproved Technologies

The dirty little secret behind ‘clean energy’ wood pellets (

Climate change is making it harder to revive damaged land (

  • This is bad because soil degradation will end industrial agriculture in 50 years.

Back to back El Niños Killing Tropical Forests (

The Earth’s magnetic field reverses more often – now we know why

  • Climate affects earthquakes, quakes affect magnetic field. I wonder if that’s true.

We still have no idea how to eliminate more than a quarter of energy emissions MIT

  • We have to eliminate 100% of emissions in 20 years.

Amazon’s attack on pharmacies has just begun Sydney Morning Herald


100% private carbon dividends = Liberty & Justice & Unity Fit for Purpose

100% private carbon tax dividends = no share for governments and corporations.

Sometimes I just gotta commit things to the memory hole.

Sensory Overlords

[Ergonomics] I don’t need a smart toilet to tell me my shit stinks ( – didn’t read

Too Triggered to Read This Next Link Yet…

The Biological Scars of Separation. The more shit like this happens the bigger a cohort of psychopaths and broken humans we are creating to come into adulthood right at the time we don’t need a world full of lunatics, feedback. – didn’t read

Not too triggered to imagine it’s something like this video, which shocked me as a teen.

Yep, I just read the subhead and quit reading… pant, pant, I need a break… but, first here’s:

Monkey Talk, with Jane Goodall

monkey talk

Here’s another very scary video…

That’s why I always cry Mama and Help Me in falsetto ghetto kind of voice. Like Michael Jackson on crack.


Fantasy Island & Global Violence

Global Violence = $2,000/person on earth

Which isn’t so bad, if you’re rich.


Scientists call for a Paris-style agreement to save life on Earth (

  • The idea that corporations will save earth is a suicide note.

Splitting water for fuel while removing CO₂ from the air (

  • 1 ton C02 / barrel of oil, or 228 Kilowatt hours of renewable electricity

30% of emissions are from converting ores and fossil fuels into finished products (greenbiz)

  • We can’t build our way out of this.

50 Groups Denounce Roundtable on Sustainable Beef as Greenwash (

  • good news

Young people stuck with climate tab for lazy, greedy old people (BBC)

  • Thanks son.

U.S. allows Nestle to keep taking water from California forest. (

  • Move along people, nothing to see here.

Luxury Condos: 2% of New York’s buildings = 50% of New York’s emissions (apnews)

  • Helps pay for the free lunch, thanks son.

Last Gorillas Threatened By Congo’s National Park Oil Rigs (guardian)

  • Time to pull Tarzan out of retirement.

Our natural world is disappearing before our eyes.|George Monbiot (

  • Only 4% of all mammals are wild, the rest are chickens, cows, pigs and humans. Chickens are like a backbone of food displacement for wildlife. I guess sheep and rats make up a lot of bone too.

The Recycling Game Is Rigged Against You (

  • Just like our elections, recycling is run by the mafia.

Carbon choked, puckering plant pores choke off tropical rains (

  • No sweat.

True scale of UK role in torture and rendition after 9/11 revealed Guardian

  • Too triggery

I don’t need a smart toilet to tell me my shit stinks  (Guardian)

  • sorry can’t help it











Warming of 2C ‘substantially’ more harmful than 1.5C

  • link corrected at 8:29 am

Climate Models Flawed by David Roberts, Vox

  • 2 C = Death, says Hansen

China = 5 new megacities 100 million each

  • 5 new super mega cities = 2 C, says Loki (my dog)

Thailand sinking in white trash

  • they ship us e-shit, we ship it back, circle of life

Climate Models Underestimate Warming Impacts 100%

  • 2 people I never believe = priests & physicists, just because physicists can make GPS work, it doesn’t make them gods, or always right, like I am – lol

300+ bombed kiddies + some starved cholerics

  • Figures do not include induced starvation and cholera

Nobel nominated 23 yo Sex Abuse Activist Leader is a pedo

  • just google chairty pedophile

Deep Future Misanthropocenic Paleo Evidence

  • I can always tell when I’m high

Whack-a-Mole: China Steps Up Property Crackdown In 30 Major Cities (R.)

  • central steals real estate power from provinces, five super mega cities don’t build themselves

Animals Are Becoming Nocturnal To Avoid Human Beings (Wef)

Scientists Use Hydrophone to Listen in on Methane Seeps in Ocean

  • Sonar fucks up ocean mammals, especially military scientific junk. We don’t needs to infuse the world with e-junk to say exactly how fucked we are, focus on de-escalating the fuckiness.

Gaia’s Scars

Wishful Scientific Thinking Website

  • the feel good place, I’m not welcome there

Good Bye Southern Bees

  • I went to bee class, the guy lost a shit load to early spring weather extremes

Bill to save net neutrality is 46 votes short in US House ars technica

  •  That’s why shu shu shutdown Mad Maxine Waters

MIT scientists discover fundamental rule of brain plasticity MIT

  • Elasticity mighta been a better headline choice

Yemeni Suffering Made Easy Counterpunch

  • not reading that right away

The collapse of secrecy

  • the world is one big trailer park

Facebook’s Latest Problem: It Can’t Track Where Much of the Data Went Wall Street Journal

  • or the money

Facebook Patent Imagines Triggering Your Phone’s Mic When a Hidden Signal Plays on TV Gizmodo.

  • can’t stop fucking laughing all the way to the bank to find the money

The main reason why almost all econometric models are wrong Lars P. Syll

  • because they’re like climate models?

Amazon Drives Deeper Into Package Delivery Wall Street Journal

  • Doctor Evil gets a woody

Double-Standards at the Washington Post Counterpunch

  • I’m sure that’s rich

Steele-Mueller Connection – chickadoodle vid 3 min

Savage Knob Gobbler – chickadoodle vid 2 min










Pretty Pictures


Clean Power Is Not Enough

  • They say we only have to drop emissions like 70% if we can capture 70% of the budgeted carbon already in the air. Either way the reality is that we have to get to 0% in 20 years or we’re done. Playing make believe with model timelines doesn’t change that. Inequity is built into a system unfit for purpose even under this pixie dust scenario. Scientists bullshit, engineers eat shit. We can’t scale up and have a defense industry too. Seven billion people don’t get a new smartphone every few years. It means less stuff, not more facial recognition toilet paper dispensers for public washrooms in China.


US Asset Prices Divorced From Economic Reality More Than Ever (GMM)

  • Just as likely the exact opposite too

Democrats See Major Upset As Socialist Beats Top-Ranking US Congressman (G.)

  • Couldn’t happen to nicer people

Climate change will lead to dangerous effects

  • Big Banks: I feel your pain. When banks decry secrecy, you know some’ins up

How Tesla Scored A Zero On Climate Management

  • Too many robots = fukin hilarious

100 years of weather data can give picture of climate change

  • So can looking out the window

Arctic ocean is shifting to an Atlantic climate

  • I smell a Beckwith video comin

Transparency vital in assessing the risk posed by climate change

  • When secret $$$ calls for clarity, you know TSHTF

Scientists Fear ‘Slow Earthquakes’ Will Lead To The Next Big California Quake Forbes

  • A funny thing happens when ice melts at the poles

Recent Pentagon Increases Exceed Russia’s Entire Military Budget

The migration crisis will shatter Europe Globe and Mail

  • It’s saying something when those asswipes notice

European readers still blocked from some US news sites BBC

  • Good thing we aren’t.. we?

For WaPo, Subsidizing Bus Fare Is a Lot Like Giving the Rich $5 Trillion FAIR

  • Liberal elites in a nutshell

Spinsters get mo money breaking glass ceilings in Mom friendly Nordic states

  • What’s good for the gander ain’t good for the goslings?





Us Vs. Them

Loose Talk:

There’s a lot of loose talk about turning CO2 into fuels like ethylene and ethanol etc., which can be burned and put back into the air. The energy source for these processes are presumed to be solar and wind. It’s a mental circle jerk. Likely bomb enabling liberals.

There’s also a lot of liberal uprising talk, which is more of the us-them stuff that got us here in the first place. Corporate Dems put a stop to it because they’re war pig trough shills as well. The liberal pig on the left say nothing.



Bombshell study proves fracking actually fuels global warming. (

  • Study proves not wiping your ass leads to a crusty butt.

Attacks Against Climate Science Were Out of Control Last Week. (

  • The MIC.MSM $$$ will not go down without a fight for some reason.

Plastic contamination ‘slowly killing human race’ warns doctor (

Climate Change, Blame, and Denial (

America doesn’t know where to send its recyclables anymore (

  • Malaysia, Africa, South America – easy peasy

French butchers beg for police protection against vegans  (

  • Everybody’s job contributes to global warming, nobody is holier than thou

Could El Niño and climate change spell the end for tropical forests?

  • Can pissing yourself lead to wet underwear?

‘Electrogeochemistry’ captures carbon, produces fuel, offsets ocean acidification

  • A rare bit of good, but ineffectual news. The process is dependent upon renewables to make hydrogen. Hydrogen is not a fuel, it’s a battery. It’s more additive than effective at 10 billion ton per year levels.

Increase in Storms Could Have ‘Catastrophic Impact’ on Fishing Industry

The US, Under Obama, Created Europe’s Refugee Crisis (Zuesse)

  • I didn’t read this, but I really like Zuesse.

Italy Tells Rescue Ships Not To Help Refugees In Peril At Sea (Ind.)

Use of Ritalin and other ‘smart drugs’ has DOUBLED in last decade as Ofsted chief warns parents are trying to ‘medicate away’ children’s bad behaviour

Exposing the Russian Hacking Fraud by Publius Tacitus

AT&T collaborates on NSA spying through a web of secretive buildings in the US TechCruch

Anger in America Project Syndicate

  • In 1963, the 90% would have had to increase their wealth 6X to reach the level of the top 10%; by the 2010s, they would need 25 times their wealth to reach that level.

This Is a Bully’s Language Medium (PlutoniumKun)

  • The left is fucked




Post ‘n’ Links



Billions of urbanites at risk of climate-related heatwaves, drought, flooding, food shortages and blackouts by 2050 (

Big fish are found deep not because of age, climate, or prey, but because of us (

Warming drives spread of toxic algae in US, researchers say (

Air pollution leaving trees malnourished by killing off the fungi that feed them nutrients, resulting in “alarming” levels of disease (

Warmer world needs more protected habitat

How Will India Respond to Internal Climate Migration?

Rising bedrock below West Antarctica could delay catastrophic ice sheet collapse Science

  • If the rebound breaks our way, there are 97 new found volcanoes under west Antarctica.

Methane leaks from US gas fields dwarf government estimates Nature

U.S. Shale Companies Motor Ahead Despite OPEC WSJ

A world of free movement would be $78 trillion richer The Economist.

  • Because wages go down.

Rendezvous with Oblivion: Reports from a Sinking Society (excerpt) Thomas Frank

How Student Debt Is Worsening Gender And Racial Injustice Current Affairs

50 years later, the new Poor People’s Campaign lays out a political strategy beyond its Washington rally WaPo

  • Fake liberal tears?

After 25 years of being homeless, I learned there’s one simple thing you can do to help Guardian

  • Awesome, too bad I’m such a spergy misanthrope.

“Jobbymoons” For The Rest of Us Ted Rall

5 Reasons Horrible Dictators Always Catch Us Off Guard Cracked

  • Had me at, All dictators are artists






Caitlin Johnstone

Anyone Promoting Regime Change In Iran Is An Evil Piece Of Shit

  • Caity rocks a few great essays, I don’t really know her work, but so far so good. Oh yea, I didn’t read this one – too triggery.

Our clothes are contaminating our planet with tiny plastic threads (

Officials Say Illegal Pesticide Caused Deaths Of 13 Bald Eagles In Maryland (

Plastic will pile up around the world thanks to China recycling ban, study says (

600,000 tonnes of fishing gear is lost in the ocean each year, trapping marine life for decades (

Railway estimates 230,000 gallons of oil spilled into floodwaters after Iowa derailment (

Coral reefs ‘will be overwhelmed by rising oceans’ (

Germany to Miss 2020 Climate Goals (

Climate change means your city could run out of water soon too—here are Cape Town’s three lessons (

El Niño Destroyed 65 Percent More Trees In The Amazon Rainforest, An Area The Size Of Wisconsin, Per NASA

The ‘Soft Coup’ and the Attack on the Brazilian People Counterpunch

Extreme Inequality Creates Global Disorder James Galbraith, The Nation

  • trickle up economics

Massachusetts is on the verge of eliminating time-and-a-half pay MassLive

Intolerable Opinions in an Intolerant Time Counterpunch

  • intolerably detailed, but likely good


This vid says 4 countries grow 66% of world corn, US China Argentina Brazil

With 2 C, there’s very little chance all 4 will suffer 10% crop failures at the same time.

4 C = 86% chance of 4 major coexistent world corn crop failures





Daily Links

Europe needs a fresh approach to climate strategy Bruegel

Cocaine in rivers harming endangered eels, study finds Guardian

A Rare Look at Yemen’s War, Where Children Starve and Hospitals Are on Life-Support Intercept

Tech Giants Under Fire For Facial Recognition SafeHaven

How US Policy in Honduras Set the Stage for Today’s Mass Migration Consortium News

Workers of color are far more likely to be paid poverty-level wages than white workers Economic Policy Institute

The decline of America’s middle classes Financial Times

The man who was fired by a machine BBC

This Is The Military Base Water Contamination Study The White House Didn’t Want You To See(

US emissions of methane – a potent greenhouse gas – are 60% higher than EPA thinks (



Fake Data

Anybody who’s dumb enough to read this shit knows how I carry on about hitting zero emissions by 2040. It’s worse.

Because fracking emissions are 4X higher than reported, we will lock in 2 C by 2030, says a Cornell fracking expert.

James Hansen says 2 C = death.

The 5 biggest vendors of false data are banks, the US and China, along with drug and energy companies.

MIC/MSM corruption is rampant. Losing track of $20 trillion bucks is no mean feat. Pentagon Inspector General reports are now redacted. Media concentration and a harsher fair use policy are further efforts to control the message. The UAE has been caught raping Yemen war prisoners. I’m sure these men would love to join the #metoo movement. The sexual abuse of American blacks in their prisons is legendary, where lawyers and judges get rich sending blacks to prison, when they’re not killing them. The media are NRA child traffickers.

Capitalism has corrupted science and democracy. We kill, rape, burn and starve people for money while screaming for fictitious rights like scraps from the table, or like that guy who got his dick cut off in Game of Thrones. If we can’t stop this, then we sure as hell can’t stop climate doom. The rule of laws must end.

We got 20 years to get emissions to ZERO and the US military is the largest user of fossil fuels. We don’t get to eat our cake on this one, it’s all or nothing, black or white, right or wrong.  Intellect is not property. Ideas are given, not owned.

Sexual abuse rife at UAE-run jails in Yemen, prisoners claim 2018

Oil and Gas Fields Leak Far More Methane than EPA Reports, Study Finds (

Accuracy of methane leak reporting in Alberta (Globe&Mail) 2018

Emissions From Fracking 5 Times Higher Than Reported (Ars Technica) 2018

Dr. Anthony Ingraffea says false fracking data = 2 C by 2030 (Desmog Blog) 2018

False emissions reporting undermines China’s pollution fight | Reuters 2015

China underreporting coal consumption by up to 17%, data suggests  2016

‘Dodgy’ greenhouse gas data threatens Paris accord – BBC News 2017

These are the ‘missing charts’ charts 2017

Scientists discover secret polluters may be eroding the ozone layer 2018

China fake data mask economic rebound | Financial Times 2018