Us Vs. Them

Loose Talk:

There’s a lot of loose talk about turning CO2 into fuels like ethylene and ethanol etc., which can be burned and put back into the air. The energy source for these processes are presumed to be solar and wind. It’s a mental circle jerk. Likely bomb enabling liberals.

There’s also a lot of liberal uprising talk, which is more of the us-them stuff that got us here in the first place. Corporate Dems put a stop to it because they’re war pig trough shills as well. The liberal pig on the left say nothing.



Bombshell study proves fracking actually fuels global warming. (

  • Study proves not wiping your ass leads to a crusty butt.

Attacks Against Climate Science Were Out of Control Last Week. (

  • The MIC.MSM $$$ will not go down without a fight for some reason.

Plastic contamination ‘slowly killing human race’ warns doctor (

Climate Change, Blame, and Denial (

America doesn’t know where to send its recyclables anymore (

  • Malaysia, Africa, South America – easy peasy

French butchers beg for police protection against vegans  (

  • Everybody’s job contributes to global warming, nobody is holier than thou

Could El Niño and climate change spell the end for tropical forests?

  • Can pissing yourself lead to wet underwear?

‘Electrogeochemistry’ captures carbon, produces fuel, offsets ocean acidification

  • A rare bit of good, but ineffectual news. The process is dependent upon renewables to make hydrogen. Hydrogen is not a fuel, it’s a battery. It’s more additive than effective at 10 billion ton per year levels.

Increase in Storms Could Have ‘Catastrophic Impact’ on Fishing Industry

The US, Under Obama, Created Europe’s Refugee Crisis (Zuesse)

  • I didn’t read this, but I really like Zuesse.

Italy Tells Rescue Ships Not To Help Refugees In Peril At Sea (Ind.)

Use of Ritalin and other ‘smart drugs’ has DOUBLED in last decade as Ofsted chief warns parents are trying to ‘medicate away’ children’s bad behaviour

Exposing the Russian Hacking Fraud by Publius Tacitus

AT&T collaborates on NSA spying through a web of secretive buildings in the US TechCruch

Anger in America Project Syndicate

  • In 1963, the 90% would have had to increase their wealth 6X to reach the level of the top 10%; by the 2010s, they would need 25 times their wealth to reach that level.

This Is a Bully’s Language Medium (PlutoniumKun)

  • The left is fucked




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