Warming of 2C ‘substantially’ more harmful than 1.5C

  • link corrected at 8:29 am

Climate Models Flawed by David Roberts, Vox

  • 2 C = Death, says Hansen

China = 5 new megacities 100 million each

  • 5 new super mega cities = 2 C, says Loki (my dog)

Thailand sinking in white trash

  • they ship us e-shit, we ship it back, circle of life

Climate Models Underestimate Warming Impacts 100%

  • 2 people I never believe = priests & physicists, just because physicists can make GPS work, it doesn’t make them gods, or always right, like I am – lol

300+ bombed kiddies + some starved cholerics

  • Figures do not include induced starvation and cholera

Nobel nominated 23 yo Sex Abuse Activist Leader is a pedo

  • just google chairty pedophile

Deep Future Misanthropocenic Paleo Evidence

  • I can always tell when I’m high

Whack-a-Mole: China Steps Up Property Crackdown In 30 Major Cities (R.)

  • central steals real estate power from provinces, five super mega cities don’t build themselves

Animals Are Becoming Nocturnal To Avoid Human Beings (Wef)

Scientists Use Hydrophone to Listen in on Methane Seeps in Ocean

  • Sonar fucks up ocean mammals, especially military scientific junk. We don’t needs to infuse the world with e-junk to say exactly how fucked we are, focus on de-escalating the fuckiness.

Gaia’s Scars

Wishful Scientific Thinking Website

  • the feel good place, I’m not welcome there

Good Bye Southern Bees

  • I went to bee class, the guy lost a shit load to early spring weather extremes

Bill to save net neutrality is 46 votes short in US House ars technica

  •  That’s why shu shu shutdown Mad Maxine Waters

MIT scientists discover fundamental rule of brain plasticity MIT

  • Elasticity mighta been a better headline choice

Yemeni Suffering Made Easy Counterpunch

  • not reading that right away

The collapse of secrecy

  • the world is one big trailer park

Facebook’s Latest Problem: It Can’t Track Where Much of the Data Went Wall Street Journal

  • or the money

Facebook Patent Imagines Triggering Your Phone’s Mic When a Hidden Signal Plays on TV Gizmodo.

  • can’t stop fucking laughing all the way to the bank to find the money

The main reason why almost all econometric models are wrong Lars P. Syll

  • because they’re like climate models?

Amazon Drives Deeper Into Package Delivery Wall Street Journal

  • Doctor Evil gets a woody

Double-Standards at the Washington Post Counterpunch

  • I’m sure that’s rich

Steele-Mueller Connection – chickadoodle vid 3 min

Savage Knob Gobbler – chickadoodle vid 2 min










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