Pedomania Sweeps America


Many on the left are told that pedophilia is mostly an alt-right conspiracy. But, look at Jordan Peterson. He likes to pal around with Russell Brand and Stephen Fry, both of whom, in my opinion are pedos.

Gay, straight, commie or capitalist is irrelevant when it comes to child rape. All child rapists are, in my opinion, pedophiles – whether psychologists agree or not. Psychologists say not all child rapists are pedophiles, which is easy to say, because it’s just a matter of how they define the word, “pedophile”.

Today’s Pedo Links:

US State Department Official Caught Trafficking Children to Make Child Porn

Chile cracks down on 30 Catholic Church child rape cases (

Guardians of the Galaxy cast pen letter in support of James Gunn’s pedo tweets

My Little Pony cartoon animator from Ottawa sentenced for child porn

Longtime Boy Scout leader arrested for child porn

U.S. cardinal Theodore McCarrick Resigns Amid Child Sex Abuse Scandal

77 Catholic clergy in Buffalo accused of child porn

Child sexual abuse and the Catholic Church: What you need to know

‘They’re Just Monsters’ | 38 Arrested in SC Child Sex Sting

Search Suggestions:

Police officer arrested on child porn = 46,000,000 hits

Teacher arrested on child porn = 40,000,000 hits

Priest arrested on child porn = 2,000,000 hits

Soldier arrested on child porn = 18,000,000 hits

Professor arrested on child porn = 6,000,000 hits



The Chicken/Egg Self-Exploitive Binary

World’s Largest King Penguin Colony Declined 90%

Charities Damned For ‘Abject Failure’ In Tackling Sexual Abuse

  • maybe AI penguins could run our NGOs

Fishing May Be Making Fish Less Sociable, More Aggressive National Geographic

Climate Change: We’re Not Literally Doomed, but… Scientific American

  • talking out of both sides of your mouth is called spitballing

The Laos dam collapse, and the hidden costs of the Mekong’s hydroelectric plans Channel News Asia

World’s Biggest Toilet-Building Spree Is Under Way in India Bloomberg

Becoming mentally ill increases your risk of becoming a crime victim The Incidental Economist

  • chicken/egg self-exploitive binary makes me half-tempted to read it

What Are Machine Learning Models Hiding? Freedom to Tinker

  • We lost control when we sparked the first flame.

HoneyBun Goes Full On Pogo in NY Magazine

  • dribbles





Mad Cows & Americans

Joe Cocker had an album out called Mad Dogs & Englishmen.

That’s not what this is about.

Saudi airstrikes in Yemen hit facilities providing water to hundreds of thousands facing cholera epidemic (

Those poor fuckers in Yemen. We’re starving them to death. We cut their country off from imports. We’ve made them sick with cholera. We’ve bombed their food markets, hospitals, weddings etc. And all the media talks is Russia. Yet, after 2 solid years of Russia, only 1% of Americans think it’s important. The war in Yemen is at least 3 years old. We fuel and point them, and do everything except pull the trigger.

People on the left say we should believe in our “intelligence community”. They’re not a “community”. They don’t have a little league baseball team. The phrase “intelligence community” is oxymoronic. It used to be, back in 2003, that Liberals despised Intelligence, back when the Intelligence Community told us Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

Do you remember the false bravado of the 2003 Iraqi media spokesman, just before we bombed them back to the stone age? That is how you can tell we’re collapsing, by how out of touch our media elites are from reality. These guys get 30k/day to lie their fucking faces off. I’m not high on principle, but if you gave me $20/day, I would lie my face off to you.

I remember how happy I was when Rachael Maddow first appeared on TV. But, when you listen to her now, she sounds more like a mad cow thirsting for war blood from Russia. Even Obama came out and said that identity politics was a mistake.

You may not agree with me, which is fine. The only thing I care about is free speech. I’m not alt-right, or any other dumb ass label. I’m a human being who wishes to express what I think is the truth.

Poll: Americans Don’t Care About Russia Jimmy Dore (YT 15 min)

The courage to listen to different ideas is vanishing The Guardian

Beijing To Shut 1,000 Manufacturing Firms By 2020 (R.)

The Chinese Economy Is Held Together By Capital Controls (Peters)

  • They take our jobs and money, and we get their crooks thru HSBC $$$ launderers.

The rise and fall of bees Economist = Bees aren’t good, they’re just unlucky. The writer is worried he’ll run out of oxygen without bees. I wish I could tell him he already has.

Heavy Stuff Popula = Lead = pick ur poison

Henry Kissinger Still Calls the Shots Counterpunch

Has Zuckerberg, like Frankenstein, lost control of the monster he created? The Guardian

  • Do faeries have dicks?

Droughts, heatwaves and floods: How to tell when climate change is to blame

  • Collapse = 30 years of bad news

Beware of Dog

This is too precious, Trump Anxiety Disorder Sufferers Fear End of World

I fuckin hate Dice, but sometimes he’s funny about the media. I was hoping for fresh video of Rachael Maddcow’s fake liberal tears. But, if you can make it past 1:50 of this shit, then you’re a better man than me. Even if you are a woman.

Getting a Grip: I only got to the 2:29 mark so far, help me!, I need a life!



Sunday’s Collapse Lite

118 All-Time Heat Records Set Around the Globe (

7 of 10 collapsing caribou herds are in British Columbia (

Rising Cost of Flood Losses in Maritimes

In Refusing To Defend Assange, Mainstream Media Exposes Its True Nature (CJ)

An Open Letter to Bernie Sanders: ‘No Bernie, It Wasn’t the Russians’ (MPN)

The Left’s Case For Geoengineering

  • Because the left wants its cake, and wants to eat it too, we are going to hear a lot about geoengineering and afforestation. You can’t plant mono-cultures in place of wild jungles. Tropical biodiversity is in enough trouble there already.  Listen to Wadhams below, and you’ll see what I mean.




AI Will Crush Your Secret Heart

AI can now detect, read and interpret your bio-metric data far better than humans can.

It can detect the composition of your breath, your body temperature, your eye dilation stimulus response.

It can tell when you’re fake smiling.

AI can even detect your word use choices to predictively diagnose Alzheimer’s disease 10 years ahead of doctors.

What this means is that your feeling are not hidden to corporations anymore.

You have lost your emotional privacy to AI.

This is not a joke.

What this means is that AI can predict your feelings towards politics.

Corporations can now control your feelings and predict your behaviors.

This is complete evil.

Poppy Crum TED Talk 12 min


Collapse Daily

Aquapocalypse: 21 of 37 Aquifers Collapsing

2018 is on pace to be the 4th-hottest year on record (

Thousands flee ‘tornado’ California fires (

Southern Orca population on west coast of Canada and America plagued by miscarriages since 2015. Not enough food to go around. (

Deforestation for rubber skyrockets up – near UNESCO site in Cameroon

Deforestation Will Heat Up Earth = carbon blowing will exceed carbon sucking

Deforestation Is Affecting Global Water Cycles

Deforestation of Guiana Shield will have impact across South America, scientists warn

The All-Pervasive Military-Security Complex

Lee Camp: American Society Would Collapse If It Weren’t for These 8 Myths (

Scorched earth: the world battles extreme weather FT

High Crimes and Misdemeanors – Not by Trump but Obama and Democrats Black Agenda Report

Can liberals please work out how to win back the working class? Thomas Frank

  • Those fucking snobs?

After decades of silence, nuns talk about abuse by priests (

200 Israeli rabbis slam LGBT rights groups for ‘turning perverts into heroes’ (

Rabid Slime Dog Attacks World Peace

Early Harmon Cartoon has a guy stab a boy and fuck the stab wound, another has a mother shitting in a kid’s mouth, because thats always “edgy”.

  • edgy = normalization


SHADOW GOVERNMENT = Rothschild, Rockellers etc.

Chickadoodle has a flare for the dramatic.


Bad News Tsunami

A global biodiversity collapse is imminent unless we take urgent, concerted action to reverse species loss in the tropics (

Climate change is here, and the world is burning (

Global Marine Wilderness: Almost Non-Existent

Warming: Tropical Treetop Species at Risk

As the planet burns, the BBC is ignoring the scorching hot elephant in the room – On the front page of its website, there are four major weather-related events. Not one of the four reports on extreme weather events around the world mentions climate change. (

Tropical Forests May Hinder Climate Change Effort

Doubt the planet’s summers are turning hotter? Look at these two maps. (

Climate change is supercharging a hot and dangerous summer (

The world is hot, on fire, and flooding. Climate change is here. (

Hundreds of sea turtles washing up dead on Southwest Florida beaches, likely victims of red tide(

Just 13% of global oceans undamaged by humanity, research reveals (

Population declines linked to a rapidly warming climate. Researchers examined 987 populations from 481 species across the world, investigating how the rate of climate and land-use change simultaneously affects the declines of mammals and birds. (

These six species are about to be sacrificed for the oil and gas industry Guardian

Drought Has Wiped Out 130 Millions Pounds of Corn in El Salvador — “More than 77,000 corn farmers have been afflicted by the drought that’s been ongoing for a month” (

Fertilizer destroys plant microbiome’s ability to protect against disease: Healthy microbiomes on plant leaves protect against pathogens, though not on fertilized plants (

Plan to Weaken Car Emissions Rules Could Reopen Key Climate Case

Glaciers in East Antarctica also ‘imperiled’ by climate change

Living Planet: Climate change and agriculture

World not keeping up to Paris climate agreement – expert

Our Coming Climate Issue: Losing Earth

11,000 Executions In Mexico Jan – Jun 2018 (

A popular website that reportedly sells inexpensive products so poorly made that disappointed shoppers often throw them in the trash is now worth over $20 billion after going public Business Insider

Americans’ best option in the face of climate change is to retreat from from the coasts

U.S. “most dangerous” place to give birth in developed world, USA Today investigation finds CBS

If you don’t think Terminator is coming, ‘you’re crazy’

The U.S. Housing Market Looks Headed for Its Worst Slowdown in Years Bloomberg

Collapse Hollywood: Stephen Colbert, George Lucas, Tom Hanks and Seth Green outed as pedophiles (YT 48 min)

Rick & Morty Producer’s Early Violent Pedo Cartoons (YT 3 min)

Connect the Pedots (YT 11:43)

Ren & Stimpy Underage Girls (YT 15 min)

UK Racism And Child Grooming (YT 3:37)

Free Speech Not The Preserve of Alt-Right Wingnuts

As a newspaper publisher of 20 years, I’ve long been a free speecher. You can’t beat up words and ideas. Twitter’s been under fire for deleting and shadowbanning conservative politicians in the US. I fucking hate conservatives only slightly more than I hate liberals, but it’s important to listen to both sides. We can’t have one-sided speech.

U.S. Secret Wars in Africa Rage On, Despite Talk of Downsizing Intercept