Elites Don’t Love Refugees, They Need Them

The fake liberal news is run by the MIC. The MIC gets rich destroying overseas countries. Since we are facing severe skills shortages (because stupid old people keep dying) we need those young refugees to work here, for less and to keep fake liberals in power. Nobody hates the first few million refugees, they just hate the last few billion, as Sweden and Germany are starting to find out.

When we went “over there” to fight, we brought corruption and evil back to our homes. We call this evil PTSD. We’ve been culturally assimilated by our foes. Pedophilia and corruption in Afghanistan are more culturally normative, and after 15 years of fighting there, that’s what our boys and girls brought back. Just like our boys once brought back heroin from the Vietnam war.

Pedophilia, corruption and the Pentagon are synonymous, and fake liberal elites are in bed with the MIC/MSM. Elite Liberal Hollywood is a NRA/child trafficking app. Just like how child trafficking and the Neocon Super Bowl go hand in hand. This is not hard to understand. Both the elite liberal left and far right are like incestuous cannibalistic pedophiles (Rick & Morty S03E09). Just like most Christian SJW leaders are sexual predators. Your leaders are evil on both sides. I’m not afraid of the refugees, I’m afraid of what our so-called leaders will do when they get here. I think a more totalitarian extremism awaits this outcome.

Declare energy independence with carbon dividends (Guardian)

  • Article of the Year! Joy oh joy! Be still my bleating liver, for tonight is drinking night.

Game theory and climate mitigation

  • Likely a bullshit theory for government control of carbon dividends. Turn game theory on its head by incentivising 100% individual carbon reductions. 100% private carbon dividends = 100% personal incentives. People will try to get rich cutting emissions, both rich to poor, black to white, male to female. It incentivizes a unity fit for purpose.

‘Climate Gentrification’ Will Deepen Urban Inequality

  • Snob Hill

US Labor Shortage Is Reaching A Critical Point (CNBC)

  • Give us your best and brightest refugees. Liberal elites don’t love refugees, as much as as they love getting rich creating overseas refugees, so when refugees flee here,  elites get even more rich paying them less than regular citizens. Just think of Filipino nannies who are economic refugees working as domestic sex slaves.

The Globalization Backlash: It’s Both Culture And The Economy, Stupid

  • Fear and poverty works wonders for elites. Don’t eat the rich, tax them.

How Smart TVs in Millions of U.S. Homes Track More Than What’s on Tonight NYT

Where have all the insects gone? (sciencemag.org)

  • “No one can prove pesticides are to blame”. Like ya need to.

More Agricultural Land, Less CO2 Absorption

  • And less bugs.

Implicit gender, racial biases hinder conservation science

  • As evident in archeology.

A record number of folks age 85 and older are working (latimes.com)

Air pollution may account for 1 in 7 new diabetes cases (reuters.com)

  • Only correlation so far I guess. It took 40 years to “prove” tobacco kills.

Global warming twice as bad as we expect and twice what current climate models predict (joboneforhumanity.org)

Record heatwaves are here to stay – welcome to our warming world (newscientist.com)

Humans just 0.01% of all life but have destroyed 83% of wild mammals (theguardian.com)

As Global 1% Seize Economy’s Gains, ‘Unprecedented Wage Stagnation’ for Everyone Else

The AI arms race: the tech fear behind Donald Trump’s trade war with China FT

  • I love to say I toldyaso. So leaders want both refugees and robots. This will leave a lot of bitter poor people with nothing better to do than fight over injustice. Wow. That’s some recipe.

How Facebook Is Fact-Checking Conservative Sites into Oblivion Pajamas Media

  • Californi-centrification.

Conclusion: Why can’t we just tax the rich and all get along? Instead of fighting over who has the moral right to spend your tax money, we should give 100% of it back to the people and let them figure it out. This can be phased in over a decade or so. It’s our last chance to stop fighting and find a unity fit for purpose.




2 thoughts on “Elites Don’t Love Refugees, They Need Them

  1. Etyere Petyere says:

    All this Carbon dividend solution is BS also your 20 year reduction timeline of CO2 and other greenhouse gases are a pipe-dream and misleading making people complacent thinking there is time . I don`t know is this ignorance denial of just cognitive dissonance . Or you just don`t get it do you ?! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zu0rP2VWLWw


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