The Wicked Problem Ecosystem

People are scared. Deep down, we know another economic crash is coming, and this time there’s no easy fix. By 2020, oil will be $200 and start racing towards $400/barrel. Pus food shortages will hit by 2027. The migration wars are just beginning. Start preparing people you love. Yeah, it won’t be easy.

A global food crisis may be less than a decade away | Sara Menker (TED talk, 17 min)

Sara Menker makes a serious case for bigger farms in Africa using cheaper data. She makes a very strong case. The thing about all these projections is that they assume everything else stays the same. Sara is talking about the total reform of banking and insurance at the exact same time oil prices are set to rise dramatically, due the regulating of  sea shipping emissions, yet shipping is dependant on cheap fuel. Expensive fuel and increased emissions regulation are at odds. So is banking reform and disruption. Banks hate change. Banks call change uncertainty, which only means they like the way things are now just fine. That’s why they buy politicians. They’re cheaper than uncertainty.

This means the global economy and survival are 2 drivers working at odds against each other. We all know who wins. You also have to consider the MIC deep state clutch on the imagination of youth today. We have to reconcile greed and corruption with survival on a global scale. When Whoopi Goldberg blankly asks, “So what is the deep state?”, like it’s some krazy kooky konspiracy, you know we’re fucked.

People in North America cannot see the change because it’s not happening here, we’re stuck in a virtual happy place stasis. By 2100, all the biggest, new mega-cities will be in Africa and India. Yet, we don’t have enough construction sand to build these imaginary marvels, and there’s no real substitution, on any level that matters.

We can’t build skyscrapers of wood, this will only increase wood consumption. Europe already gets 50% of its so-called renewable energy by burning trees shipped in from all around the world. Especially from east European lumber mafias. These trees won’t grow back for 50 years, if at all. We are playing with fire.

Look below where all the new growth will be. It will be in tropical areas destined for early climatic/ecosystem habitat destruction. Tropical habitat destruction will become irreversible by 2020. Those super mega cities lie directly in the rapid change zones north and south of the equator. Just watch one of those monthly new age SOTT Earth Change videos on YouTube to see what I mean. The tropics are like 50% of the land on earth. Climate induced human habitat destruction will hit temperate zones soon after, 20 years ahead of earth average.


The export of US terror into South America, combined with intolerable tropical heating and food shortages, and the anti-refugee backlash here, means South America’s trees will come down just out of sheer desperation. Everybody loves the first few million refugees, it’s the last few billion refugees that will change that. We are headed to a world where rich whites will lose control of their brown unprivileged slaves.

When Sarah says we have to change banking and insurance industries, she’s not talking small change, the banks thrive on the chaos sparked by the deep state MIC. The deep state is a mischief squad, sort of like the suicide squad on steroids.

We no longer have the luxury of thinking that each problem is separate and soluble on its own. Each wicked problem interacts with all the other wicked problems. It’s like a goddamned wicked eco-system.

What this means is that we can’t solve each wicked problem on its own. Everything has to change immediately and completely, all over the word, at the same time. We are not doing this exactly when we are making kids think we’ll live near sky gardens, that deliver avocados, with self-driving uber-copters. You need grains and legumes to live, and they need land.

The best driver of our wicked problem ecosystem is human behavior. The biggest drivers of human behavior are love and money.  The only way to change behavior is to convert national currencies into international 100% private carbon credits, with no share for governments and corporations.

This is not a debate. If we don’t change everything right now, we die. I’m not joking, or even exaggerating. And because we don’t have the imagination to change the whole world right now, I believe we’ll collapse.

We now have the technology to turn depleted uranium bullets into energy, but the MIC deep state would rather shoot them at women and children for your tax money. And government/corporate corruption loves money. Change will not work using violence. Obama recently said identity politics was a mistake, so let’s own it like we mean it.

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Wild About Tech, China Even Loves Robot Waiters That Can’t Serve NYT

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2 thoughts on “The Wicked Problem Ecosystem

  1. annebizcoach says:

    The global economy can’t handle $200 oil and will collapse well before that. So the food shortages and mass death will occur long before 2027, I think.

    Who knows? Timing is the only question.

    Thanks for your posts and links.

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