Elite Canadian Machiavellian Pedophiles

With Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies

Peter Dalglish, world famous Save The Children guy got busted for boy love in Nepal, Pete was Canadian friend of Justin Trudeau’s and a humongous pedo in charge of all the world’s children.

link: Canadian humanitarian worker Peter Dalglish arrested in child sex

photo search: Justin Trudeau, Peter Dalglish

Trudeau best pal and college roommate is a pedo.

photo search: Christopher Charles Ingvaldson, Justin Trudeau

link: https://yournewswire.com/justin-trudeau-friend-pedophile-ring/

Trudeau Foundation 2016 Annual Report using “BOYLOVE” symbol

Bill Clinton pal, Frank Giustra, is a Canadian who founded Lions Gate Films in 1997. One of their first films? The 1997 remake of Lolita.






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