50,000 Canadian Native Kids Missing

The pope got his start in Argentina. That’s where all the child sex abuse was covered up.

In Brantford Ontario, where my uncle lives, there is a mass child grave outside a native Mohawk Indian Reserve. This grave was covered up by Stephen Harper, the Canadian Prime Minister at that time.

The royalty from England and Belgium along with the Catholic, Anglican and United Church have covert child sex operations. This sounds hard to believe. It’s not.

This article gives a short, detailed overview of church pedos


This article details the evidence and cover-up for the child mass grave in Brantford Ontario in 2011.


What is The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State? (ITCCS)


In this video, you will see cameos by Russell Brand and Stephen Fry, both of whom I believe are pedos. This why I wonder about Jordan Peterson who made videos with both these people.

There is ofcourse a hero in this story. His name is Kevin Annett. He became a crusader for children simply by listening to native people.

Monks should be stripped of control at two leading Benedictine schools after sex abuse was covered up for 40 years, an UK report has found.

Left/right, black/white, women/man etc. – None of that matters when it comes to elite pedos.


Late Links:

Catholic priests abused 1,000 children in Pennsylvania, report says (todayonline.com)

“Investigative Journalist Found Dead in D.C. Hotel Room Weeks After Reporting Bill Clinton to FBI & DHS for Allegedly Raping Boy” She was Voat user Jem777, not sure if she was on Reddit. Posting this after seeing it over at Voat (truepundit.com)

  • Where is he?

Comment dump

*Asynchronous Bi-Polar Data Disorder = ITU vs. WTO*
The reason big data is kissing Saudi ass is to get rich off *your* data.
That’s why Fuckerberg asked hospitals and banks for *your* data.
That’s why Fuckerberg told media he will destroy them if they don’t push Fake News.

In the video, Pedophiles In Parliament by Sonia Poulton, you will see cameos by Russell Brand and Stephen Fry, both of whom I believe are pedos. This why I wonder about Jordan Peterson who made videos with both these people. Pedophile In Parliament also implicates Jeremy Corbyn for pedos in his jurisdiction. Justin Trudeau is also a pedo. Bernie Sanders is linked to Voodoo donuts in this video.


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