The Silence of the Lambs

I often wonder what it would be like to get drunk with a bunch of climate scientists. We hear that privately they’re scared out of their minds, yet you never see or hear a climate presentation end on a note of despair, because their jobs depend on it. If you piss off the powerful, you don’t get funded. So what to do? I just listen to the fear in their presentation and double it. The silent omissions speak louder than the words they are paid to say.

What really pisses me off about climate prestations is that we can’t even stop the government from bombing the hell out of schools, hospitals, funerals and weddings for the oil we all want and need. We can’t spend a trillion bucks per year killing people for oil and then turn around and say green energy will save all. You can’t compartmentalize the apocalypse. It’s no someone else’s fault.

Orca ‘Apocalypse’: Half Of Killer Whales Doomed To Die From Pollution

There Were 1 Billion Monarch Butterflies. Now There Are 93 Million.

Precipitation Thresholds and Carbon Exchange

  • Rain, or its lack, turns plants from carbon banks into carbon bombs. Climate models do not account for this.

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  • Explains Google

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Side by Each One On Top Another

My sensitivity training.

1.0° C = Dangerous Climate Change

1.5° C = Disastrous Climate Change

2.0° C = Catastrophic Climate Change

We will overshoot 1.5° C by 2021 and likely hit 1.5° C by 2030.

We will overshoot 2° C by 2037 and likely hit 2.0° C by 2050.


But unstoppable, irreversible cascading tipping point collapse ignition = 1.5° – 2.0° C, Hans Schellnhuber 2018


The blue box includes 5 tipping points in danger of collapsing like dominoes, which are triggered by the thick flat blue line showing 0.5° C, half a degree.

The fate of life on earth hinges on half a degree because of the unusual speed of our unrelenting world energy demand growth, which never waivered much more than 3% since 1900.

This energy growth is called the economy, or your job. Decoupling is what dogs do, not world energy systems. This wicked predicament could be somewhat mitigated with 100% private carbon dividends worldwide, but we’re too stupid to do it because everybody wants to monopolize the action.


This means we have to reduce emissions 100% in 20 years, and wish really hard for a magical green energy genie, while the Far East sinks into the sea. Everybody is to blame, even non-white non-straight people. If the revolution is violent, it won’t be the one you’re dreamin about.


We Can’t Unfuck This

Dangerous climate change = 1.0° C.

We are at 1.2° C for 2018.

We are on track to hit 1.5° C by 2030 and 2.0° C by 2050.

Dangerous climate change = 350 ppm.

2018 = 406 ppm, 2030 = 430 ppm,  2050 = 480 ppm.

Runaway gets triggered between 1.5° and 2.0° C.

To avoid 1.5° C we must reduce emissions 50% in 10 years.

To avoid 2.0° C we must reduce emissions 100% in 20 years.

100% energy transitions take 50 years, minimum.


Global Overshoot For 1.5° C = 2021, For 2.0° C = 2037

  • Projected to go over 2

More Than 300 Endangered Turtles Found Dead In Discarded Fishing Net

World ‘nowhere near on track’ to avoid warming beyond 1.5C target

China still massively expanding coal power, despite Paris agreement

Global waste could increase by 70% by 2050, according to the World Bank

Atmospheric CO2 in 2018: ‘the highest growth rate ever seen in modern times’

Brace for Impact, as the Climate ‘End Game’ Has Arrived

Climate Woes for US, India and Saudi Arabia

Mapped: How every part of the world has warmed

Arctic events are driving Global Climate and 2018 was our 1st truly global heatwave

Wetlands disappearing 3 times faster than forests

Reckless exploitation of the environment has taken over from drug trafficking as the top source of income for organized crime syndicates and armed groups. Ivory trafficking, gold mining, illegal “taxes” on natural resources are their main sources of income.

Argentina Gets Biggest Loan In IMF’s History At $57 Billion

How UN Scientists Are Preparing For The End Of Capitalism (Nafeez Ahmed)

The Bank of International Settlement’s Claudio Borio, Who Warned About the Crisis, Says the World Economy Is About to Get Very Sick

Uninformed Consent – Harvard Business Review

Facebook Is Giving Advertisers Access to Your Shadow Contact Information – Gizmodo

Google’s privacy chief confirms existence of ‘censored Chinese search engine’ Project Dragonfly – SCMP

Former Google Scientist Tells Senate to Act Over Company’s “Unethical and Unaccountable” China Censorship Plan – The Intercept

Amazon’s Aggressive Anti-Union Tactics Revealed in Leaked 45-Minute Video – Gizmodo

3 minutes of Pure Poison, I got to 1:27. It’s kind of a koolaide drinking game.



Corporate sponsorship diverts research and distorts public policy, report finds

Global Waste Could Increase By 70% By 2050 – World Bank (WEF)

Diversity is key to forests withstanding drought

Deforestation-linked palm oil still finding its way into top consumer brands

Drought Plagues Afghanistan

Global warming is overheating and drying out U.S. national parks

Climate Change Undermining Global Efforts to Eradicate Hunger

How to Adapt to the End of the World


Fuck Musk

Monsanto’s global weedkiller kills honeybees

  • sort of like cigarettes for bugs

Glyphosate Industry Fails to Stop US Funding for Global Cancer Agency

  • makes my sphincter tremble and pout, archeologists are more anal than proctologists, who object to the comparison and say they’re in the business of curing sick assholes, not being compared to them.

How Will Climate Change Stress the Power Grid?

  • Schwing!!! Insta-boner!

How Will Climate Change Stress the Power Grid? Hint: Look at Dew Point Temperatures

  • this is getting too easy (see previous post)

The Secret Life of Kelp Nature

  • didn’t read yet, gotta be good. reminds me of another book I never read, The Jesus Incident by Frank Herbert, something about sentient kelp.

Planet Earth Wobbles As It Spins, and Now Scientists Know Why LiveScience

  • gotta be good

US to be hit worse than almost any other country by climate change

  • all these boner articles are making me dizzy = important because Chicago SWE gets hit 20 years ahead of the rest of the earth.

Special Report: High-nicotine e-cigarettes flood market, despite FDA rule

  • sort of like cigarettes for bugs, again

DNA ancestry tests branded ‘meaningless’ Telegraph

  • Frankystein strikes again

Deutsche Bank ordered to [appear to] do more to prevent money laundering Reuters

  • nuff said

US military document reveals how the West opposed a democratic Syria

  • paper is the safest data

Big Tech’s Business Model Is Broken

  • evil lizard shape schiphters exposed

The Myth of Authoritarian Competence Atlantic

  • controlled contrian?

Saudi Arabia Worries Oil Crunch Could Push Up Prices EIA

  • how to mix your talk up?

2 girls for every boy – The Beach Boys

Bat Shit Crazy – wayside: My wife just figured out how safe and easy it is to get rid of bats.

A new penis every year!

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