Side by Each One On Top Another

My sensitivity training.

1.0° C = Dangerous Climate Change

1.5° C = Disastrous Climate Change

2.0° C = Catastrophic Climate Change

We will overshoot 1.5° C by 2021 and likely hit 1.5° C by 2030.

We will overshoot 2° C by 2037 and likely hit 2.0° C by 2050.


But unstoppable, irreversible cascading tipping point collapse ignition = 1.5° – 2.0° C, Hans Schellnhuber 2018


The blue box includes 5 tipping points in danger of collapsing like dominoes, which are triggered by the thick flat blue line showing 0.5° C, half a degree.

The fate of life on earth hinges on half a degree because of the unusual speed of our unrelenting world energy demand growth, which never waivered much more than 3% since 1900.

This energy growth is called the economy, or your job. Decoupling is what dogs do, not world energy systems. This wicked predicament could be somewhat mitigated with 100% private carbon dividends worldwide, but we’re too stupid to do it because everybody wants to monopolize the action.


This means we have to reduce emissions 100% in 20 years, and wish really hard for a magical green energy genie, while the Far East sinks into the sea. Everybody is to blame, even non-white non-straight people. If the revolution is violent, it won’t be the one you’re dreamin about.


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