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Chris Hedges On Jimmy Dore

Chrissy* was on The Jimmy Dore Show. (As in, Oh Crissy! you say the damndest things.)

He said that fascism infects and kills both socialism and capitalism.

But far worse, he said Steve Jobs was evil.

I’m kidding, he did say both, but the first one is worse.

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The Ransom Note

Single world public currency = 100% private carbon dividends

Private control of nation state currencies gave us China.

Communist Capitalism = Evil.

Phase in new 100% open private carbon tax dividends in a 100% public world currency in 10 years, or earth dies.

Greenspan = 100% private nation state currencies.

Without a single world carbon currency, earth dies.


FEDERAL RESERVE 100 years of Money for Nothing – film documentary

Big Oil lobbying for carbon tax. What’s the catch?

Crypto Mining Worse Than Coal

UBS Whistleblower on Financial Corruption


Fresh Pedo Meat

The Children The Opioid Crisis Has Left Behind HuffPo

S01E02 Paradise PD on Netflix is a cartoon that opens with a song and dance about child molestation in elementary schools, because that’s always funny, maybe it’s a public service performance to help raise awareness among kids. Humor is cool.

It hands down beats S03EO9 of Rick and Morty on Hulu, a cartoon about incestuous cannibalistic pedophilia, now that’s real funny.

S01E02 = season 1 episode 2

S03EO9 = season 3 episode 9



Why Men Are Stupider Than Women

They always have been socially.

Evolution makes us unequal.

We are supposed to be unequal so we could work together to survive.

This is how it’s meant to be, it’s called nature.

Nature is the green colour made of non-pixels.

The corn fields are green deserts.

Cotton and corn kill the groundwater, soil, insects and other plants and animals around them.

Old McDonald now lives in a private jet.

Reporters worry about Kashoggi, a reporter who’s uncle is a super rich arms dealer, while ignoring Yemen, because they protect their own. The lying class. The lying class depends on your tax money, all that stuff about individualism is pure bullshit. The real action is the tax dollar. It was a trillion in dollars that saved rich pigs in 2008. The pigsters got off, and the voter purge continues by both sides. America doesn’t need Russia’s help rigging elections.

Office air sits around 1,000 ppm C02 = 15% stupider you. Because it’s cheaper.

Air particulate pollution also makes you stupid and affects men more than women.

Both C02 gas and black carbon particles make you stupid.

The food and furniture indoors is feminizing humans and making men stupid.

You end up with stupider, gayer men.

Satanic christians think it’s a gay satanic plot.

The world is a weird and wonderful place, except it’s not.

It’s full of hypocrites who believe their own bullshit, like me.

WARNING: Female Hyper Toxicity – It’s like Sunday morning at a strip club, you can’t unsee that shit. It’s like watching Chairman Mao strip.

We are not actors in a play. We are alive at the most important time for all life on earth.

If you don’t speak up, we will descend into violence over race and sex, life will die off.

You can’t remain silent, we have to tax energy and fix our SJW / monetary / tax system.

100% private tax dividends worldwide must be phased in over 10 years, or earth dies!

If I were a real artist, I would cut headline letters out of magazines and paste them on paper, and stick it in your mail slot door to door, like Johnny fucking Appleseed.

Stop being stupid about this, speak up and get her done.








Apple = Evil

The only thing more evil than an Elon Muskovite is Apple computer.

Apple has been fighting in the Congo since 1998.

Apple has been fighting consumers since itunes saved music executives in 2003.

People commit suicide in China working for Apple.

Steve Jobs is the fucking boogie man.

Google is the fucking anti-christ.

My wife bought $5 worth of chickens, and a $100 worth of chicken toys.

I literally bought a toy percussive piano and a xylophone for her chickens.

You buy $5 in an Apple computer and a $100 computer toys, like dongles, music and software.

All so you look cool at college.



Trudeau = Evil

Trudeau has started a federal carbon tax. He says we get 90% of it back, like that won’t change. He also is giving money back to both rich and poor. This means heating and fuel will hit the poor hardest, while making the rich only slightly uncomfortable. This is the biggest cold country on half the planet.

With Trudeau, we get free pot, free healthcare, free oil sands and free Saudi arms sales.

Now say, “Oil Sands” and “Liberal Intellect”. This time without laughing.

Now say, “Saudi Arms Sales” and “Liberal Intellect”. This time without crying.

I smell corruption in the air… the corruption of ideals, it smells of Defeatism.

Liberal Intellect = Illogical conclusions not fit for purpose = Corrupt

But what do you expect from a guy who puts a full-page pedo symbol on his 2016 Family Foundation Annual Report?

I support free healthcare and education. I support carbon taxes that help the poor, not the rich. This is why I support 100% private carbon taxes. My ideal fantasy is that these taxes punish the rich and pay the poor, while driving the cost of luxuries off market. Trudeau say he’s only keeping 10% like as if that would never change. He’s also giving the rich back their money, so the rich ask, “What’s the point?” Which, as usual, is nearly half right. You don’t give carbon tax money back to the rich.  You give it to the poor. You can tell who’s poor nowadays because we got enough computer bugs up everyone’s ass to fuck  their minds twice over. Facebook knows when, where and how you’re going to buy your next tampon before you do.

Did I swear and say punish the rich? Or worse yet, “demand destruction”? Of course you lunkheads, that’s what it’s all about. We are not all going to be transhumans who drunk text in self-flying drones on Mars someday, like the Muskovites say. We are going to be dead, killed by the trailer trash down the road. The very people liberal intellectuals betrayed. When people are forced to move into red states. as they leave the coasts, they will not be welcomed. There will be more than one wall. They’ll let the rich in, but that’s it. Cars will be too expensive for the urban poor and roads out will be extremely limited. Like Baltimore and Detroit, our cities will rot and crumble away. People won’t be climbing 30 floors if the elevators don’t work.

The predictability of our world is an illusion. Food doesn’t grow on trees. If we don’t kill the meat industry, it will kill us. It’s do or die. Shut up and put up. The problem is that the rich see crop bio-energy as an investment opportunity for a profitable economy, when there soon won’t be an economy. Just general mayhem and major disarray. Our food is so poisonous, it’s killing earth. It’s feminizing humans and making them stupid and sick. I think what they want to do is to get rich poisoning us, while our brains rot away from all the sweet fat laden chemicals, all while kids hit the moron wall by the age of 30.

I am now not writing to please others. This is good. If I spent all my thoughts worrying about how other people think, I wouldn’t have time to think for myself. Someone said writing without thinking of others is egotism, to which I say, balderdash, I write to hear my voice, not the reader’s. It’s just my thinking made into words, not yours. If I was worried all the time about what other people think, I would be with all the pedo professors at the U of T.

I think spirituality is just a rush of hormones. People get so horny they see God. I was reading my local paper on the john the other day, and saw a writer writing just to fill her word count. She was repeating phrases just to fill her vacuous deadline. I read there was going to be a shortage of salt for roads this year due the “stick”. She meant to write “strike”.  I write high every morning at 6am and start editing 9am. I sometimes can salvage sense from what I write by 10, on a good day.

Now that anyone can write and publish, the intellectual world has gone to shit. But it has also left the intellectual world butt naked and exposed for the pretentious snobs they nearly all are. These intellectuals betrayed workers. Intellect is not bad, it’s corrupt.

They put Gab out of business this weekend. Gab is Twitter for assholes. The bifurcation of social texting has been shut down. Dissent is disruptive thanks to the intellectual left. Intellect is now corrupt. Freed speech is not just words, it’s thought. This is against everything I believe in, and I don’t believe much. If you think men women and races are equal, you are developmentally delayed, and need an intervention. This is why we have to tax talented people and pay gibbering idiots like myself.

Humans invented corporations and capitalism to do good. They are not bad. They’re corrupt by law.

This is exactly the same with social institutions like child care and aid organizations. They are not bad, they’re corrupt.

Now that we have the power to account for every single penny on earth, we need the simplest most direct use of our money. We got enough computer bugs up people’s asses to know exactly who does what, when and where with their money. We need a grown up no bullshit way to rationalize the deconstruction of civilization as we have known it for 300 years.

We have to phase out government and corporations by developing them in a fit for purpose way that leads to a logical conclusion. That means no more ridiculous Adam Smith invisible hand jobs. Price discovery for minerals should not be incentivized for maximal profit. We have to tax the rich ($50+k) because the top 20% = 70% of emissions. This is not fucking rocket science. We could start by taxing McDonalds and Tim Hortons out of business. Just don’t hold your breath, most of us can’t afford kitchens. We need soy boy food that won’t turn us all into fags.

My wife is a nurse. I do yard work. She makes enough for the good life, and I can’t afford a roof over my head.

I sit around all day and delude myself I know what I’m about, but watch these 2 people in the videos below. I’m a fat old grump, who hates talented people. If I tried to pull off what this woman below is doing, I would be tomato trolled to death. I’m like Steve Martin, I’m tone deaf and got no rhythm. The black guy below playing the one-string guitar is like a God to me. I can’t write either, but I never let my lack of talent hold me back. This next video is my very own trigger clip. I can only watch it a few seconds at a time because it makes me laugh/cry too much.

Two Minutes of Hate

Here’s how we extract minerals.

This guy is fucking sick. I love it.

I love this chick.

People who are talented should make more money and help those who are not talented because we are unequal. While both the people in these videos will never get rich, very talented people do, we have to tax them. We don’t take their wealth overnight in some crazy revolution, we do it rationally. This is difficult because people are very emotional about money.

This will never happen because we’ve made the world too unfair. Chris Hedges said the other day, on the Jimmy Dore Show, that Steve Jobs was evil. It doesn’t matter if he was or not, we could have stopped him. Taxes are not bad if you are poor, only if you’re rich.





Dear Diary

What I love about wordpress is that they don’t kill me. This place is my diary. A public forum for my thoughts and feelings. People think the internet is forever. It’s not. In fact, the safest storage medium is still paper. I got 20 years of a homeless weekly newspaper I published of sitting upstairs. Do you still have 20 years of your data? Those piles of newsprint will probably be used to start a fire some day. I always thought at least they will have something to look at before burning them.

Do you know how I got to be a newspaper publisher? I used money from the Fred Victor Centre in Toronto to undercut a private publisher and steal his job. Nice huh? But, it was either that or starve, and the guy I stole it from came from a well off family. The Fred Victor Centre was purposely trying to starve me because I was anti-gay in those days. I was anti-gay because I thought all pedos were gay. That was 20 years ago, before I met my wife, who changed my mind, using some weird alchemy, a Jedi mind trick of quiet, gentle persistence.

What the internet has done is prove there are no secrets. The internet is like a trailer park that way. There are no secrets in a trailer park. Secrecy is how the rich avoid taxes. Money now is just a blip on a computer. The rich hide money in tax havens. We have to stop this, not with violence, but with taxation. The question is how to do it fairly and non-violently. This of course will never happen, but it’s my favorite fantasy after smoking a doob.

The issue started with accounting fraud before Enron exposed it. Everyone says the 90’s were great. They were actually a very evil time. The Clintons started the war on blacks and gave free reign to banks, and starved half a million Iraqi kids to death. Apple computer has been war in the Congo since 1998 securing their precious minerals, but who gives a fuck about kids in the Congo if white kids are dressing up as blacks here for halloween.

Liberals are intellectuals and they turned on the working class by not siding with them on NAFTA etc. It suddenly dawned on me that many millennial women have no clue how fucking evil Hillary Clinton is. Fake Liberalism is not a conspiracy theory. It’s a real thing, and it’s merely the corruption of idealism. There is no fake conservatism by definition. Those people are perfect assholes. That’s why I don’t need to vent on Trump. I hate him by default.

The first black president ran out bombs in Syria before he left office. He destroyed Libya and opened up human trafficking ops there. I just want people to know that Fake Liberalism is even more evil than even corporate america. Corporate america loves fake liberalism.

I gave up my firstborn to adoption, and as of last year I have reason to believe he was sexually abused before he killed himself in a car accident at the age of 16. Government adoption agencies are factionally run by pedos, just like Catholic schools or orphanages.

My mother died when I was 4, and I was sexually abused by white people growing up. I’m actually part Indian, but I look white.

I remember in my 20’s in the late 80’s being attacked by 5 women and a tranny at 90 Shuter Street in Toronto at a social housing apartment called Homes First. Those women wanted me out so they could take over. The tranny cut my chest open, and I never hit or swung at anyone, even though I was drunk. After their kangaroo court, I was told that it was all my fault, and that I was lucky they didn’t kick me out. This is because I was a white male. I can tell you crime stories about 90 Shuter Street ’til the cows come home.

I remember the 90’s at the Fred Victor Mission in Toronto, being accused of racism because I asked someone what country they were from. I was told if I didn’t apologize I would be fired. They falsely accused me of racism and forced me to lie about it. It’s insult and humiliation. I was anti-gay in those days because I thought all pedos were gay. But, I was still considered a fundraising asset, so they kept me around to kick around.

I remember being asked by my Fred Victor boss, who felt a pang of remorse, “Why didn’t you just leave?” I was shocked because he didn’t understand I had nowhere to go. I was too poor. After paying room and board to them, I was flat broke. This went on for years until I met my wife. They used me for fundraising and deprived me of a living. It was like that old tv show, The Prisoner. About a guy trapped in a fake world. Thanks guys.

This was before I learned that adoption agencies were riddled with pedos. This was before I learned of all the child sexual abuse whitey did to natives in Canada, and that the Catholic church was a pedo factory. I also learned that Arthur C. Clarke was a pedo who moved to Sri Lanka to indulge. He was my early teenage hero. The internet revealed the truth to me, and for that I’m thankful. The MSM Fake News would never do that for me. Two minute sound bites are not news.

I remember Lori Handrahan’s story in 2016, who exposed campus pedophilia across America because her child was raped by the father. She fucked up when she tried to blame it on white men. Which is true, but dishonest, because she lives in white man’s world. I’m sure if she lived in a black, yellow or olive world it would much the same. It’s not just men who are attracted to children. That’s why just putting women in the Catholic church won’t really solve the issue. It’s why a women president is no better than a black president, or even a (gasp!) white one.

The internet is also driving factional violence. It has commodified women and children for cartel syndicates worldwide. We have privatized war so whitey Erik Prince can kill olive, black or yellow people everywhere in the world for tax money.  We allow this while we argue over racially appropriate Halloween costumes.

All our human institutions are corrupted beyond repair. They are infected with people purporting to be good. They’re Fake Liberals. I remember being in St. Michael’s Hospital when a shrink who was attracted to me said he had the power to lock me up. I also knew another shink who bragged how he loved to have sex with his female patients.

This sort of thing is common to any human agency, but these agencies are too big to manage properly. There’s likely a hockey graph of corruption in social agencies over time. It’s called entrenchment. These institutions are not forever, they’ve only grown over the last 60 years. Just because we been doing the same shit all our lives doesn’t mean it will last forever.

My dream wish is that we will destroy what we spent 300 years building in a rational way.  The only way I know how to do this is with 100% private carbon taxes. This pays money directly to the poor and avoids all those corrupt poverty pimps, government agencies and corporations. I know it’s an unreal fantasy, but it keeps me sane – or is it insane?

The only good thing to come out of my immersion into social progressivism is my wife. She’s a street nurse and we’ve been together for over 20 years. None of my words will change anything, they won’t last forever, and none of this matters, except to me.

Fly Burgers



Butterfly Effects and Fat Puppy Dog Tails

Uniformity Vs. Chaos

Review of a high and mighty climate policy science lecture in a far off land, dated Oct 8, 2018.

Know the enemy.

Human civilization crashed 4 times: 70,000 years ago, 13,000 years ago, 12,000 years ago and 1,100 years ago. Climate, geology and solar systems all have an effect on each other. They are multiple, highly entwined, complex systems. Policy makers are making the dog wag the fat tail of the butterfly effect here in this video lecture. A bunch of high and mighty whities wanking a science fetish.

The idea that 2% of forcings can’t have outsized effects on multiple, complex systems is crazy. It is insane to think small forcings do not affect multiple, complex systems, but we’re not just talking climate here – there’s the ecology crisis, the solar minimum, magnetic pole flip, lower stratospheric ozone loss, volcanoes and quakes, both which are also due to land water shifts, in the form of ice and groundwater, an effect so strong it regionally changes earth’s gravity, which again may be another small forcing that can tip large complex systems.

Ecology is about interactive system forcings. Water vapor, methane, solar cycles, magnetism, exponentiating ice melt and geophysical forces all affect each other in ways we don’t truly understand. The weather is in crazyland, and policymakers want 30 more years to prove their uniformity theory right.

This guy reminds me of the ecology professor who sent students out to catch frogs, when they said there were no frogs to capture, he refused to believe them.

The lecturer basically says that the 97% of climate scientists who agree is bullshit.

I’ve heard some whacked shit before, but that’s a humdinger.

This is what policymakers and politicians believe.

This is ideology dressed up like science. I hate ideology.

I watch this shit, so you don’t have to.

55 mins you’ll never get back again. Just skip the first half if you hate sciencey bullshit.