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Chris Hedges On Jimmy Dore

Chrissy* was on The Jimmy Dore Show. (As in, Oh Crissy! you say the damndest things.)

He said that fascism infects and kills both socialism and capitalism.

But far worse, he said Steve Jobs was evil.

I’m kidding, he did say both, but the first one is worse.

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The Ransom Note

Single world public currency = 100% private carbon dividends

Private control of nation state currencies gave us China.

Communist Capitalism = Evil.

Phase in new 100% open private carbon tax dividends in a 100% public world currency in 10 years, or earth dies.

Greenspan = 100% private nation state currencies.

Without a single world carbon currency, earth dies.


FEDERAL RESERVE 100 years of Money for Nothing – film documentary

Big Oil lobbying for carbon tax. What’s the catch?

Crypto Mining Worse Than Coal

UBS Whistleblower on Financial Corruption


Fresh Pedo Meat

The Children The Opioid Crisis Has Left Behind HuffPo

S01E02 Paradise PD on Netflix is a cartoon that opens with a song and dance about child molestation in elementary schools, because that’s always funny, maybe it’s a public service performance to help raise awareness among kids. Humor is cool.

It hands down beats S03EO9 of Rick and Morty on Hulu, a cartoon about incestuous cannibalistic pedophilia, now that’s real funny.

S01E02 = season 1 episode 2

S03EO9 = season 3 episode 9



Why Men Are Stupider Than Women

They always have been socially.

Evolution makes us unequal.

We are supposed to be unequal so we could work together to survive.

This is how it’s meant to be, it’s called nature.

Nature is the green colour made of non-pixels.

The corn fields are green deserts.

Cotton and corn kill the groundwater, soil, insects and other plants and animals around them.

Old McDonald now lives in a private jet.

Reporters worry about Kashoggi, a reporter who’s uncle is a super rich arms dealer, while ignoring Yemen, because they protect their own. The lying class. The lying class depends on your tax money, all that stuff about individualism is pure bullshit. The real action is the tax dollar. It was a trillion in dollars that saved rich pigs in 2008. The pigsters got off, and the voter purge continues by both sides. America doesn’t need Russia’s help rigging elections.

Office air sits around 1,000 ppm C02 = 15% stupider you. Because it’s cheaper.

Air particulate pollution also makes you stupid and affects men more than women.

Both C02 gas and black carbon particles make you stupid.

The food and furniture indoors is feminizing humans and making men stupid.

You end up with stupider, gayer men.

Satanic christians think it’s a gay satanic plot.

The world is a weird and wonderful place, except it’s not.

It’s full of hypocrites who believe their own bullshit, like me.

WARNING: Female Hyper Toxicity – It’s like Sunday morning at a strip club, you can’t unsee that shit. It’s like watching Chairman Mao strip.

We are not actors in a play. We are alive at the most important time for all life on earth.

If you don’t speak up, we will descend into violence over race and sex, life will die off.

You can’t remain silent, we have to tax energy and fix our SJW / monetary / tax system.

100% private tax dividends worldwide must be phased in over 10 years, or earth dies!

If I were a real artist, I would cut headline letters out of magazines and paste them on paper, and stick it in your mail slot door to door, like Johnny fucking Appleseed.

Stop being stupid about this, speak up and get her done.








Apple = Evil

The only thing more evil than an Elon Muskovite is Apple computer.

Apple has been fighting in the Congo since 1998.

Apple has been fighting consumers since itunes saved music executives in 2003.

People commit suicide in China working for Apple.

Steve Jobs is the fucking boogie man.

Google is the fucking anti-christ.

My wife bought $5 worth of chickens, and a $100 worth of chicken toys.

I literally bought a toy percussive piano and a xylophone for her chickens.

You buy $5 in an Apple computer and a $100 computer toys, like dongles, music and software.

All so you look cool at college.