The Road To Avonlea

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Five steps to 1.5 C = Bullshit


1) Global emissions of CO2 need to decline by 45% from 2010 levels by 2030

– This will never happen, period.

2) Renewables are estimated to provide up to 85% of global electricity by 2050

– 85% global electricity = 18% of total world power demand. You can’t say emissions must be 0% at the same time only 18% of world fossil demand is renewable. 50% of Europe’s renewable electricity comes from burning trees, and they want to double the amount of trees they burn by 2030.

3) Coal is expected to reduce to close to zero

– China is now building more new coal plants than there are in all the U.S.. China is reducing solar panel output 40% over 2 years. This is totally ignored.

4) Up to seven million sq km of land will be needed for energy crops (a bit less than the size of Australia)

– By 2030 we’ll need 50% more food and 30% more water. When they speak of reforesting, they’re talking tree farms not biodiversity.

5) Global net zero emissions by 2050

– 2050 = political, 2040 = reality

**What does it mean?**

A 45% reduction in energy = job losses. Decoupling growth from emissions is bullshit. The IPCC states that 2 C will only have a moderate impact on tourism, a statement so idiotic it defies explanation.

These IPCC reports are extorted and distorted half-truths based on political expediency. They already deleted a statement that 1.5 C = war and mass migration.

There is no cohesive thought on this subject, let alone a coherent plan that makes any sense, whatsoever.


Great presentation – 6 million dead since 1998

Get out and vote, have your say, but YT won’t let you vote or say anything. lol


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