Ideas Kill

The idea that some people are virtuous enough to spend our money is idiotic at best. I guess that’s why god invented AI. It better hurry up and take over the world, we ain’t got much time. We are still trying to grow a green economy in a media shit storm.

NASA claims four ounces of milk and fracking Yellowstone’s supervolcano will be a essential source of virtuous green geo-energy.

  • Pacific plate subduction is sending pulses of magma to Yellowstone, which is rising due to a gravitational loss of water mass from groundwater and glaciers. So if everybody is having sex after a really hot movie in LA, they could butterfly effect the Yellowstone supervolcano. A famous volcanologist said even a single hand shake can set off a built up energy potential. Funniest volcano story ever. I got kicked out of Reddit again for that one a while back, for inauthenticism, or what we used to call heretical blasphemous witchery. What I call too much imagination. They think collapse is for sciency edgelords. Whenever I joke about science – bam! – I’m outta there.  Being god is good.

Dems say no to climate after mid terms. – The Hill, not worth the link

Chickado Attack: 25 % very conservative + 8% very progressive = 68% too tired to care

The media makes you think more care than really do, most too tired:

Only 20% care says Chickadoodle – RT YT 2 min

Alex Smith goes full tilt bleaktard this week.

bbb – my first post

Whiney comic boy has endless hissy fit over whiney comic girl. – YT

  • at least those trees aren’t dying for nothing. I was a Jack Kirby comic artist wannabe when I was 14. I wish they could retoon the Silver Surfer. Loved the comic and cartoon, hate their movies, Marvel is just plain evil now. Kirby had the tunnel vision. He went down the page’s perspective rabbit hole. He took on the whole page organically, with as many disasters as epic masterpieces. I wanted to be Kazar, a blond barbarian. The hardest part of being a comic artist is staring down the blank page.







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