Suicide Dead Pool Loot Box

I’m going to commit social media suicide online, after insulting every identity group I know, and then I’ll get my brother to start a go fund me page to help me, and then we’ll split the money to get good opioids and coke to whoop it up. Maybe I’ll make more if say I’m a suicidally repressed tranny who regrets voting Trump and I’m suicidal for some 45D cups. Needs work I guess. If I wasn’t such a chickenshit, I would bet against myself not doing it, or doing it, or whatever.


Tax Meat Eat The Rich

This post was up for 25 minutes before being shadow banned to the r/collapse_wilds, a shaded purgatory for lost zombie poster souls. It got 34 views 0 likes 0 comments. I’ve been at this over a year or so now, it’s a good thing I don’t expect any different, but at least I still have hope, and hope is the insane part, I’m sure.

Colorado Dead Pool = 2022 | Place Loot Box Bets Here


German Police Raid Deutsche Bank Offices In Money Laundering Probe (CNBC)

  • It’s why dutch bankers have to pay for theirs.

How the Next Generation of Plastics Could Flip the Scales on Climate Change

  • Star Trek: No Next Generation – didn’t even look at it. We have to do everything right all at once. If we can’t stop the burning and starving overseas, we ain’t gonna stop it here. All I have to say is, Trannies can’t force me to say words against my religion, and it’s over, the killing goes on and nothing ever changes. This war is older than you, if you’re under 30. If we don’t tax meat and eat the rich we die (see deadpool above). I believe that physicists say that our oceans and air go away, forever. No more ice ages says Schellnhuber. The earth won’t be fine without us. The real life is beyond the screen. Now after all that, I guess I’ll take a quick peek.
  • Done. Turning wilderness into energy crops is exactly the same stupid thinking that got us burning palm oil in diesel cars. Or corn in gasoline cars. 40% of corn pastures are burned in cars. That will not change in 10 years without shock treatment. It takes 40 years to change world opinions. We got til like fucking Xmas. We can tax the shit out of meat and the rich next year, and do something fast and effective. All this shit talk about magic potions is nonsense until the killing and hate stops. If we don’t stop the killing we don’t stop human extinction.
  • Fighting over faggy words is not going to stop the killing. I’m all right for trannies, but not forced speech, and I think Jordan Peterson, Bernie Sanders and Justin Trudeau are pedos. Canada is pedo heaven. 50,000 native kids went missing here, and no one says shit, while all the rich bitches on campus squawk about imaginary word rapes. Male farts are violence! Fart block men! I tried not farting when I first met my wife, didn’t work out, she’s a control freak alright, but at least she never hit me. Good thing, I think I’m a pacifist nazi. as in I’m fascistically non-violent. I’m violently non-violent. I always imagined I would shoot anyone who tried to draft me into the army. I’m like full-mental jacket non-violent. Although I like the idea of dying by my own hand. I’m thinking opioids would be nice.
  • I once told my wife that if I stroke out and can’t talk, then 2 blinks means kill me, and one blink means I want to live, but we kept forgetting which blink meant what. I got scared and backed out. I’d hate to actually have to pull the trigger. Hopefully I’ll be depressed enough to do it, and not too depressed not to. Like a happy suicide zone. Meanwhile I’m too busy trying to learn how to shoot and ride a horse on Red Dead Redemption 1 on a old Xbox 360.






Colorado Dead Pool = 2022

Which is false?

2020 = 57% chance of water shortages from the Colorado River.

2022 = 70% chance of water shortages.

2022 = Lake Mead hits Dead Pool = No more water can be drawn from lake.

40 million people need that water.

Colorado = 18 year drought

Arizona = 9 year drought

Phoenix Arizona gets 40% of its water from the Colorado river.

70% of all household water in Arizona is for recreational outdoor use.

Arizona, California, Nevada and Mexico take more water from Lake Mead than is replaced. This means its over-allocated (like a double-booked Disney hotel room) and has a structural deficit (like a falling bridge).

The Colorado is drying faster than expected and Lake Powell keeps hitting new lows.

6 US states and the country of Mexico depend on Lakes Powell and Mead.

San Xavier is native reserve and training school for X-men near Tucson Arizona.


George Monbiot beats the living crap outta Adam Savory.


Adam is the kind of guy who killed 10,000 elephants to “help the environment”.

2030 = 50% of emissions will come from all our meat.

2018 = 50% of emissions now come from the top 10%.

I believe if we don’t tax meat and the rich, life on earth will die, and we will eventually lose our oceans and air.

COP 24 = 24 years old

1994 = 360 ppm carbon

2018 = 406 ppm carbon

Emissions up 20%. (note: OP math dyslexic)

Taxes for the rich take one year to get done.

If tax the top 10% of earners down to median incomes, emissions will go down 33% says Kevin Anderson.

If we tax the top 30% of earners down to median incomes, emission will go down 999%.

Social media is not addictive, it conditions you for what is addictive, ideology.










Organic Frack Water

My favorite post of the day is by me on Reddit, for some reason.

2030 = 50% of Emissions Will Come From Meat

Whenever I get too much credibility I sabotage myself, both knowingly and unknowingly, because I believe the data speaks for itself, and no one should give a fuck about the bullshit I believe, based on the idea that if people can’t see past me to see the data, then they ain’t worth me telling them anyhow. I call it Post Traumatic Ego Mania Disorder, or PTEM. I’m even going to star in a LGTBQPTEM sub on reddit.

Toxic Oilfield Wastewater Used to Grow California Organic Food

Rich kids, who own Macs and go to Snowflake Ivy Leagues are fucking clueless morons raised by rich idiots. They are the “marks” grifters and gamers see when they get out.

The best snowflake targets are boomers. The only thing stupider than a millennial is a boomer. It’s too bad the snowflake generation will never blossom and ripen like the sweet sweet meat of old white male boomers. You know, like that old white male guy smell. Mmmmm, goood. It smells like urine around the toilet bowl. It smells like, Victory!

They say by 2030, 50% of emissions will come from meat.

They say the top 10% = 50% of emissions.

We can save earth by taxing meat and the rich. Sweeet.

There is no way we can fight the meat and money coalition.

This has to be done non-violently through a new open social media paradigm.

Social media is too important for private monopoly.

Bitcoin is evil because it is based on the same thing as equatorial tax havens for the rich.


You cannot tax the rich if you can’t find the money.

Hiding money is literally impossible now.

AI has got its bugs so far up your wazoo that they know you better than you.

Once smart toilets get going they’ll likely know when to order condoms and tampons for the rest of your life. In the shit business we call them snakes and white mice.

Airports and planes are like the 7th largest industry.

Cardboard boxes are like the 5th largest industry.

Especially those cute little Amazon ones. They look like Tarzan gift boxes.

Then we burn the tossed out amazon box for electricity and lie about the emissions.

We have turned our jobs into Amazon boxes we burn for enough electricity to destroy earth. You are not a bad person, forgive me father, but you know not what they do.

Commodified Living

Oil and coffee are 1st and 2nd. I guess food, water, sex and drugs are 3rd.

Money and power are not bestowed upon sir Galahad, you have to fucking steal it.

Knighthood comes after the war. Not before. And possession is 9/10 s of the law.

It’s called currency by open private fiat. Celtic Jews and Commies hate that.

We can privatize taxation so that citizens control 100% of carbon tax funds.

Socialists and Celtic Jewish Nazis* hate it. (*goat lover/eater/worshippers)

Bernie Sanders hates 100% private carbon taxes.

The Rockefellers hate 100% private carbon taxes.

Everybody hates 100% private carbon tax dividends. Why?

When I say end of the world, I mean no oceans and no air to breathe dead.

Physics says oceans and air can disappear, not me. I can’t even balance a checking account.

Schellnhuber says no more ice ages for earth.

All we have to do to save the world is take money from ranchers and bankers and give it directly to the poor.

And all we have to do to do that is agree to do it.

The key to life on earth is right in front of your fucking nose.

When COP turned 16 I said that it was now old enough for both Kevin Anderson and James Hansen to double tap that ho. I think I was banned or censored or something.

Whenever I get too big and important or too high and mighty, they always deplatform my identity so that I have to start all over again.

It does bother, but I have to see past me to let the data shine though.

Which is not easy with Post Traumatic Ego Mania Disorder.

Medicated with alcohol.


Go Pro: Get Green Organic Food Frack Wastewater! Firesale Prices!!!

  • Become a member of my 11 different 12 step food programs.
  • Note to self, start go fund me homeless food fund, I mean uself fool.

Food Is Broken

  • think about this next time you hear, no because science.
  • Assange says, even The Guardian is right twice a day.

Strange waves rippled around the world, and nobody knows why

  • Warning: Silicon valley must snapchat-modulate orgasms to prevent super volcanism using my new Twatter app.

China’s Most Popular App Is Full of Hate Foreign Policy

  • Those apps all look the same. Stop app hate! Before it’s too late!!
  • Buy Twatter Save Earth!

Massive sandstorm engulfs Gansu in northwestern China Sidney Morning Herald. 100 meters tall.

  • Dusty Dubai Dreams

Dershowitz turns on rich liberal pedo party snubbers

  • poor dershy got da dirt on snubbers
  • You know it’s over when pedos snub you. Links












Evil Cunt Speaks Hate

… with her evil dick brain dead husband. He’s got a brain disease from eating too much raped baby flesh.

In 2017 General Motors said that they will introduce 18 new and refreshed model cars in China up to 2020.

In 2018 GM announced major plant closures in North America, Trump threatened to cut their subsidies.

General Electric, where my father-in-law worked his whole life, is trading under $10/share. They were the primary force in the push to invade China. They got ass raped and woke up the next day with all their patents violated in the most egregious manner. They got their sore asses handed to them on a platter.

Deutsche bank is the world’s biggest too big to fail bank with $50 trillion in bad bets on bad bets on bad bets. This bad debt daisy chain is called The Derivatives Market. Their stock is trading around $10. Neither GM or Deutsche will be allowed to go down. GM? Well, maybe.

Hillary, the Man-Clit, spoke in Toronto to a half empty small stadium sparsely filled with idiots who likely didn’t want to be there, but their jobs depended on it.

I’m sick as a dog today, last night I had my first toke of the first pot plant I ever grew, and now I have to go see a play about Indian wild rice growers in Peterborough with my wife. God help me. I noticed I still got some readers, so I’m going to spend the rest of this essay hating on a woman.




The Wealth Monopoly: Brainwashing The Extinction War

Why Celtic Jews Rule!

There’s 2 types of brainwashing, there’s the good kind, like shrooms with beer, and there’s the bad kind, the stuff on your video screen.

We have poisoned our minds praying to our transhuman immortal overlords tech Gods.

There were 70,000 opioid deaths, 30,000 killed by Chinese opioids.

China killed 30,000 Americans last year and no one gives a fuck because money.

We are not bad people, our financial system is a secret evil empire that starts wars.

These evil bad people are Celtic Jews. They hate hate for money, and a living.

The Celtic Jew is a vile creature, who has sex with goats and then eats them.

They’re often found mid mornings at trendy watering holes.

They’re rumored to rape and eat children too.

And Chinese people are the ones who’ll cook it for them.

They kinda get your goat and eat it too.

Richmond British Columbia Canada on YT is like Big Trouble in Little China.

It’s the largest upscale Chinatown outside of China. It looks like the rest of Canada, except the people are all yellow.

Canadian real estate is the biggest Chinese Laundry opioid operation in North America.

Harvard and Google are kicking Chinese people out of their offices.

It’s the right to inclusively exclude people based on race and gender.

This is called a right in our world. Jews, Chinese, Arabs and Blacks, Women and Gays agree that it is a right.

I call it a wrong. Being Jewish is like being Celtic, it don’t mean shit except that Celts are white and Jews are olive, and they both once spoke languages that included a lot of choking and gagging sounds. They must have been choking on all that goat meat they once ate. It’s no wonder they worship the fucking things.

Both languages came out of the hills west of the Caspian sea, Celts invaded the west, and Jews invaded the east. I can hear one of them saying saying as child, “If I have to eat goat one more night, I’m going to kill someone.” That’s when Kane starts baiting because he is able. Being stuck in the hills with goats will play tricks on your mind. Maybe Celts and Jews are like the revenge of the goat spirits. And the goats are winning.

GM has left the house and Trump says they should close up in China. Tesla is dropping in China like like a turd in an ocean of flies.

We have been brainwashed so long, there’s no one left who can remember not lying for money, likely with evolutionary consequences.

It’s like breeding dogs, or Jews and Celts, we’ve bred ourselves to believe in our own bullshit.

Newfies are good bullshitters because people who could bulshit over long winters were prized. Do you know how get a one-handed Newfie down from a tree? You wave hi to him. He’ll be so eager to come down to tell you a story, he’ll wave hi right back, and it’ll kill him.

Our propaganda machine has been running since world war one.

That’s how long our extinction has been going on.

It’s why we lost 98% of rhinos or lions or tigers since 1914.

There were 3 war economies – the civil war, WW1 and WW2, before the current phase.

Where did the last 2 come from?

Bullshitters in New York and London who feared commies.

This anti/pro postmodern bullshit has been going on for more than a hundred years.

Worldwide political tides take 40 years from start to finish.

We got 10 years to cut emissions and energy use 50% to stop runaway extinction.

Yet, our whole civilization depends on energy demand growing 30% in 10 years.

Our whole way of life depends on emissions growing by 20% in 10 years.

Without that growth, we will have a man-made civil war.

Unless we tax the top 30% down to a median income, earth will die.

I mean no oceans and no air kind of dead.

The American economy demands war to survive.

You can’t save earth and continue killing. You stop the killing first.

If you can’t stop the killing, you’ll never geo-engineer a whole planet of colorful people.

The only 2 things all the colours of earth believe are god and money.

We can’t fix god, but we can fix money.

All the air-borne micro-plastics from car tires are killing and stupifying us right now.

We’ve known for years, but ignore it for money. The engine of our economy.

Little black boys in Africa are too busy dying from ebola to work the small cobalt holes to bring us iPhones, but we ignore that for money.

When we want something, we can ignore everything else to get it.

Some of these desires are ideological, meaning they’re meaningless bullshit ideas.

This meaningless bullshit has coupled with techno narcissistic. isolationist. nihilistic behaviours.

We want to play oppositional poker more than life itself.

Can I live with tax money subsidising child sex robots for non-offending pedos, if we both agree to 100% private carbon tax dividends? I guess I’ll have to, though it doesn’t make any sense.

We’re killing earth because we are too greedily stupid to figure out how to live.

We have to kill the age of extreme wealth monopolization.

Environmental activists are being killed faster than Clinton or Putin investigators.

Greed and fear is used to bend you into submission for your own destruction.

These brain dead goat fuckers think that’s a good thing.

Which would you rather be?

A woman, or a rich man’s goat?

A man, or a rich woman’s cat?

Sorry for the delay, I had to sweep snow off the antenna.

Now I take the dogs for a walk, and edit out mistakes.

Sometimes, after feeding the dogs, I just continue with the mistakes, depending how high I get.

Mr. Sphincty has a master blast.

This starts good with bad news, it will likely end bad with angels singing hope eternal, I’ll watch it tomorrow hungover.






Politics = Energy = $$$

This next video by Robert Bryce can be listened to like a podcast, there are no charts. It is the very best educational video you will get on green energy. The speaker is pro coal oil gas and nuclear, ignore that, it’s not important. Everything else he says is so important, that you cannot grasp reality without listening to it. It’s dated 2014 and somewhat neo-connie. He’s like the neo-con version of David MacKay, who also focussed on green energy land use issues.

For 33% of electrical energy use to be made from bio-fuels, we need land equal to the size of Argentina. When Jeff Bozos learned that energy growth of 3%/year for 300 years = covering all the land on earth in solar panels, he went full bunker retard.

We have increased crop yields, but we’re losing land to drought, and both energy and food are competing for more land going forward, at the same time that super mega-rich agricon families rape the soil we do have. 15 minutes of today’s hard rain can wash more soil away than the whole rest of the year. Europe is turning into a frozen polar desert between flood events. If you are 30 yrs old, this is not easy for you to see how bad it is.

So I’m fantasizing about redoing a statement/link essay, soon maybe, or not… it’s too much work. It may still be better than trying to learn to ride a horse on a video game this winter.

The best book to read on green energy is Ozzie Zehner’s Green Illusions. His book money goes to a good cause. Vaclav Smil will teach you about the meaning of energy for $60. Like he fucking needs it! Or, you can gird your eardrums, and watch him free on YouTube.

40% of the land we planted in corn is being burned as green energy.

Europeans get 50% of their green energy burning trees shipped in from Asia etc.

They burn palm oil in cars and act like they’re saving the fucking planet.

We swipe left or right on things that black and yellow slave boys make.

Wind turbines suck up so much land they are killing birds and bats by the thousands.

There is no such thing as green energy, all energy is destructive, all of it, that’s why it’s energy.

I believe world energy use and emissions grow roughly 30%/10 yrs.

2030 = 30% more energy use and emissions.

But we need 50% less energy use and emissions.

This cannot be done without massive demand destruction.

Massive Demand Destruction to an economist is like saying billybeezelybub to a priest.

It means the destruction of banking as we know it.

Another financial crisis.

Unless we tax the rich, earth will die.

Unless we tax carbon itself, life on earth will die.

You are at the very tippy toppy top of the peaky peckey peak of all life on earth.

Everything you do or don’t do matters more than ever in the 4 billion year history of life on earth.

What you believe matters more than ever before

And if you believe in bullshit, all life on earth dies.

If you believe in absurdities you will allow atrocities.

Like letting brown kids starve while black kids mine for your battery cobalt.

This is because we believe the rich. Who shit on us. We want to be them.

Nation states have to tax their rich uniformly across the globe.

Carbon taxes must be paid in 100% private carbon dividend credits to fund a Universal Basic Income for all the kids in Africa, which is like a super giant fucking nursery.

This Universal Basic Income pays directly to poor people bypassing all the socialist and fascist media whores.

Welfare for the rich is over.

No more Elon Musks. No more Bill McKibbins. No more Naomi Kleins.

We don’t need Democracy for the rich, we need to survive and the rich would rather kill than die.

The rich think they live in a Godfather movie.

The rich need to be taxed because now they’re talking about getting hyper-sonic personal jets. They’re like greedy fucking retards.

Some ex-google guy is building personal flight drones in his backyard.

He probably believes he’ll be flying in a particle beam powered one some day on Mars as a transhuman immortal overlord on LSD.

A capitalist democracy is very very bad for energy infrastructure programs.

China also had to scale back their solar production because nobody built a grid to put it on.

That is childishly cartoonish beyond the pale.

Vaclav Smil sneers we don’t understand energy, unless you got $60 for his book.

We are wasting tons of energy on bit currency, when an open private currency is easy.

It’s all designed to hide money. It’s all designed by the rich.

The rich exploit nations to hide money from taxes in fictional havens.

The only thing worse than the top 20% of earners is the 10% of rich liberals that follow them.

Help save earth, burn a rich liberal today.