Shack Wacky

I remember arguing with an old man in a fisherman’s shack in Lunenberg about how digital watches would save the world.

I remember my alt prog snooty hatred when Brain Mulroony conservatives won in Canada.

The reason rich liberal Dems preach equality is so you won’t tax them to help the poor.

Rich liberals support the stasi police state.

I now know the old man was right,

it’s how it is, not what it is

Now we got 2 more years of Cheeto Nazi Kangaroo KeK TV.



One thought on “Shack Wacky

  1. Etyere Petyere says:

    I loved to have heard the pro digital watches argument . In a eaw it is true exact timekeeping was essential for seatravel and more exact timekeeping fot industrial and scientific applications and processes . Maybe the world dont needs to be saved . In that case electronic watches do act as a sort of saviors or redeemers for the remaining time keeping it exact and down for the trillionth of microseconds of the last one of ours most precious time . And you were the right one . Except you needed me to enlighten you about


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