2040: 30% More Energy, 100% Less Emissions

The 1st female secretary of state destroyed Iraq, killed 500,000 kids

The 2nd female secretary of state destroyed Libya, she’s bisexual

The 1st black president destroyed Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria

Blacks, gays and women are just as evil as rich white men

Socialists are every bit as evil as Capitalists.


2018 = 35 GtC02/yr | 2040 = 55 GtC02/yr

2040 = +40% GtC02/yr

GtC02/yr = gigatons per year carbon dioxide

Whenever you see a world energy chart with the words “renewable energy,” nearly half that energy includes burning wood, corn, soy and palm oils. These emissions are not counted because the trees grow back in 50 years. We don’t have 50 years to get emissions to ZERO.

The socialist green energy programs in Europe are a fraud, big time. They are considered money laundering ops for big banks and financial interests. Monkeys and elephants were killed to make the biofuel they burn in their German cars. Thy lie about emissions from cars and electrical production. The president of Greenpeace used to fly twice a day to work and home.

By 2040, world energy use will go up 28%, in 21 years.


By 2040, world emissions must go down 100% to avoid 2° C.

PEAK 2020

2018 = 35 Gt C02 / yr

2040 = 55 Gt C02 / yr BAU

22 yrs = from 0 to 20 Gt more C02 per year BAU

60 GtC02 2040


EIA projects 28% increase in world energy use by 2040


Why global emissions must peak by 2020




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