So Bernie And Jordan Walk Into A Bar…

They gang up and beat the shit out of you in the washroom and rape you for fun.

The capitalism bad, socialism good thing is 100 years old.

We have to tax personal wealth to form a Universal Basic Income using a carbon tax.

It must be done equitably worldwide to unite race sex creeds or earth dies.

Religious and political fanaticism divide race sex creeds into overdrive on social media.

Social media drives fanaticism through a full spectrum input of learned behaviors.

Video addiction drives fanatical ideological fantasies in reinforced feedback loops.

Dating and FB apps reinforce pathos ego glib idiocy bathos and anti-bathos.

We can level the income playing field worldwide all at once because money can’t hide.

This means a new banking cartel made of 100% private citizens worldwide.

Tax laws and internationalizing carbon credits will unify left and right.

This is politics fit for purpose. Not guns death destruction for the rich and crazy.

The 100 year old pile of woo woo will kill earth.

You can’t say green energy will save us while selling guns to the world.

You have to shut down the pedo pentagon first before you save your precious pronouns.

We have delegitimize nation-state governments in an organized way.

We have to take power away from nation state governments equitably and justly.

Violence will trigger catastrophic cascading system collapse/

This is easy because each one of us wants to do what’s right.

We outpower governments NGOs and corporations.

We can defang lawyers and doctors and do what’s right.

Make people work for good again.

We got 10 years to change everybody on earth.

Love and money is all anyone cares about.

By making money serve love can we sublimate our desires into a larger than life sky.

Life on earth.

But our social media is turning us into pathological narcissistic idiots.

By mitigating behavior we have the power to do good instead of stupid celtic jewish evil.

Proof : WARNING – very very disturbing.


You can’t fight for child sex rights while killing children overseas.

I know it’s old fashioned and you’ll have to trust me, but believe me, it’s better that way.

Most of our kid charities are run by pedo traffickers in privileged power positions.

Full spectrum facial AI will predict pedo behavior for fuck sakes.

We can’t put cameras all over the planet or we’ll kill it.

We need unity to save ourselves not 5 G infrastructure.

Cargo shipping and trucking are trying to robotize before they’re safe.

Because of that bean headed bozo butt fucker from Amazon.

Bill Gates says he’s happy the world is getting richer.

Dick Suckerberg says bend more over I can’t reach the hole.

I’m no proctologist but if you want to be ruled by sick assholes, there’s only you to blame.

But I always thought America was smart enough to shut this shit show down.

Chow mein baby – the only episode that matters, saved timeline.

Crazy rich people like to fuck and bomb kids with your money.

They drink kid blood in their veins and cutesy pootzee tummy yummies.

They are funny that way.


Major Hangover

Scientists Demand Military Sonar Ban To End Mass Whale Strandings (Ind.)

I remember reading about new wave sonar dangers back in the 90s or 80s. It’s a fucking sin, we should jut burn those pentagon pedo mutherfuckers and send them straight to hell. Sorry for the vitriol, but I’m feeling crappy.  Loki’s got a pancreatic infection and the vet just raped my bank account. Plus I’ll be 61 tears old soon, and feel 2 years older than God.

For those who are new here, Loki provides my telepathic link to the space aliens who instructed me to warn everybody about Bernie Sanders trying to steal our carbon tax dividends. (See here)

Bill Gates says poverty is decreasing. He couldn’t be more wrong Guardian

Bill Gates is an egomaniacal asshole, I know because it takes one to know one.

Insys ‘Closer’ Lap-Danced to Boost Opioid Sales, Jury Told Bloomberg

Come on baby, sell me some drugs, You know what I like.

Facebook pays teens to install VPN that spies on them TechCrunch

VPNs sell your data suckers. Never trust teen nerds in glasses because just like the blacks gays and women, they want revenge. I know because I spent my whole life watching revenge flicks because my dad was a boxer. His trainer told him he can’t fight worth a damn, but he sure could take a beating.

Discarded smart light bulbs reveal your wifi passwords Boing Boing

Imagine a dildo with eyes.

Zuckerberg is breaking promises to Instagram and WhatsApp. Be concerned. Mashable

Somebody should ass rape Suckerberg.

Millions of Bank Loan and Mortgage Documents Have Leaked Online TechCrunch

Beer causes leaks.

Party Is Over For Dirt-Cheap Solar Panels, Says China Executive Reuters

Solar panels are cheap because life on earth is cheap.

Davos Erupts in Laughter at the Notion of Tech Billionaire Paying More Taxes Motherboard

My ass rape fantasies are in runaway.

Earth’s 39 Billion-Dollar Weather Disasters of 2018: 4th-Most on Record Weather Underground

In a $50 trillion economy $39 billion is peanuts. Am I right dead people?

How Culture Makes Us Feel Lost In The Natural World – Dr. Gabor Maté On Toxic Society

If I were gay, my dick would be hard for Gabor.

Are We Headed Toward The Worst-Case Climate Change Scenario?

Chart porn climate fantasies going off chart.

Amidst Global Warming Hysteria, NASA Expects Global Cooling

NASA says the grand solar minimum is cooling the upper stratosphere which IMO will do more than cool global warming’s jets. In 2011, arctic polar upper stratospheric cooling lead to a 25% loss of ozone in mere weeks. The Ice Ager Farmers of the world are wetting their pants over this one. Whatever comes from this won’t be a simple heat balancing act.

America’s Shameful War

The reason we are in Afghanistan after 18 years is because those pedos in the pentagon will never admit defeat plus someone is making a killing guarding all that heroin. America has never won that war, and will never admit losing it. That’s what dick heads do and why I never play poker. My grandfather taught me to play poker, he took all my money and said to me, don’t ever poker. All war declarations are declarations of defeat. The war on straight white men, the war on climate, the war on what the fuck ever.

Do you know what cracks me up is that rich liberals spend a $100 thousand bucks for college, where they learn to hate rich straight white men, when you can actually do that for free.

Fuck this chick is funny.

Brian Stelter = BS + talks like a fag.






Universal Venus Syndrome

Earth Won’t Turn Into Venus Maybe, But She’ll Still Burn!

Okay, time for some small rewrites. I just got back from shovelling snow.

In December 2015, James Hansen said the earth is unlikely to go Venus Syndrome. He said the earth will recycle carbon too fast for it to reach that critical threshold. Doesn’t mean he’s right, but I figure he knows better than I do. So while we may not reach Venus status, we will achieve runaway hothouse earth up to a much higher equilibrium, with death and destruction everywhere. It also doesn’t address the earth/space battery syndrome, where the disappearance of trees brings the vacuum of space down to earth’s surface. This is why I never trust physicists or priests.

I have my doubts naturally. I still suspect Venus could happen. For instance, if the world ocean current stops, the oceans will stratify into heat layers, which could slow down carbon sequestration enough to tip the balance. This is pure bullshit speculation on my part, something I’m actually good at. My wife  says confabulation is my superpower.

Australia is burning up, and we’re nowhere near 2 C. Here’s the main problem. You may have seen headlines saying like 70% of Americans are concerned about climate change, but you may not have heard is that 60% of American are unwilling to pay $10/month to fight it. That’s about the same as your Netflix subscription. The world is divided into 20% leftist extremists, 20% rightist extremists, 60% Too Busy To Give A Fuck. That means America is 40% lazy ideologue fucktards and 60% exhausted debt slaves.

This is what the Yellow Vest protest in France exemplifies. Yellow vests? Yellow Venus…? Naw, it’s just a coincidence. But one thing’s for certain, we can’t fight climate change on the backs of the poor. It has to be on the backs of the rich, but we need some brain click bait to lure them in. Give them skin in the game. And that’s 100% private carbon dividends worldwide.

Social Stuff

IOT = Evil Trans Human Immortal Overlord Ass Fucking Shit

When you see this much bullshit in the news about privacy, you know their plan is to pay debate shills to cover for data fiat accompli. It’s the WTO vs the ITC (data regulators). I’m not saying the ITC is good. They will fuck you before you blink. They are fighting over your data. ET phone home, AI needs data. Data = Power.

You can see the bi-polar corporate culture at Google, where they fire a guy for making a timid gender statement, while they secretly vie for defence data contracts. This data is used to target women and kids over there, basically just to make them afraid to gather or go outside. Drones are a mind fuck for kids.

This 5G roll out thing is inimical to life on earth. Not only will the micro plastic IOT pollution break down and lodge in your brain, but they will give a myopia inducing lobotomy, and social media will rewire your brain to become addicted to ideological fantasy.

Google = Do Evil

The Ecology of the Abuse Economy

Your parents want to spy on you, extort you for money, rape you, drink your blood and eat you.

This runs the spectrum from literally true all the way down to figuratively true.

They do this with doctors lawyers, physicists and priests, who are the keystone species.

Sorry James, no offense.

They live symbiotically with myriad police, nurses, teachers, social workers etc.

You have spent your whole life in a matrix of abuse by your parents.

There’s a whole urban economic ecology of people abusing young people.

We ship young junkies from schools to rehab to jail to fast food joints.

We fuck up their minds with useless bullshit distractions.

The fucked up thing is the same system makes parents think it’s all for you.

Google wants to stick shit up your ass faster than you can spew.

AI 5G IOT = data + power + money = hegemonic data security.

Nuclear pedos vs. Socialist pedos.

Data is the new currency, we have to carbon tax it to save earth.

A 100% private open currency cannot pick itself up by the bootstraps.

We are too stupid and greedy to do this.

All the world’s corporations, NGOs and governments want to stop it.

Bernie Sander or Jordan Peterson are not going to save you.

We have to save ourselves without government, NGOs or corporations.

In Davos they said corporations, NGOs and governments still have a role to play.

I think not, it’s time for us to grow up, put on our big boy pants and get to work.

Kids should learning how to grow food, not write killer bluetooth butt plug apps.

The beauty of 100% private means, we the people of the world can do this ourselves.

This can be done without giving carbon money directly to corporations, NGOs and governments.

The very act of doing so will change the world faster than big fancy hotel conference.

Can you imagine the sex worker kids they traffick into those climate conferences?

When the COP conference turned 16 I said James Hansen and Kevin Anderson should double tap that old whore.

For some reason, I was banned from reddit for saying that. One of several times banned.

Your parents are fucking you in more ways than one and more than they even know how.

It’s time to take away the keys to the kingdom.

We can do this.

The field hands are coming, get ready.

Whitey invaded browny, and now browny will invade whitey.

Good on ya whitey.

Maybe there is justice after all, to bad about Gaia.

Here’s an old acid tunes.

I don’t trust Bill McKibben, but…

This Idea Can Literally Change the World: Partial Basic Income through Universal Carbon Dividends

A Bipartisan Free Market Solution to Climate Change Through Atmospheric Justice

THE VOMITORIUM – Click sort by new

Japanese Government Will Hack Citizens’ IoT Devices Bruce Schneier

Is Surveillance the Future of Service? Business of Fashion. J-LS: “Scary: note you needn’t sign onto an app, or even have a smartphone, for retailers to monitor you in some of these ways when you enter their stores.”

Google’s Sidewalk Labs Plans to Package and Sell Location Data on Millions of Cellphones Intercept

Online Piracy Can Be Good For Business, Researchers Find Vice

Adversarial AI: Cybersecurity battles are coming ZDNet

Court’s Biometrics Ruling Poses Billion Dollar Risk to Facebook, Google Fortune



That Great Pedo Palace In The Sky

As far as I remember, some 10% of us are gay and up to 5% of us pedo.

The rest run the gamut from female to hard male.

I guess it doesn’t matter whatever gay people are.

There’s a large silent majority that allows the fringe to operate.

After 20 years of publishing a weekly newspaper for homeless people in Toronto, I retired.

I moved to a small village called Lakefield.

It’s a quaint english village by some lovely lakes and cottages.

Lakefield is famous for lakes and a school that prince Phillip went to.

I got work in maintenance at a national trailer park owned by some west coast pedos.

I was told to spray herbicides over the well and cheat on public water certification.

I told the regulators who hushed it up and did fuck all.

Lakefield means business, not lakes.

My boss was a dick who wanted me gone so he got me a job at the Lakefield Herald.

They hired me to work 18 hours a week and then cut it to 9.

The town preacher who worked at the famous Lakefield school and recently died.

The prince sent the school a gift in memory of him.

That’s when multiple male ex-students publicly protested the gift.

They said the preacher (or whatever) molested them as boys and the school covered up.

So I went to a barbecue in Lakefield and asked someone important if they heard about it.

They said no.

That’s how private media works.

They don’t give a fuck about free speech or anything fucking thing else.

They are pseudo intellectual booze pigs who would fuck you up the literal ass for a dime or a drink.

To this day nobody in Lakefield knows that story.

The kids have a saying that in small towns no one is going to believe you.

That is why we can’t have a 100% private open carbon dividend.

Rest in peace pedo preacher, you gone to a better place.

What do you think that british movie, Village Of The Damned was about?

All they did was reverse the plot, and make the adults the victims.

I’m sue that’s how those boys felt with no one to talk about it.

This shit goes back to Jack the Ripper, Lord Mountbatten, Socialism, 10 Little Indians etc.

You can’t let the earth die to cover up your sins.

But what am I talking about? Of course you can and you will.

The white Queens astride the channel are totally different.

Ones a nuclear pedo queen and the other a socialist pedo queen.

They like fighting over who’s whiter.

Most bets are on the socialist pedo queen, I’m sure.

I’d call the story Blood Moon Sketches of A Little Town.

The Vomitorium

Who is more disgusting me, or…?

It’s been an hour since I first wrote the above words, and I just got back from the vet, old Loki ate some bad shit on the trail yesterday.

I just tweeted a link to this story to the Toronto Star, they’ll probably write me off as crazy. So what’s different between the Toronto Star, the Lakefield Herald compared to me and the child victims of the Lakefield school? Nobody listens, nobody believes when there’s money involved, and super rich people are pedos.

What’s the difference between FOX news and the ol’ grey whore? None.



The Machiavellian Gay Pedo Ecosystem

In the 3 hr film The Minds of Men, you get a documented history of CIA mind control from the 1940s through to the 1960s. It’s mildly interesting and tediously boring.

When hard mind control proved to be of limited success, they turned to soft mind control of late 60s rock music, drugs and hedonism. God bless the birth control pill.

Go to youtube and search ‘rock music CIA’. These videos are filled with fun and interesting speculation, such as Jim Morrison’s dad started the Vietnam war.

Social media has rehardened mind control somewhat by conditioning the brain for chronic and acute addiction to ideology, which thankfully came along not too long after those horrible peace dividends of the 1990s, which were shrinking the national debt. And when the debt shrink, ain’t nobody happy, either left or right. All that shit about meritocracy and competition is bullshit. Tax money is where it’s at, and both left and right want it.

Climate change is about money and who gets it. Corporations vs. socialists. It doesn’t matter who wins because either the way the poor don’t get the money you send to the poor countries. The rich do. Most of the charitable organizations are filled with sex abusers.

War is the distraction from debt, and pronouns are the distraction from war. They use young people to fight over pronouns so that the rich can use debt to steal their future away. The left and right are covering up all the child and youth abuse. That’s how it all works. Read my next post to see how it works on both the macro and micro scale.

How does this work? Right now we are still in the Fag Revenge game, or the Pedo Revenge game. People comb through old tweets looking for anti-fag or pro-pedo stuff incentivised by our new blackmail growth model. I call it the Machiavellian Gay Pedo Blackmail Economy.

This is why we allow crazy people to burn and starve women and children overseas while gays blacks waman and commies conspire against crazy white pro-lifers. This is how they kill and fuck women and kids on our dime, by bullshitting us.

If this sounds like crazy bullshit, it’s because it is. Rich people stole $20 trillion tax debt to burn and stave women and children while killing straight white men at home.

We got here by spreading misinformation like, ♫♬ Everybody is Equal ♫♬.

Are you retarded? Nobody is equal, that’s why we tax the rich.

What matters is how. Commies are just as fascist as Capitalists.

The only way to join the left and right is with money.

A 10 year transition to a 100% private open carbon credit world currency will do it.

This will end tax havens, unite the left and right, and save the fucking planet.

You fucking assholes.

We give our tax money to rich liberals who abuse us mentally, physically and emotionally. We allow these social predators because we fight over stupid things like race sex and pronouns. We pimp out cross gendered kids to adult gay bars like it’s good.

There’s a whole ecological system of people who get rich to abuse kids between school, jail and the hospital. Young junkies are getting fucked over by adults and are being sent to courts, social agencies and shit jobs that assist our rich liberal/conservative masters.

It is because of social media that we can take over the world, but only in a fair and just way. It doesn’t fucking matter if your master is liberal or conservative because both are your master.

These fucking rich asswholes in Davos or the rich assholes in Hollywood are not going to save you. Bernie Sanders is not your friend any more than is Hillary. In fact Bernie’s Hillary’s man bitch. Bernie Sanders and Jordan Peterson are pedos IMO. We are being played by both side.

Because putting pedo symbol donuts in child coffins is cool. It’s the artist expressing the existential angst of living within the matrix that is society. If you see a picture of 2 guys fucking, it’s called porn, Put a rose in one mouths and its called art. Commie pedo art is so cool. All gay socialists are wonderful.

voodoo bernie

There’s some $20 trillion bucks missing from the pedo pentagon, I imagine that they built a chain of hyper-luxury bunkers for billionaires, so they could fly to the appropriate one depending on circumstances. Likely with redundant bunkers for east vs. west and north vs. south. The bunkers you see for mere multi-millionaires is just the tip of the iceberg.

We aren’t going out into space, it’s too dangerous for psycho billionaires, it’s just a distraction. The fact that they say we’ll be going to Mars by 2030 (?) only informs you that the crash will happen by 2025.

People will try to tell you that collapse is not an event, but a process. That’s bullshit. Collapse means fall down. Falling is an event. It’s the run up to the collapse that’s the process. Saying stuff like ‘we got 12 years to do something’ or ‘collapse is a process’ is just another form of soft mind control. You can even see the apparent bargaining of saying 12 years instead of ten, it’s fucking childishly ridiculous. It works because we love to grasp at straws.

The Machiavellian Gay Pedo Blackmail Economy is based on dual account books and tax havens, and sexual blackmail amongst themselves. Rich people hide the tax money they get fucking the poor. Hillary threw blacks in jail right after she cut off their welfare and called them predators. Bill got the black chick vote and was too busy fucking to deal, so the Big Clit wore the pants in their dealings. Bill was too greedy and stupid to be a good deal maker. Their daughter had to super face down her dad because he would let Satan fuck him up the ass for a quick buck.

According to prevailing wisdom, I’ll be dead tomorrow, Hillary will have assassinated me, but no I’ll wake up and everything will be fine, the same as always and there’s literally nothing I can say or do to change it. Another woman and child will burn or starve in the name of pronouns. I’m too ashamed to be man woman or human.

All I’m saying is 100% private open carbon tax dividends in 10 years.

The only thing worse than a post menopausal Hillary is a premenopausal Gaia.


Journalists Must Learn to Code

When Kentucky coal miners were losing their jobs, all the rich snotty young coastal journalists wrote a half-dozen articles, all saying the same thing, that the miners should learn to code. That’s right, after 20 years in a coal mine, they should just learn computer programming. These opinion writers are cold hearted man-hating bitches (m+f), which is especially grating when, in their next breath, they spout off about empathy and intentional living.

This is what is meant by the rich liberal betrayal of the working class. People like these miners, who don’t have jobs, hate foreigners because they don’t want refugees driving down wages. Are they racist assholes? Oh fuck yeah, but that’s beside the point. Being racist is like being gay, everybody is racist, they just don’t know it yet. Thanks gay people, for helping me figure it out.

Anyway, all these snot nosed kids got work in media sites like HuffPo and Scuzzfeed. These are the people who help give us all the fake news of the last few years. Stories like how Rudolf the Reindeer is racist, or how some crazy lying old Indian was under attack by school boys. Then there was the white man-hating Asian girl who became an editor at the NYT, the old grey whore. These man-hating femtards were on top of the world. But, then it happened… they got laid off, without notice.

HuffPo laid off their whole opinion department. Scuzzfeed laid off a big number. So what happened after? All the gamer boys piled on, and started a twitter storm telling those so-called journalists that they should, ‘learn to code’. The laid off journos are losing their fuking minds over this. Good on them. Why is this big pile of bullshit meaningful.

Yesterday, the Union of Concerned Scientists diddled with their clock hand again, which seems to be a gimmick they never tire of. That’s not important. What is important is why.

They say the world faces 3 threats 1. nuclear war 2. climate change 3. fake news.

IMO, the 3 purveyors of fake news are libtards, contards and femtards.

Information wars endanger civilization, say ‘Doomsday’ experts


While that dick headed Amazon prick gets fucked over by wife’s divorce, he’s gonna fuck us all up the ass to make up for it. He’s a huge CIA Pentagon contractor.

While Google paid lip-service to workplace activists, their lawyers fought to strip their rights

Google’s new motto is, Do Fucking Evil Then Lie Like Fuck About It.

People still act like we’re the good guys, after having indiscriminately slaughtered 3,000,000+ in Southeast Asia, starved 1,000,000+ in the Middle East, and drone just about anywhere we see fit… 🤔🤔🤔🤷

Caity’s my hero, but I don’t speak emoji. How many real journos are there in the world? I can likely count them all on one finger.

Journo Job Jinx

A lot of people like to say they don’t want anyone to lose their job, not me.

Those fucking self-righteous preachy dog-fuckers deserve what they got and more.

I would love to push them to the ground and piss all over them, but that would take all week, and I’m too old to drink beer all week anymore. This next link is the view from the right, but it’s all I could find in writing.

What do you call 250 left wing journalists on food stamps? A good start.

I’m pro-abortion, but I fucking hate Femtards, except my wife, it’s her life’s work, and I love her. But to give you a sense of what pro-lifers and dumb ass white guys think, I offer you this.

This is an excellent video on fake news by a pro-lifetard

Working Whitey’s POV

FIRST PRIZE: This next fella is an East European who is funny as fucking fuck.

Laid off Femtards who love to deplatform males, not happy with Layoff Dogs meant to comfort them.


The Coming Class War

Being a piece of shit white trash has taught me lots.

The war is coming and gay twitter twats ain’t gonna stop it.

That’s probably why the FDA approved a new drug 100X stronger than oxy.

To get rid of those dumb ass poor white fucks.

cool booshwa.PNG

I fucking hate Max Keiser, but I like Stacey. So I was shocked to stay interested in the portents of the upcoming war. I hate whitey, but I’m going to be on the side of the poor.

Poor people didn’t spend a hundred thousand dollars to go to school and learn how to hate straight white men.

Collapse is not a social construct. It’s real and it’s gonna be violent.

How I Learned To Love The Hate Bomb

Let’s see, I hate gays straights whites blacks smart stupid etc. but most of all I hate hate speech. Hate speech was invented by Celtic hipster Jews. Celtic Jews were joined at the hip 2000 years ago when they had nothing to live off of except goats. Since it was so lonely watching the goats, they had sex with them, and every time they ate one, it drove them crazy. So they became Machiavellian power pedos by lending pedo popes the money to paint winged kids on their pedo palace walls.

Celtic Jews live in Portland, eat at Voodoo donuts, and wear lots of pierced rings and body ink. If you don’t believe me, look up Bernie Sanders Voodoo Donuts. Bernie pierced his nipples and wears porno tats beneath his shirts.

Who wants to die for Trump?


Kill Those Tranny Faggots White Boy

This title is sung to the tune of Play That Funky Music White Boy.

I remember a few years ago when a bunch of rich white liberals drove to the coast of the Pacific north west and paddled their plastic kayaks out on the bay to surround an oil tanker and protest the evil corporate straight white man.

All our kids went into debt servitude to learn that everything is the fault of evil corporations and straight white men. They learned that people will give them money if they’re good looking and they go on YouTube and say everything is the fault of corporations and stupid straight white men.

These rainbow warriors deny the pedo roots of their own queer theory literature. It’s the same way that David Attenborough said we can destroy the whole planet, while we preach self-righteous hatred of straight white males.

I’m sick of it. So I say lets kill all the tranny fags and say fuck off and die mother Gaia. What do I have to lose? Rich liberals already betrayed their country for the sake of a pronoun. All the jobs are in China and everything is my fucking fault. So again, what’s not in it for me.

Twitter is a cesspool of hipster judgement, where dumb cunts like Kathy Griffen calls for doxing and punishing white boys. That evil cunt is an embarrassment to redheads everywhere.




Greenland is approaching the threshold of an irreversible melt, and the consequences for coastal cities could be dire

Google and Facebook Backed an Event Denying Climate Change Wired

Amazon Can’t Fix Facial Recognition Cathy O’Neil, Bloomberg. “[T]he whole ecosystem of artificial intelligence is optimized for a lack of accountability.” That’s not a bug. It’s a feature.

Majority of Americans unwilling to pay $10 per month to address climate change despite high belief in global warming

Dmitry Orlov: The Five Stages of Collapse, 2019 Update

Big rise in CO2 expected in 2019

Cigarette filters are No.1 in plastic pollution

Climate, Conflict, and Migration

Antarctic Krill Population Contracts Southward