The Endless Sunshine of Planetary Death

The upper atmosphere is getting too turbulent for certain clouds to form. This is a major feedback loop.

This will drive mass extinction and runaway heating.

The ozone is depleting at mid-latitude lower stratosphere.

The magnetic field is weakening.

The oceans are losing oxygen.

Cloud, ozone and magnetic field depletion will hurt plants and us.

Physicists believe climate change can accelerate ocean loss.

Climate scientists disagree.

Who’s right?

Scientists believe that Earth’s magnetic field shifted in only a couple hundred years.

Study says Earth’s magnetic field has shifted rapidly in the past, and if it happens again it could be catastrophic

Earth’s last magnetic reversal took less than 100 years

Earth’s Oceans Lost In Space – Nature Communications 2016

Greenhouse Gases Boil Oceans Away – Motherboard 2016

Planets with too much carbon dioxide could lose oceans to space – New Scientist 2016

Stephen Hawking, All of Earth’s oceans boil away into nothing – Inverse 2017


A Conspiracy of Dunces

America and Europe 1950 – 2010

Africa India China Russia 2020 – 2040

Nothing Euro-America does matters to climate anymore.

China is building 400 nuclear plants and 700 coal plants worldwide.

We gave away our manufacturing jobs and AI will take the rest.

Our schools are neocons vs. feminists, both corporate sellouts.

Our pharmas are criminal.

China is buying U.S. chip-makers and bio-techs.

The U.S. is the number one gas, oil and coal exporter in the world.

Natural gas has become a new world fuel thanks to fracking.

There’s enough methane on earth to boil away our oceans.

America sold out its own country and now we’re just waiting for the shoe to drop.

It’s civil war, you know it and I know it.

All this anger and hate is stronger than ever, and there’s never been a shortage in your life.

It doesn’t matter how ginned genetic your plants are.

Super rice and corn doesn’t grow in drought and typhoons.

Corporations, NGOs and governments have been fixing climate for 30 years.

Our emissions went up 60% in those 30 years.

Corporations NGOs and governments are both left and right.

Why haven’t we collapsed financially yet? Because it’s fraud.

If carbon taxes were 100% private, then corporations, NGOs and governments would get 0% of that money.

That is the challenge of the 21st century and life on earth hangs in the balance.

Civil war and total destruction, or political unity fit for purpose.


Apples And Oranges

U.S. = #1 Exporter of Coal Gas Oil

In 2017 U.S. coal exports to Asia went up 61%.

We will soon run out and need Venezuela’s oil. Many will die for it.

Only a truly massive unified public outcry can stop them.

The senate voted to continue funding war in Yemen.

Now, here’s the reason why the Green New Deal doesn’t matter.

All the world’s energy growth is in Asia India Africa, and not here.

They want to live like us and don’t care about the climate.

**Why North America and Europe Do Not Matter Anymore**

Electricity = 25% of total world primary energy.

Energy Use By Nation:

Canada = 360 Giga Joules / person

___ U.S. = 300 Giga Joules / person

__ China = 120 Giga Joules / person

___ India = 90 Giga Joules / person

___ Brazil = 60 Giga Joules / person

Solar + Wind = 6% of electricity production worldwide.

Electricity production = 25% of world primary energy.

Solar + Wind 1990 – 2018 grew to 1% of world primary energy.

Solar/Wind 2019 = 1% of energy after 30 years of hype.

Emissions went up 60% in 30 years.

Food + Meat = 24% of emissions.

World concrete = 4 billion tons / yr

World steel = 2 billion tons / yr

World sand = 11 – 15 billion tons / yr

Open sand piracy is the norm over there. They just take your sand and go.

It doesn’t matter what North America and Europe does for emissions.

World energy demand growth is in Africa and Asia. They are all young and eager.

India’s energy demand grows as much as all the energy used in Canada every 32 months.

Indian coal is going to go up to drive the economy, even if they convert it to gas.

China’s coal has grown from 1 billion to 4 billion tons / yr in 30 yrs.

China coal is now down to 3.5 billion tons.

China is building 700 coal plants worldwide, not in China.

Many of these plants convert coal to gas.

Solar panels in Germany provide 90% of their rated power 11% of the time.

Wind turbines in Germany provide 90% of their rated power 20% of the time.

It doesn’t matter that Denmark has the most wind turbines, they are only a few million people.

What matters is what’s happening in India and Africa not here.

Coal and gas will still be 70% of their energy by 2040.

There are 30 million EVs and 1.2 billion gas vehicles on earth.

It will take 40 years to convert all the cars on earth.

The amount of batteries Tokyo will need during future Typhoons is staggering.

Batteries cannot be scaled up in time to make a difference to climate.

The Paris Agreement = Emissions go up from 35 billion tons to 50 billion tons by 2040.

The Paris Agreement will not be kept and you know it.

Emissions must go down 50% in 10 yrs + 100% in 20 yrs for 2 C.

Five of 13 major hothouse tipping points start below 2 C.

Runaway mass extinction cannot be stopped or reversed.

Krill cannot survive in many parts of the ocean without oxygen.

All ocean life depend on Krill.

The world wants the American lifestyle and we can’t stop them.

China is buying up U.S. chip and bio tech right now.

The U.S. is now the number one exporter of gas, oil and coal.

In 2017 U.S. coal exports to Asia went up 61%.

All the U.S. will have left is its guns and fracking gear.


Male Sterilization And Feminization Is Not The End of The World

The end of the world is the end of the world.

Sousing our minds in ideological addiction is a collapse driver.

See Gabor Mate, Ideology is an addiction.

The best thing for addicts is to face up to the truth.

This will not stop what is happening, but we can still behave rationally, otherwise this non-fake news will destroy us.

Unfinished Collapse Business


David Attenborough

David Attenborough says we are destroying nature and don’t even notice.

Why? How? When?

The reason we don’t notice is because we live in cities and use social media. We are totally cut off from reality.

The PFAS in our drinking water will make men’s dicks smaller. and is killing off our sperm, so much so that most men will be shooting blanks by 2060. PFAS last forever.

Wireless signals cause diabetes and mental illness said a pro medical researcher to congress.

Social media causes mental illness.

Social media causes addiction to ideological extremes.

Many foods and by-products are feminizing our species.

Indoor air in schools is 1,000 ppm C02 and lowers cognition 15%.

Nano-pollution, GMO pollution, herbicide and pesticide pollution is destroying our guts, brains and sexual development, along with all the insects, amphibians and birds.

Humans and livestock caused 80% of species extinctions.

In 10 years half the people on earth will be short of fresh water.

Our drinking water is poisoned.

Our air is poisoned.

We are obsessing over revolutionary politics that is 100 years old.

We are not focussing on the future or reality.

World social and energy systems take at least 50 years to effectuate.

We have to reduce fossil fuel emissions 50% in 10 years to avoid 1.5 C.

We have to reduce fossil fuel emissions 100% in 20 years to avoid 2.0 C.

There are 5 major climate tipping points we will trigger within 20 years starting a runaway planetary heating that cannot be stopped or reversed.

I believe we have triggered the **final tipping point** for runaway mass extinction.

Runaway mass extinction cannot be stopped or reversed.

We have started a civil war based on racism and old ideals.

We have to unite the left and right stop the killing and save earth, but we’re too busy getting laid and having fun with mental addictions.

Most of that fun is based on media which alienate us from society.

We are led to believe SJWs and Green Energy will save us.

We are led to believe that while we destroy Yemen and Venezuela.

Social media has destroyed society and our mental health.

We cannot focus on the big picture.

The top 20% earners = 70% emissions.

We have to tax the rich to save the earth. That’s easy.

The problem is that we do not know how to do that peacefully.

Peak social unrest is predicted for 2025 say social scientists.

If that predictive social number crunching is anything like climate models, then I believe social unrest will explode 2020.

Corporations, NGOs and governments have been ‘fixing’ climate change for nearly 30 years and emissions have gone up 60%.

Humanity has to unite against corporations, NGOs and governments to stop the wars and save the planet, but we’re too busy obsessing over the ideas we have of ourselves, or how we see ourselves. The people we want to be are not the people we really are.

The rational solution to our emissions problem is to make carbon taxes 100% private, with 0% for corporations, NGOs and governments.

But social media has taken away our ability to see the real world outside ourselves.

We are now just starting to enter the time of shortages and chaos.

Our video phones are so complicated and resource brittle, that any disruption to the technology could set our data back 50 years.

We are headed straight to a new dark age of hunger and violence and we can’t stop preening our virtue signalling feathers to fix anything.

That is what Attenborough means when he says we are destroying the world, and we don’t even notice.


Lost In Space

The joke about the Big Clit going to jail is that she’ll be more cyborg than human before seeing time. She’s already in a rich man’s jail. Just like those Saudi billionaires.

Ideologies enrich the establishment and impoverish the believers

Is it weird I get off on being ignored?

Or, (Be sure to click sort by new.)

☆☆☆ Tulsi / Parr 2020 ☆☆☆

Time for some un-inauthentic behavior.



Our Stolen History

In geologic time, Gaia is entering menopause. It spins slower, It’s getting wider around the middle, tilting and wobbling a bit, rebounding up at the poles, low on magnetic charm, drying up in the mainlands, being gouged on the coasts, and popping out in volcanoes while having severe hot flashes. Imagine a falling droplet of water pulsating and you’ll get the picture. Having slept with a menopausal woman, I can tell you our rest is in trouble.

I remember when laptops didn’t bend. We have a fridge made in 1946, it still works. Maybe always has.

The billionaires stole the missing pentagon trillions for several post-collapse billionaire bunkers underground worldwide.

You will never see the 1%’s bunkers on a video screen, but not even the pentagon can spend that much on child porn.

Banks stole public credit 100 years ago to fight a war on the unwhite.

After the civil war, the railroad barons got rich shipping oil.

The banks got rich rich off railroads and oil.

The banks formed a cartel in 1913 and privatized public credit.

The banks funded WW1 and got rich investing in transport and arms.

The banks crashed 1929.

The banks funded WW2 to beat communism.

Propaganda is 100 years old. So is feminism and socialism.

It takes 50 years to complete energy and social systems worldwide without $ incentive.

Everybody is unequal due to race sex nature and nurture, that is why we must tax the rich to help the poor.

The top 20% produce 70% of emissions.

We have 10 years to reduce emissions 50% or earth dies.

100 year old fantasies will not do this.

Video phones won’t be around forever. We have to prepare.

Unhiding money is a social multiplier of goals.

Make money private and public with nowhere to hide.

We can rule ourselves with private money and public regulation. It values policy over greed.

The only way to survive is to tax the rich and start a universal 100% private basic carbon income with 0% for corporations, NGOs and governments phased in over 10 years worldwide.

The current public/private banking partnership is inimical to life on earth,

This partnership is based on killing the unwhite for oil.

Oddly enough, I only have to take on corporations, NGOs and governments to do it.

It’s easier than you think. We don’t need them to do it. The rest is history.