Corporations, NGOs and Governments

Greenwashing Climate Catastrophe

  • Socialism will not do what needs to be done. It will pay the bills for a while, but it won’t save Jack Shit. But I’m pleased Cory is getting the attention she deserves. I saw a guy reassure all the super rich in Davos when he said that corporations, NGOs and governments still have a role to play in climate change. 100% private carbon tax dividends will ensure that role is minimized.

Manufacturing Greta

  • The thing about being a crazy old hermit, is that you often feel like, well, a crazy old hermit. I’ve been singing the same song for a few years now, it’s like a revitalizing breath of fresh air to even recognize anything remotely similar.

Cracks Herald the Calving of Greenland Iceberg

  • I’m no scientist (thank God) but I do have a sciencey fetish, I don’t think glacial calving events are supposed to be happening in February.

Hurricanes are strengthening faster in the Atlantic, and climate change is a big reason why, scientists say

The worst green energy fraud offender is corporate academia. Yale, Stanford, Cambridge and Oxford are the worst offenders. Remember a couple years ago  when Stanford said we can have 100% renewable energy by 2050? Pure bullshit. I think they went to court with ‘real’ scientists who disputed their bunk. Silence. I never heard anything else about it since.

While 2018 was fourth warmest year on record, next 5 years will be much hotter

  • I have doubts about this because things usually cool it a while after a super El Nino. I suspect a couple of slightly normal years will ensue before another heat state jump.

Tesla Model 3: US Deliveries Plunge 55% to 60% (WS)

Get over it: Asia rules Asia Times. Pepe Escobar.

America’s Navy Is Going To Rat Shit – Pro Publica

The World’s Oceans Could Change Color Thanks to Climate Change

  • Oceans will be more blue going ahead until the AMOC shuts down and stratification will eventual render anoxic oceans a purple color and the skies will turn green.

Green New Deal

‘It’s crazy. It’s loony’: Republicans giddy as Democrats champion Green New Deal Politico

Green New Deal Targets Link Between Trade Policy and Climate Change Capital & Main. David Sirota.

A Green New Deal for Housing Jacobin

  • Taxing the rich is gaining ground. Good. Giving that money to socialists is bad. They will just turn around and give it to their fiends. Sure, the poor will benefit for a while, but it won’t stop the collapse. It’s too little too late. See here.

Facebook Getting Finger Banged By Obama Team

‘Brilliant!’ Trump applauds Democrats’ Green dream to ‘eliminate all planes, cars, cows & military’

Repeat after me, protests in Venezuela good, protests in France bad!

The Last American Hero






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