The Conspiracy of Silence

Your country was sold out the day Nixon went to China.

Euro/American men are:

1 – feminizing ( turning into women )

2 – infertilizing ( shooting blanks )

3 – decognifying ( getting stupider )

4 – going nuts ( crazifying )

When Dow Chemical made everything sticky-proof, stain-proof, fire-proof, water-proof, and then mutated food to withstand more pesticides and herbicides, they changed the very balance of reproductive nature.

When I first told people that all the fish frogs birds and mammals were turning into females, I was pretty much ignored and ridiculed by the young and gay, which is perfectly understandable and ironic. I would hate it too. But, male feminization affects every Euro/American male more than it affects young African/Asians because we’ve been exposed longer and closer to the source.

Euro/American = EA African/Asian = AA

Vaclav Smil says in his latest book that men’s leg muscles are now weaker since we automated agriculture and started using tractors. Males are being feminized from multiple chemicals in multiple products, including drinking water and food containers. If you want to know which chemicals and where, click this link.

The second side-effect of safety proofing everything is that most EA males will be infertile by 2060. Our sperm die via ejaculating. There are billions more young unaffected AAs than EAs. This is consequential.

The third side-effect is that all the air food and water pollution are contaminated with petro-pharma-chemicals from multiple sources in multiple products and are reducing cognition. Such as the fact that many urban classrooms have 1,000 parts per million C02 in the air which reduces cognition 15%.

There are hundreds of studies on the effects of wifi cell networks on reproductive and mental health. The combined mental and physical effects of wifi cell networks is overwhelming and undeniable, but deny it we do because money.

The fourth effect is how all the above affect our mental health. All the safety proof chemicals, all the bug-proof weed-proof food, all the unsafe water and unsafe air, all the wifi cell networks. All these things combine to rot our guts and minds in worship of the freedom and privilege wealth can bring. The pentagon has even made an undetectable smart dust wireless recording device. Do you want to breathe a wireless nano device?

The tech industry is the Dow Chemical of the 21st century, Teslas might not be able to tell a median barrier from a passing lane, but at least you can sleep drive like the future is here. Teslas burn for days and you wouldn’t want to be stuck in one. The marriage of ideology and technology is making us mentally ill and turning us into idiots. Ask any shrink about teen depression and they’ll dismissively say there’s multiple causes, that’s not good enough.

The green new deal is wilting on the vine and the yellow vests run amok. The reason we got flat earthers etc is because we have no vision that inspires unity. Antifa will not take away guns from rich people because their vision is hatred of authority and they don’t offer any that inspires unity fit for purpose. It’s just feckless wreckage. Winning hearts and minds is safer than banning guns. By uniting left and right to ban nuclear weapons and the pentagon, we can fund health and education through government at home. Both sides want that. By creating a universally open, private carbon credit, we can unite the whole world to fight to save this planet, but that’s another story.

There are 5 billion young unfeminized fertile AAs who are building 700 coal and 400 nuclear power plants. They are the red necks of the 21st century. They don’t give two hoots about socialism, race, sex and class. They are huge racially harmonized blocks of power. Giving them hundreds of billions of dollars to fight climate change gets pocketed to massage our guilt. Everybody knows it won’t do any good, when you are doing all that while killing Yemeni women and kids for oil, fantasies of violent overthrow socialism notwithstanding. The last chance we have to save earth is to win the hearts and minds of the whole world. We won’t save the world sniping and bickering over race and sex, the rest of the world just doesn’t give a fuck. Giving your money to charities run by perverts ain’t gonna save jack shit.

What’s important is that PFAS are released as dust off of our clothes and furniture etc.


☠ The Poisoned Pill ☠

It’s all about your money and who gets it.

Public private partnerships get rich taking your money.

Whoever sings the sweetest music to your ears gets your cash.

Both lie and have been playing this game for 100 years.

Both left and right lie to get your money, neither truly believe the lies they propagate, that would be crazy, but they get rich telling lies.

We are now collapsing and we feverishly cling to these lies.

These lies are 100 years old. We’re stuck in a history loop.

Euro/American males are turning into infertile females while we ain’t got the guts to stop lying about starving kids in Yemen.

Tech overlords are balls deep into brass at the pedogon.

Hyperloops, mars terraforming, immortality are all bull.

The spy kids are not going to play cops and robbers in space.

Our 4G petro pharma chemical world is turning our kids mental.

Our boys are turning into infertile females and its making them stupider and crazy.

Screen time is a poisoned pill of unreality.

The pretty pixels hide starving women and kids blown to bits.

Anybody with half a brain knows it has to stop, but our tech overlords stop this from happening because of money.  Flying cars won’t save the climate.

People who do fly to climate conferences are called rich people.

3.5 billion people fly each year, Asian/African airport mega projects are a dime a dozen.

The other half of the world still burns twigs and dung for food and a billion people walk a mile for water.

Getting rich off the land is a 100 year old story.

The rich produce 80% of emissions.

It is getting rich that makes people do bad things.

Voting for morality while killing women and children is absurd.

Everyone from Bezos to Bozo is hyping bullshit merch online for lies.

We put all our eggs into China’s basket exactly where all the super mega storms meet the merch makers on earth’s ring of fire.

Nobody is going to take all the rich people’s money and do what’s right for you. It’s impossible because money corrupts absolutely.

People from the left and right have to put their money where their mouth isn’t.

People of the world have to take money from the rich and give it to the poor without political violence.

By taxing the rich and giving 100% directly to the poor we can eliminate corruption, but we’re too politically corrupt to do this.

Wealth disparity only leads to violence at home and abroad.

100% private carbon taxes cannot be done in secrecy based on trust. It has to be universally open.

By carbon taxing the rich and giving 100% back to the poor we achieve multiple social objectives with one stone.

Why did scientists invent 80,000 toxic chemicals and social media that is turning our boys into infertile females? Because money.

Why is our food so poisonous from seed to plate? Money.

Academia is fascistic bullshit.

Everything is about money. If the whole world invests in 100% private carbon taxes we can at least have the dignity of stopping the fraud that ruins our lives.

Corporations, NGOs and governments are absolutely corrupt on both the left and right.

We have to take the motive to get rich out of the equation.

100% private carbon taxes worldwide denominated in a universal basic income credit will facilitate demand destruction.

It will prevent bank fraud and eliminate tax havens.

Central banks hate this shit because they’re criminals.

Lawyers hate it because its too simple.

Celebrities and royals hate this because they’re assholes.

Okay, that’s enough throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks.

Here’s the conspiracy part.

The world does not need governments, corporations or NGOs to institute a 100% private carbon credit.

Governments, corporations and NGOs spent 30 years lying about climate and energy. After 30 years, wind and solar are only 3% of total world energy demand and only work at full power 30% of the time.

It takes 3 generations to change world energy 100%, we got 10 years, an we only got 10 years to save the planet.

Stupid eh? I know.

I know it’s beyond hope, but I cling as stupidly to my beliefs as anyone else. Maybe that’s the conspiracy.


Michelle confirms Assange’s evil dust.



Food = The American Dream

The us midwest will see 2 C 20 years earlier than world average.

More floods and droughts period. Less soil and groundwater.

You lose more soil in 15 min of hard rain than all year round.

My grandmother lost her teeth eating cabbage in 1930s Toronto.

You can’t play cops ‘n robbers in space forever without food.



6eezley 6illy 6ub

The first conspiracy was over 12,000 years ago before the flood.

After the flood, celts and jews mixed it over having sex and eating goats. Times were tough.

But soon banks got rich off trains, guns, oil, cars and war.

Banks formed a cartel in 1913 when they privatized credit 100 years ago.

Banks got rich off world war one, two etc.

Socialism is 100 years old.

Feminism is 100 years old.

We are destroying the ecosphere from cell to planet.

Most western males will be infertile by 2060.

Most of the 5 billion asian african males are not yet infertile.

All the vertebrate species on earth are being feminized by our petro- pharma- chemical residue at parts per million.

Cigarette companies sold safety when they made all fabrics and materials fireproof, rainproof, stain proof etc.

Men are turning into sterile females.

We can now account for every penny on earth.

Both rich liberals and conservatives hate that.

Rich liberals and rich conservatives want your money.

Not enough liberals and conservatives want to defang the pedagon.

You will never see the bunkers the trillionaires made on video.

Americans must kill the pentagon to fund health education.

You cannot fight climate change in public/private partnerships on the backs of the poor.

The yellow vests outnumber the green vests in socialist france.

Socialism is too slow to save planet earth.

We have to reduce emissions 100% in 20 years or earth dies.

The trillionaires think they can live in a independently sustainable biosphere.

The only way to save earth is to turn carbon savings into credit worldwide.

100% private carbon taxes = 0% for corporations, NGOs and governments.

Corporations, NGOs and governments have been fixing the climate for 30 years and emissions went up 60%.

In 30 years, solar and wind are 3% of total world energy demand and work at rated power less than 30% of the time.

There are not enough minerals for a 5G battery operated surveillance detection economy.

If you trust corporations, NGOs and governments, you are out of your fucking mind.

I don’t trust priests or physicists either.

America can get 300 years of power from nuclear waste.

They can even get power cleaning up depleted uranium.

China is building 400 nuclear plants and 700 coal plants.

100% private carbon dividends is not a crazy conspiracy theory.

Barbara Boxer and Bernie Sanders sponsored a bill to take 40% of any private carbon credit.

Socialism is too corrupt to save earth.

Europe gets 50% of renewable electricity burning imported trees.

8% of European diesel includes palm oil.

The Indonesians killed their elephants and orangutans to clear cut a national park forest to start oil plantations and count them as reforestation. That wood goes to socialist Europe’s green energy where they pretend the trees will all grow back in 50 years so they can claim the emissions don’t count.

Socialism cannot conquer 5 billion young people who want to get rich.

The monarchy vs. socialism is 100 years old.

It’s just a bunch of old rich people who want to keep all the money.

People who are rich make 80% of emissions.

3.5 billion people fly each year.

Socialism will not stop them.

Humanity needs a 100% private carbon tax to save the planet.

Both socialists and capitalists hate this idea.

By taxing both rich liberals and conservatives we can create a world currency with nowhere to hide money.

We won’t defund war and save earth because of tech culture.

By taxing wealth and paying back 100% private dividends we can create a world basic income, eliminate tax havens, and defang political extremism.

We could defund the nuclear deep state.

When James Hansen and world biologists begged Greenpeace to stop the resistance to nuclear power to save earth, they told him to fuck off because that was their major income stream.

At the same time the president of Greenpeace flew back and forth to work each day. Don’t you see? When the bad guy says to the good guy we’re both same, they really are.

Male Infertility + Male Feminization = 5G + Petrochemicals


Male Infertility + Male Feminization = 5G + Petrochemicals

Socialist vs. capitalist is 100 years. The rich 80 yo liberals and conservatives are stuck in a time warp. Now we have the extinction rebellion vs. yellow vests proving you can’t pay carbon taxes on the backs of the poor. Rich liberals say everybody is equal because they don’t want to pay taxes. If we tax the rich, it won’t matter if you’re liberal or conservative. The rich put out 80% of carbon dioxide emissions. The only way to unite America is to make sure those taxes are 100% private worldwide. America should cut its military for health and education, but the world needs a universal basic carbon income to destroy energy demand, or earth dies. Energy demand and all things evil come from the rich. Three and half billion people fly each year, that’s half of earth’s population.

Euro/American males will be infertile by 2060. Africa/Asia are like 5 billion people. China is building 700 coal plants in Africa/Asia. Our clothes and products are covered with non-stick, stain-free, water- and fire-proof chemicals. These chemicals, along with pharma waste, are feminizing all the vertebrate animals on earth. This includes frogs birds fish and mammals. Euro/American males are becoming feminized and infertile, and the world’s young African/Asian males want to be like us. The only way to show the world we mean business is to make carbon taxes 100% private. Both rich liberals and conservatives hate 100% private carbon taxes.

Rich liberals and conservatives work within corporations, NGOs and governments. Corporations, NGOs and governments have been ‘solving’ climate change for 30 years in which time emissions went up 60%. After 30 years of trying, solar/wind is 3% of total world energy demand. We can’t build enough batteries to sustain our lifestyle. Rich conservatives want our money for war, and rich liberals want to get rich off climate change. That’s what all this bullshit is about, money, and nothing else.

There are over 100 peer reviewed studies since 1979 saying wifi = male infertility.

Petrochemicals off our plastic products and drinking water are feminizing and infertilizing the world.

All the world’s energy and population growth is in Asia/Africa.
If America got all its electric power from renewables by 2050, it wouldn’t matter because electricity is only 33% of its total energy demand. Humanity must reduce emissions 100% in 20 years or face mass extinction. Our whole hi-tech fantasy world is based on 3% energy demand growth, which has to go up 10% in 10 years, or there will be another financial crisis.

Euro/Americans are only 1 billion people, Asia/Africans are like 5 billion.

Nobody in Asia/Africa cares about windmills in rinky dink Denmark.

Europe gets 50% of its renewable electricity from burning trees.

Eight percent of Europe’s diesel fuel includes palm oil.

China is building massive infrastructure to Asia/Africa/Europe and 400 nuclear plants at home.

China pours more cement in 10 years than America ever poured in its own history.

China has built 30 billion miles of high-speed train track in the last 10 years.

China cut solar panel production in half.

China needs oil to make 5G AI IOT WIFI work.

All these devices are made of plastic and metal.

America has one last chance to show the world it’s great.

If you want to know why 5G = Death:

*Cross Species Male Feminization And Infertility*

135 peer-reviewed scientific studies & reports showing effects of EMF exposures on male fertility (1972-2012)

PFAS = male infertility + smaller penises

EMFs and Autism

EMFs + Autism

PFAS = Most western men will be infertile by 2060

EMFs = Undesired Sexual Reproduction

EMFs, Fertility + Reproduction

PFAS = Forever Chemicals in Drinking Water

Dental flossing and other behaviors linked with higher levels of PFAS in the body

EMFs = Depresssion + Suicide

PFAS in Drinking Water: Hazardous at Ever-Lower Levels

PFAS: Insights from Past Actions to Inform Today’s Decisions

China will become the dominant user of petrochemicals.

I don’t believe PFAS, pesticide, herbicide and pharmacide regulation is high on China’s list of priorities. Only by taxing the rich we can prevent psychotic behavior.

Do you know that 3.5 billion people fly each year? That’s half the people on earth. Corporations NGOs and governments have been fighting climate change for 30 years, and emissions went up 60% in 30 years. Socialism and capitalism have been at odds for 100 years. It will take 50 years for socialism to spread worldwide if we don’t shut down tax havens for the rich. You can’t put the cart before the horse.

Male Feminization Affects All Vertebrates:

This next link is important because species feminization has been found in even remote wilderness areas. There’s also a link about how pesticides can make humans depressed and males infertile.

This all happened because academia sold out to big business 100 years ago. Be sure to check out the Academic Fraud section. You heard of fake news, will wait til you hear about fake science.

The Revengey Part

Our recycling program is revealed for the fraud it is. All our plastic is spreading throughout the food chain. I’ve even heard said there’s micro-plastics lodged in our brains.

Most Euro/American men will be sterile by 2050. Euro/Americans are more feminized than Africa and Asia. We are dulled depressed and sickened by our own air water and food.

There are maybe a billion Euro/Americans, so maybe 5 billion African/Asians. They are more young virile and male due to limited multiple exposures so far. China is building massive infrastructure to serve these markets, and those young billions will not be socialist during the boom phase.

We can’t flood the world with sex robots and drones. We are not going to live on Mars and big fast EVs won’t change anything. After 30 years of trying, solar and wind are only 3% of the world’s total energy use.

We have to destroy 50% of energy demand within 10 years. When people say we got 10 years to fix the climate, it doesn’t mean we got until the last day of the 9th year. We have to destroy 100% of fossil energy demand in 20 years or WW2 will be a footnote in history.

It is not only PFAS feminizing species, it’s the combination of petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals and wifi in the air water food.

Every toy drone is made of plastic and trace metals. Every fitbit is killing the earth. Urban classrooms can be 1,000 ppm CO2 and filled with off gassing PFAS that are also found in drinking water. Herbicides rot your gut and pesticides make males infertile and mentally ill. Dow Chemical gave us this with their non-stick, stain-free, fireproof, waterproof clothes and furniture because cigarettes kept burning down houses back in the day when everyone smoked.

Video time turns kids myopic, rewires their brain and causes them to become addicted to ideological fantasies. The pollution in urban air is like smoking a pack of cigarettes a day, and makes us stupider. Urban classroom air at 1,000 ppm CO2 makes kids 15% stupider. Kids drink juice and water are filled with toxic metals, which make them stupider. Imagine how smart our kids would be without all this. Of course if affects poor blacks more than rich whites, but that’s not what matters anymore, because its spreading to the rest of the world, and they’re all the same race.

Wifi is a brand new experiment the human race can’t give up. The 5G rollout will be like sticking our testicles and heads in a microwave.

5G IOT AI WIFI is why China is buying up oil, so instead of burning oil in cars, we can now turn oil into ipads and phones. Petrochemical demand is growing 7X faster than population growth.

By assigning fake safe limits to everything we’ve ignored how much of everything there is everywhere, and their cumulative power over our evolutionary destiny. We can’t escape our race sex class or even geography, but we can tax the rich without the government. Here’s how…

I am a delusional optimist because I believe 100% private carbon taxes on the rich can fix avarice. By taxing the rich we can sublimate deep state surveillance/targeting AI into a universal basic income worldwide. Taxing the rich with 100% private carbon taxes means 100% of it goes back to the poor, no middle man.

We have the computing power to keep track of every dollar on earth. This means we can eliminate tax havens, if we transition from oil security dollars to a world basic income. World socialism will take decades, we can tax greed in just a few years.

I am not educated, so if you are, then spread this topic, and don’t expect any success, but lots of blowback. I know because denial is something I’m good at.

*Ecological Policy Failure = Humanity’s Greatest Mistake*

I saved the scariest for last

Thiamine deficiency is affecting life at the top of the seafood chain including seabirds etc., and scientists don’t know which pollutants are the cause, which also means there are other likely causes.

Researchers also flagged increasing evidence of thiamine deficiencies in a range of taxonomic groups and in ocean waters as a possible driver of wildlife declines. This is especially worrisome how it affects plankton. We can’t figure out if its pollutants or climate change or both.


China ≠ Asia

*China ≠ Asia*

China is the one of largest investors in oil.

Petro chemical use is growing 7X human population 1990 – 2030.

Euro/American men are becoming sterile feminized and stupid from petro-chemical use.

Most Euro/American men will be sterile by 2050.

China cut solar panel production in half.

China is building 700 coal plants outside of China in Asia and Africa.

China is building 400 nuclear power plants from 2010 to 2050.

China is building mega inroads to Africa Asia and Europe.

Europe just claimed Huawei good.

In 2017 U.S. coal exports to Asia went up 61%.

The US is the #1 exporter of coal, oil and gas.

All the world’s population and energy growth is in Asia and Africa.

Oil demand will go up 10% by 2030 and emissions will go up 15% by 2030 because of them.

Claire Fyson said emissions must go down 50% in 10 yrs to avoid 1.5C.

Stefan Rahmstorf said emissions must go down 100% in 20 yrs to avoid 2.0C.

Hans Schellnhuber said 5 major hothouse tipping points start below 2.0C.

Runaway hothouse cannot be stopped or reversed once started.

Mass extinction cannot be stopped or reversed once started.

All solar/wind power is only 3% of total world energy after 30 yrs of trying.

Emissions went up 60% after 30 yrs of trying to reduce them.

World Socialism is too slow to save climate.

50% of Europe’s renewable energy comes from burning trees, 8% of diesel fuel includes palm oil.

The Real Climate Conspiracy


The Shadow Money Chase

Everything is a fucking conspiracy, put 3 monkeys in a room and wham, conspiracy.

We are sterilizing and feminizing all the backbones on earth including frogs birds mammals fish.

5G AI IOT WIFI will turn us into blind stupid sterile sex zombies.

Our food and water is feminizing us as we enter a hyper testosterone politic.

Everything is about money. Bullshit is how we get it.

You got pedos running the pentagon and psychos running the fed.

Peak protest is 2025 they say, I say 2020.

Both the left and right want all the money.

To solve this we have to tax the rich and give 100% of the money back to the poor.

We can kill the corporate NGO government triad if we want to.

Socialism will pay the bills for a while, but it ain’t gonna save jack shit. It’s too slow. A victory in Euro/America is a defeat worldwide.

Most of the world is racially united. We’re not. There’s one billion of us and 6 of them. We’re turning into sterile stupid females under the same stupid socialist/capitalist duopoly. It doesn’t matter who owns the factory, it’s still a factory. We have to destroy energy demand and refocus data to create a 100% private open carbon-negative credit dividend as a universal basic income, to unite left and right in a political unity fit for purpose.

Peter Thiel doesn’t like not leaching off babies.

Harry and Leonardo like flying around making climate speeches.

The only card America’s got is the gun card.

Fighting over guns is not a good idea.

You have to offer 100% private carbon credits to bring the rich gun nuts to your side.

It takes 50 years for a 100% world transition to socialism, we don’t got 50 years.

If we tax the rich, we destroy their motive.

By making universal carbon credits 100% private and 100% open we can kill tax shelters for the rich and move Asia and Africa to where we need to go. If we start now, we can variably phase it in over 10 years.

We need a green new deal alright, but a real new green deal.

A deal that includes the right.

100% private and open money means freedom and real equality.

Euro/Americans have to sell it the world before 2020.

Another round of deep state bullshit will kill earth.

Petro state war dollars will kill earth.

While they play football with stacks of our cash.

Private prisons and wars are not the answer. Neither are socialist prisons and wars. If there is an answer. Especially if there’s no question about it to begin with. If people want drugs to kill themselves over tindr, we should at least make them safe.

If more Africans and Asians want abortions, the more the better.

Euro/Americans are turning into sterile girls anyhow.

Guns are useless if there is peace in unity fit for purpose.

It’s mindless greed and bullshti that’s killing us.

I love the smell of victory, it smells of gasoline.

We can’t push the world to peace, we want to make peace to them.

It’s too late for all that now, and the deep state will kill us all for the rich. Take away the rich and you clean up deep state AI.

Crazy right? You don’t need to look for conspiracy.

Conspiracy will find you.

The Blind Leading The Crazy


The White Extinction

Whitey’s going extinct, well so long and good riddance.

Too bad about the women. I like white women.

If whites are 1 billion, and non-whites 6 billion,

and whites are aging, feminizing and becoming infertile due to over chemical use,

then Asia/Africa will rule the world, or what’s left of it.

We already sent them our manufacturing and service jobs.

Asians, Africans and South Americans are young, fertile and busy.

World chemical use will grow 7X faster than human population from 1990 – 2030.

Oil companies plan to double petrochemical output for growing African/Asian population energy use.

If Asia/Africa want to populate and feminize their world, we plan to help them.

Why else would corporations be pro-life?

China is building roads dams bridges tunnels boats trains and cranes to Africa/Asia and Europe.

China is now a big player in oil markets.

The US is now the world’s leading exporter of oil, gas and coal.

US coal shipments to Asia went up 60% in 2017 alone.

China is building 700 coal plants outside its borders in Asia/Africa.

China has cut solar panel production in half.

China is building 400 nuclear plants.

China controls over 80% of rare earth metals.

China is buying chip-makers and bio-techs.

China has most of the AI data market.

Americans can’t even build fighter jets or passenger planes that can fly.

Americans haven’t flown anyone to the space station for eight years.

Google and Microsoft are deep into Pentagon AI targeting algos.

Tech giants are evil and want to control your whole life.

Most of the food we eat is controlled by half a dozen families.

Chemical giants are sterilizing and feminizing males and shrinking our dicks.

Euro/Americans no longer matter to earth’s fate, except for war.

The rich are destroying earth to give everyone in Africa/Asia anything they want.

While white social media addicts fight over Brie Larson, pronouns and socialism.

Socialism and cartel banking are 100 years old.

We need to tax the rich honestly and fairly or earth dies.

The rich produce 70% of world emissions.

The only way to do this is to for those taxes to be 100% private and 100% open.

If we do this worldwide, there will be no place to hide money from taxes.

If Americans want government healthcare education and infrastructure, then they have to take out their military.

Gays, non-whites and women have sold out to the MIC every bit as much as white men.

You got Rachael Maddow and Don Lemon shilling war every bit as much as Fox.

Do you want your last memories to be Rachael Maddow, Don Lemon or Tucker Carlson?


2036 = Runaway Hothouse + Runaway Extinction

Claire Fyson said emissions must go down 50% in 10 yrs to avoid 1.5C.

Stefan Rahmstorf said emissions must go down 100% in 20 yrs to avoid 2.0C.

Hans Schellnhuber said 5 major hothouse tipping points start below 2.0C.

Runaway hothouse cannot be stopped or reversed once started.

Mass extinction cannot be stopped or reversed once started.

All solar/wind power is only 1.5% of total world energy after 30 yrs of trying.

Emissions went up 60% after 30 yrs of trying to reduce them.

China is the largest investor in oil.

China cut solar panel production in half.

China stopped taking our recycling causing a garbage crisis all over the world.

China is building 700 coal plants outside of China.

China is building 400 nuclear power plants from 2010 to 2050.

The US is the #1 exporter of coal, oil and gas in the world.

In 2017 U.S. coal exports to Asia went up 61%.

All the world’s population and energy growth is in Asia and Africa.

Oil demand will go up 10% by 2030 and emissions will go up 15% by 2030.

Chemical use is growing 7X faster than population from 1990 to 2030.
Many of these 80,000 chemicals are sterilizing/feminizing all vertebrates and destroying nature.